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Wednesday, March 7, 2018

Tea Party Realism Found In Vietnam War Years Drill Sergeants Uniform Patch

This Patch Is One Of The Original Drill Sergeant Badges That Were First Produced After 1958 During The Vietnam War And Symbolizes Today's Tea Party Rebellion 

Donald Trump Signs Vietnam Day, March 29th Into Law

Written By James Allan | 3-8-2018

I'm not a Drill Sergeant and never have been but in my life journey I happened upon this uniform patch that has been stored in a box for several decades. Vietnam was a war against the communism that has infected the U.S. and what we are fighting within the U.S. at this time so when I came across this uniform patch I kept it. This patch symbolizes what the now "Tea Party" represents and it was manufactured for Drill Sergeants during the Vietnam war so the representations of the now Tea Party could be installed in soldiers to enhance their fighting spirit.

This patch was made with the Gladsten flag in mind and the spirit of the American Revolution that was ongoing in our troops during the Vietnam war to push back on communism being installed throughout Asia. Even though many U.S. lives were lost during the Korean war, Korean was a successful push back on communism and 10 years later the U.S. was looking for another success in Vietnam. The Vietnam war can now be considered a success since both North and South Vietnam are now rejecting communism and becoming a democratic society.

Yes we had some successes and failures around the world pushing back against communism throughout the decades but got lax about the buildup of communism in the U.S.. Nobody ever thought communism would become a reality in the U.S. but here it is as the United States communist democrat party. Since the early 1900's the U.S. democrat party stopped being about the people and became to be about communism.

In 1919 the first uprising of communism (Red Scare) in the U.S. came to be. The communist rooted themselves in "Labor Unions", "Civil Rights Movements" and "Anti War Movements" which of course are all political entities of the U.S. democrat party. The Vietnam war is an example of a war against communism that brought on huge protests against the Vietnam war that was against communism. Why would U.S. communists go along with a war against themselves? All the wars from the Korean war to the wars of today all have been wars against the spread of communism. Each time the U.S. gets involved in a war to stop the spread of communism protests in the U.S. break out because communist U.S. citizens don't want a war against themselves.

The second "Red Scare" was in the 1950's resulting in new laws against communists being able to get elected into public office. The Korean war was against communism and ended in 1952. The Red Scare was in full swing and communists got themselves elected into the democrat party by not revealing themselves as communists. In the 1960's John F. Kennedy was shot by the communists for moving the U.S. towards a war against communists in Vietnam.


Now in today's time the communists have completely captured the U.S. democrat party partially due to the "Libertarian Republicans" that have established themselves in the Republican party. The libertarians are a U.S. "Third Party" but can't get themselves elected so they run as Republicans and govern as libertarians once elected. Libertarians believe in a "One Party" system, open borders, globalization and amnesty so they as libertarians elected into the Republican party hardly ever fight the communist democrats on social issues. Libertarians like to call themselves conservatives but that's a false tag they place on themselves to get votes. You just can't be conservative if you support communist democrat social issues which helped communism grow in the U.S. and any form of amnesty that takes control of the U.S. away from U.S. Citizens and gives it to foreigners.

The only political entity in the U.S. that is strong enough to fight communism in the U.S. is the non libertarian "Tea Party" and we take our symbolism from the many fights in past wars that have gained us the republic we call home. Our fight now is an ongoing battle against two political parties in the U.S. that let communism spread to the point they are positioned in the U.S. democrat party to really destroy the U.S. Constitution and make us live under a Russia/China type government. 
The First Flag Of Resistance Against Dictators And Communist Personalities When The U.S. Was First Formed  
From Wikipedia - The Gadsden flag is a historical American flag with a yellow field depicting a rattlesnake coiled and ready to strike. Positioned below the rattlesnake are the words "DONT TREAD ON ME." The flag is named after American general and politician Christopher Gadsden (1724–1805), who designed it in 1775 during the American Revolution. It was used by the Continental Marines as an early motto flag, along with the Moultrie flag.
Each element of the badge has a specific meaning. 
From Army.milIt consists of 13 stars representing the original colonies. The torch, burning brightly in the center, symbolizes liberty. The snake is derived from the original, "Don't Tread on Me" serpent, a symbol of American independence during the 18th century. Together with the torch and breastplate, it indicated readiness to defend. The breastplate is a symbol of strength. The green background is a vestment worn under the breastplate and called a Jupon, which represents the new Army. The snake grasps, with his tail and teeth, a scroll (The U.S. Constitution) inscribed, "This We'll Defend."
This patch lived on and the others produced after the Vietnam war have slightly different coloring. Some have red and some have white tones installed within them. No matter how many were produced or the changes in styling these patches were born out of the resistance to spreading communism throughout asia, the world and based on what it took for the U.S. to become a free republic defined by laws over a group of personalities with the ideology of government first. 

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