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Friday, June 17, 2016

Barack Obama Issues Executive Order Citing Disapline Must Be Maintained In The Media

Jovial News Point Breaking Story

Report By Jimmy Jok Sknksmeul | 6-17-2016
Jovial News Point

"NEWS BREAK" Barack Obama issues executive order that cable T.V. is under FCC control and all the female broadcast anchors at Fox News must wear their burkas or the station will face harsh penalties! Only T.V. stations that abide by the new FCC rules for the newly acquired cable T.V. networks can wear other attire not suited for modesty. 

Sources cited that cable television had no right to deceive the public with anti islamic rhetoric that was inflammatory and the cause of so much pain for the gay survivors that were grieving over gays executed by a republican assassin. The trusted source also stated that bare faced male news anchors faced training that involves bending on a rug with distinctive chants.

Barack Obama hasn't been seen or heard from since his signing of this executive order. The essence of Barack Obama has been lowered over the days he hasn't appeared to the public with an explanation of intent the FCC is engaging in.

As the nation wakes up every morning and tunes in CNN looks normal with the trashing of U.S. values and production of the racism product against those that refuse to watch the CNN libertarian media network of democrats trying to be played into the libertarian mindset for a paycheck.

Most of the cable stations appear to be on air but with a slant towards what appears to be an Islamic tone and smiling bearded faces.

Tuning into NBC sports shows men tossing rocks at a target buried in the ground that look like someone screaming as I can see some small amount of movement. I can't really tell what's buried because the picture is kinda burry when you look far off but the object partially buried appears to be connected to a round moving image protruding from the ground with long flowing strands of fiber coming out of the round object. Looks like the men are trying to hit it with rocks.

On another cable channel there's a construction show on. In this show they are showing how demolition is done. A large Catepillar is about to take down a wall with Liberty University written on it. The shows host is stating a new school will open soon that is geared towards training youngsters on how to engage angry adults that won't act property. Far off in the back of a truck it looks like a crate that is marked, "AR-15" or something is being unloaded. They must be moving in school supplies.

I just switched over to Fox News Channel and am watching "Outnumbered". Nobody is saying anything. Kinda strange that the ladies are sitting there quite except for Julie Roginsky who's laughing. The hashtag one lucky guy who's a big burly guy with a beard is holding Stacy Dash by the back of the neck with one hand and he has a whip in the other hand that's up off his lap in his chest area. Sandra Smith and Harris Faulkner are just sitting quite with their eyes wide open with a blank look. They all look like 1950's housewife's in their black scarfs that are protecting their hairdo's and Islamic type muumuu's. Ahh, the new fashion look at Fox News. I guess they did good enough because I don't see their full burkas on. Barack Obama must be feeling nice today.

I don't have time at this moment to view what's happening on all the cable channels because of another breaking news story I was just called into cover of national importance. I'll keep you updated as the surges whispers come into my grasp.

This is Jimmy Jok Sknksmeul signing off for, "Jovial News Point"

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