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Friday, June 10, 2016

Republican Women Take The Lead In 2016 Presidential Election. Democrats Shake In Fear


The 2016 Presidential Election belongs to our republican women to win

Written By Tea Party Main Street | 6-10-2016

Of course us republican men will be in the fray punching it out with mental blows to the democrats that want "Government Spending" to replace the present "Consumer Spending" economy. The democratic party wants to control all spending in the U.S. and is only out to take full control over where money gets spent and on what. Obamacare is the first step in this economic takeover.

The democrats have always used women to get to a government spending economy. The democrats always use the line, "Republican War On Women" as their sword to turn women against the republican party. A lot of women that are young and politically uneducated fall into this democrat word trap. "Free This" and "Free That" the democrats always tell women they will get if they cast their vote for a democratic candidate. The women in the end never get anything.

In the 2016 presidential election it's the republican women's time to step up in front of republican men and show young women that tend to fall for the "Free This" and "Free That" false promises from the democrats that they to can stand tall with the republican women who are equals to republican men.

Republican women are already taking shots at Hillary Clinton and the democrats big time so it's time for republican men to step back and let the republican ladies have their fun getting this election won for the new republican party they themselves will be building that serves conservative women (and men of course). If any year was the year of  the republican woman it's surly 2016 and they can take their bows through 2017 as us men cheer them on.

The democrats want to create a "False" republican war on women, well, how bout the democrats "Talk To Our Republican Women" about that. The democrats state they talk for all women. Ok, now republican women are going to do some talking. Or shall I say our republican women without a doubt will be targeting democrats for some answers. Republican men enjoy the presence of intelligent republican women who can fight just as well as republican men if not better when not restricted by any libertarian kiss ass political barriers. Lets see if democratic men and women enjoy intelligent republican women when they are up front and in the faces of the democrats.

 Democrats say they talk for all women, "But Do They". Are republican women being discounted and pushed aside by the democrats who claim they talk for all women? If democrats support women's rights why are republican women not included in deciding what are the rights of women? In the republican party women have always been treated equally as any man without denial. If women aren't equal in the eyes of the democrats and have some kind of rights separate from being equal to a man then republican women should be apart of this democrat claim that they talk for all women.

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