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Monday, October 17, 2016

Hillary Clinton's Lesbian Wellesley College And Heterosexuals Becoming Homosexuals On College Campuses

This Article isn't about "Gay Bashing". This Article was created from the writings of other authors to show Hillary Clinton's homosexuality because we have a right to know "Who Our Elected Leaders Truly Are". I have no problem with gays having their social rights and rights under the law except for the use of the name, "Marraige" and "Raising Children" but homosexuality is not "Natures Way" and indeed is a birth defect of nature.   

What I got out of putting this article together? Parents are sending their heterosexual girls to this Wellesley women's college and they are leaving the Wellesley women's college as homosexuals. The reason for this started back before the 1950's when boys were banned from the campus and women wanted to have sex. Women on their off campus excursions would jump on the so called, "Fck Truck" and go to another town and have sex. Many women just started having sex with other women and over the decades this has become a homosexual woman's campus. Even Yale University is slowly becoming a higher learning campus that converts heterosexuals to homosexuals. 
Back in Hillary Clinton's days on the Wellesley campus their were many women's societies on the Wellesley campus that were lesbian and the college kept this quiet to the general public. The article below by Jay Dixit has a paragraph from Hillary's Days but it doesn't address the rampant homosexuality growing on the Wellesley campus pre 1970's. Jay Dixit's article does go into the growing homosexuality on the Wellesley campus from the 1970's on.  
If a person like Hillary Clinton can be easily brainwashed as what happened to her at Wellesley going in with strong conservative leanings and heterosexual then coming out of Wellesley a radical left wing hippie homosexual and used as a public prop to cover up for Bill Clinton's sexcapades she is the one that is unfit to act as president of the United States. 
Hillary Clinton talking about family and children? Hillary Clinton doesn't have any traditional family values after she left Wellesley college. It's just coming out right now that she had sex with Yoko Ono and this comes directly from Yoko Ono. Hillary preaching about children is a joke with Bill Clinton running around having sex with any woman that he can get on a daily basis and Hillary jumping from one woman to another having sex. Their are absolutely no family values in the Bill and Hillary Clinton home.
Article Opinion By James Allan

This first Jay Dixit article is to big to copy/paste all of it but it's a good read about Hillary Clinton's Wellesley college and I recommend that you give it a few minutes to read

Copy/Pasted Articles Below

Jay Dixit Wellesley College Snippet

Jess’ story is fairly typical. When she arrived her freshman year, she had a boyfriend. But she saw women involved with other women all around her. She joined the rugby team and, she says, “The team was at least sixty percent bi or dyke last year, and this year it seems like it’s ninety percent.” Even so, she says that at first, she “wasn’t getting into the homosexuality thing.” But eventually, her attitude changed. At the beginning of her sophomore year, she broke it off with her boyfriend—by then her fiancé—and started dating a woman.

By Jay Dixit | Wellesley College History


Hillary Clinton's Lesbian ‘Sisterhood” at Wellesley College

There were all sort of strange rumors about Hillary when she was in college. In addition to the remarks about Hillary’s appearance, there were also rumors (which still linger today) of her lesbianism.  Before dismissing this notion, consider that Hillary’s first college – Wellesley – was notorious as being a haven for lesbianism. “There was a strong tradition of lesbianism at Wellesley; though it had not always been called that name.

Hillary Clinton And Her Gay Roommate At Wellesley embracing each other topless

In the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries, Wellesley girls who had lesbian relationships called them “smashes,” “masches,” “crushes,” and “spoons.”  In those early days of the college, Wellesley women who loved other Wellesley women did not consider themselves strange, since the relationships they formed were the norm rather than the exception.  So many of the college’s female professors lived together in lesbian relationships that a union between two women came to be known as a ‘Wellesley marriage’ or Boston marriage’.” [32]

There are rumors floating around that Hillary is linked to a “lesbian group known as the Sisterhood,” [33while one of Hillary’s Wellesley classmates stated, “the notion of a woman being a lesbian was fascinating to Hillary.  But she was much more interested in lesbianism as a political statement than a sexual practice.  A lesbian was suddenly not the eccentric old maid of Victorian literature, but a dynamic young woman who had thrown off the shackles of male dominance. Hillary talked about it a lot, read lesbian literature, and embraced it as a revolutionary concept. [34]

There was another reason why such speculation arose. ” In large part, the rumors were founded on Hillary’s tough, aggressive manners, her military barracks vocabulary, and her defiant refusal to do anything about her unkempt appearance.  To Arkansans, she walked like a lesbian, talked like a lesbian, and looked like a lesbian.  Ergo, she was a lesbian.” [35] But there was more to the picture than mere speculation, “She ran around with dykes everywhere she went.  She would go on the road.  Spend weeks.  And she would be out with known lesbians.

That’s how she got the label that she was a lesbian; from all the stuff she did.”[36] It is understandable that such behavior and lifestyle choices might be accepted at Wellesley, but in the middle America of Bill Clinton’s Arkansas, “traditional homemakers couldn’t relate to Hillary, and rumors that she was a lesbian began to circulate almost immediately.” [37] Christopher Andersen quotes an Arkansas woman as saying, “Some of the women she was close to were tough-ass nails types.  They wore unflattering, boxy business suits, let their hair go gray, and swore like sailors.” [38] Obviously such derogatory talk did not help the coming candidate. 

One day, Paul “Fray confronted Hillary and told her that the lesbian rumors were hurting Bill’s chances with the conservative voters in Arkansas. “This rumor has to be faced,” Fray said firmly.  “Its nobody’s god damn business,” Hillary shot back.  Fray stood his ground.  He urged her to deny the rumors publicly, thereby putting them to rest. “Fuck this shit,” Hillary replied.” [35] Even more strange and insulting was Hillary’s backlash at her detractor, especially the men of Arkansas: “When I look at what’s available in the man department, I’m surprised more women aren’t gay.” [38]

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Most LGBT-Friendly Colleges:
1. Emerson College, Boston
2. Warren Wilson College, Asheville, North Carolina
3. Sarah Lawrence College, Bronxville, New York
4. Bryn Mawr College, Bryn Mawr, Pennsylvania
5. Oberlin College, Oberlin, Ohio
6. Yale University, New Haven, Connecticut   Hillary Clinton
7. Stanford University, Stanford, California
8. College of the Atlantic, Bar Harbor, Maine
9. Wellesley College, Wellesley, Massachusetts   Hillary Clinton
10. University of Wisconsin-Madison 

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