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Sunday, June 19, 2016

Hillary Clinton, Her Selfishness Of Wanting Others To Feed Her Selfishness And Her Casting Of Doubt To The Gullible

What We Are Shown By Hillary Clinton Is Not What's Real

Written By James Allan | 6-19-2016 | In Response To My Income Being Destroyed By The Democratic Government  

From the two time elected womanizer Bill Clinton comes his gay wife of the arranged marriage as Bill Clinton and Barack Obama's third term. Hillary Clinton can claim to be the third term of both because she belongs to her selfishness and is only consumed with herself as she rises to the top not through personal accomplishments but through her husbands popularity and skillfully bringing doubt into the public eye for the guilty.

Lets take a long look at Hillary's upbringing as our president of the United States. Hillary graduated college and mastered with another women better than any man could. Then she became a lawyer you would love to have if you were guilty. Being a lawyer and satisfying your clients no matter if public defender or private defense attorney requires making others believe your the truthful one over some circumstantial evidence that produces your guilt. Producing doubt is a skill Hillary Clinton excelled in and to this day she still practices as second nature.

Hillary Clinton during her lawyer years professionally knocked at the doors of the guilty before the guilty found someone else so she could enhance her skills of producing doubt in the minds of persons whom would judge them guilty and get paid for it. Hillary Clinton found her true calling of creating doubt against the truth as a protestor in her gay college years.

Practicing her skills of deception in the form of producing doubt in front of a judge and jury legally made her the politician of now and a perfect fit for producing a communist government that can feed the economically disadvantaged with falsehoods and keep them coming back for more without Hillary Clinton ever having to deliver on her words of hope for the economically disadvantaged. 

Hillary Clinton sure has had the life skillfully giving lip service to people whom she has charmed as the wife of Bill Clinton. How did Bill and Hillary meet? I'm sure it must have been in college classes talking about how bad homosexuals were treated as they read the writings of the popular communist Saul Alinsky who was on stage all across the U.S. preaching revolution against the oppressive capitalistic government. The chemistry arose between Bill and Hillary as Bill thought to himself what a "Wonderful World It Would Be" if he could conquer a homosexual women and still have sexual relationships with other women. History shows Bill Clinton claimed victory with the homosexual women Hillary Clinton and had himself a glorious time creating sexual relationships with other women of his choice throughout his marriage to Hillary Clinton.

Hillary Clinton being the mouth of a nation? Only the politically uneducated or communists would find that she's a respectful mouthpiece for any nation. Everyone who follows politics closely knows she's not transparent and truthful no matter how much she states she is. Voting on the line of gender, color or race is voting in the bad government we all together as democrats and republicans are bitching about.

What has Hillary Clinton done to get her to the skillset needed to be an effective president? Well, lets take a look. She was born a women? She married a popular man who produced fame for her through marriage? She moved her primary residence to New York where democrat support for her husband is overwhelming so she could get a seat in the senate? She threatened Barack Obama with her husbands popular following who beat her out in the democratic primary because he was black to give her the job of secretary of state? She used her communist ties with the "Communist Party U.S.A." and labor unions to bus people into her rallies and speeches, she successfully produced no legislation, laws or plans to solve any problems for U.S. citizens, she successfully admitted her husband Bill Clinton would run the U.S. economy because she herself can't do it, she successfully toured the earth as secretary of state on behalf of her leisure without injecting any input for the U.S. on treaties and bargains being hashed out at meetings she was forced show up at with world leaders.

So, we will have a president of the U.S. with a skillset of casting doubt when the U.S. government becomes even more bungled than it is now under our current president who has done a great job of casting doubt himself as failure he created has occurred. There are lawyers you would like to have if your guilty. Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton are among the types of lawyers you as a guilty person would be relieved to have. The problem is do we as a respectful nation of law abiding U.S. citizens want to elect another lawyer who is skillful in casting doubt to represent us as a nation that is, "GUILTY". The U.S. is being portrayed as the country that holds the most guilt by Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton and the democratic party as a whole. You cannot go on any media outlet where there is a democrat talking and not hear about how guilty the U.S. is.

If the U.S. is so damn guilty why are people from all over the world flocking to the U.S. to escape their own countries? We all know millions of bad and criminal minded foreigners are coming to the U.S. from countries that are toilet bowls of crime and corruption so now we have to look at if the foreign criminal elements are coming to the U.S. because Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton are making the U.S. look like a country that is guilty of massive criminal corruption foreign criminals like? Open borders is surely telling foreign criminals that the U.S. doesn't enforce any laws. Letting foreign criminals out of prison and not deporting them also sends a message the U.S. is guilty of being a nation of corruption and crime.

You will have thoughts of why would Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton preach about how guilty the U.S. is and then let criminals run wild? The answer in a nutshell is, "COMMUNISM" is on the way. Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton and the democratic party are trying to convert the United States from a "Consumer Spending Economy" into a "Government Spending Economy" and they are using the criminal elements, radical factors within the U.S. and in foreign countries, poverty and racism to get the conversion of the U.S. to a communist nation done. If U.S. citizens die along the way well, to the democrats it's for the cause.

Hillary Clintons only job within the democratic party is to, "Cast Doubt" on the democratic party's activity of converting the U.S. into a communist country.

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