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Thursday, June 16, 2016

The Democrat Party Forces Change From A "Consumer Spending Economy" To A "Government Spending Economy"


Government Controlling Your Lives. Vote For A Democrat "Government Spending Economy" And Government Will Choose Where You Will Be Pissing And In What.

Written By James Allan | 6-16-2016

If the democrats keep getting elected into the presidency and gain control of congress again and in future years the shift away from the U.S. constitution and a free market society will become permanent. The democrats are slowly but surely installing persons with a communist mindset into high ranking U.S. government positions that are of the idea to remove the U.S. constitution and reengineer the U.S. into a society of government domination over peoples lives and financial status.

The democrats are indeed creating a struggling economy to drive a change from the present "Consumer Spending" driven economy to a "Government Spending" economy. With all the complaints the democrats have about our consumer driven economy and uneducated people whom refuse to get educated is anyone really under the thought that this isn't real? No problems getting solved for poor uneducated people that won't abide by the rules of a successful society and feel someone owes them for being born so why not use these peoples wants to be given the life they don't have to do anything for and to achieve a communist "Government Spending" society.

Because of libertarian ideology being injected into the republican party the democrats were able to start this transformation of the U.S. decades ago. This transformation was started in the late 1950's when Russian communists were allowed to migrate unchecked into the U.S. as the muslims are migrating now unchecked.

The libertarian ideology is open borders and unchecked immigration with the installation of business communism with a, "Business Spending Economy". You say what is business communism? Business communism is corporations as a group dictating laws under a puppet government with a, "Business Spending Economy". A "Business Spending Economy" is much better than the "Government Spending Economy" but just as much communism as the democrat economy because you have a group of business dictators that are superior over the lives of all U.S. citizens.

The democrats want full communism with a "Government Spending Economy" and the libertarians want a puppet business communism government with a "Business Spending Economy" that controls the U.S. through jobs, consumer prices and business profits. Both the democrat and libertarian ideologies share a lot of common interests with only the type of government being different. This is why the U.S. has ended up in the mess it's in at this time. The libertarians that were allowed to infiltrate the republican party by the republicans for votes against the democrats since the 1960's have constantly supported the democratic party on issues both democrats and libertarians need for their planned transformation of the U.S. government and the U.S. society as a whole.

What are the major changes the democrats have been planning for many decades:

1. End the "Free Market Consumer Spending Society" and replace it with the planned, "Government Spending Society".

2. Control the racial makeup of the U.S. society through government mandate.

3. Control financial wealth in the U.S. through a "Government Spending Society".

4. Dictate education though ideology and bring up those who are loyal and will advance a "Government Spending Society" well into the future.

5. The ending of borders and creating a world wide "Government Spending Economy" under a central world government.

6. Limitations on a white persons ability to gain wealth and create a society based on education over race.

7. Dictate employee wages and who gets higher pay.

8. Dictate what a business can charge for its products.

The government wants to mandate minimum wage for employees but in all logical thought mandating wages has never and will never work without mandated price controls on what a business can charge for its products and/or services. Without government mandated price controls over what a business can charge for its products a government mandated minimum wage will shock the marketplaces with large increases in product prices because businesses will raise their prices to keep their profit margins up. Then employees that make above the minimum wage in the natural jobs marketplace will demand that they themselves get a boost in pay to keep their skill level pay well above what is mandated to be given to lower wage workers by the government. Consumer prices will get driven up far beyond what anybody can barely afford and the economy will get flushed down the toilet.

The United States will become china and Russia with a communist government living the high life while ordinary U.S. citizens fight for food and products created to benefit a government.

Some people say that communism is when the government owns and controls all the land and property but this thought is misguided in the news media we've come to depend on. Communism is in fact, "A Group Of Dictators Merged Of The Same Thought Installing Their Will Over Society". This form of communism is where the democrats and libertarians are leading the U.S. society to. As I stated above the democrat party wants a, government spending economy and the libertarians want a business spending economy.

There are many drawbacks to our present "Consumer Spending Economy" but the drawbacks are mostly due to lack of education and to many people that are of the thought they are them so why should they have to conform to someone else's logic and rules. If your more concerned about yourself, your poverty and racism over conforming to the educated needs of the business your going to stay economically disadvantaged. If you don't mind your manners with respect to other employees your going to stay economically disadvantaged. If you don't make the money you earn work for you and spend it on expensive comforts you can live without you will stay economically disadvantaged. Trying to maintain a social life with drugs and alcohol involved will keep you down if you don't make enough to maintain it.

Businesses will draw upon low cost labor with no intentions of advancing pay unless they are forced to. If you flood the United States with millions of immigrants employers are not forced to raise wages in a "Consumer Spending Economy". These uneducated indoctrinated people are more concerned about racism being the cause of their economic instability than their government providing quality teachers for their education and flooding the United States with immigrants to keep them financially unstable.  

Uneducated people will indeed be drawn to the idea of government mandating more pay for them without realizing that the government they are voting for are the ones flooding the United States with cheap foreign labor that is driving wages down so the people that want more pay through government mandate will keep voting them into elected office. These people who are of the thought they are educated in reality are only indoctrinated into someone else's thoughts through personal encounters and/or media. There's lots of communist minded people in media and businesses to keep the indoctrination alive and well with promises that only end up in failure the indoctrinated ignore with their dreams of what government isn't going to deliver.

The present "Consumer Spending Economy" may have its problems but the problems are due to elected communist minded politicians trying to install their form of a communist economy. The democrats want a "Government Spending Economy" and the libertarians want a "Business Spending Economy". Both the democrat and libertarian types of economy's are rotten and stink to no end.

The "Consumer Spending Economy" that brings immigration back into a place that benefits the financial health of U.S. citizens is the only way to keep U.S. citizens in control of the government that is suppose to be working for U.S. citizens and not themselves. The outsourcing of manufacturing to foreign countries is bad also and businesses that do this need to be penalized with "Import Taxes" so they don't send our jobs overseas and force U.S. citizens to work for whatever business or government decides they have to work for. 

Hey, the simple fact is if you don't keep the flow of immigrants from entering the United States and taking your jobs there is no "Force" against employers to give you more money to keep you. When the flow of immigrants is high product prices and rents go up because if you don't pay it someone else will. 

When bosses struggle to get employee's to work their businesses so they can earn a profit they will pay more and product prices will fall when their supply of immigrants is, "Cut Off". This is the plain truth!

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