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Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Marco Rubio A Conservative? "NO". Marco Rubio Was Purchased By Establishment Republicans In The Florida Senate

Marco Rubio was involved in establishment republican corruption when he was first elected into the Florida State Senate. Marco Rubio did anything he could to cash in off anybody willing to pay for him.

Funny, well, "Not Funny". Here's a web site in Florida that keeps track of Marco Rubio's Amnesty for illegal aliens push. Marco Rubio lies with the best of the liars. Marco Rubio supported amnesty before 2010 while he was in the state congress. Then Marco Rubio fooled the Tea Party wings in Florida to support him by taking an anti amnesty stance that worked. After he was elected to the U.S. Senate he started to support amnesty again. Marco Rubio is bad news and just another establishment libertarian republican insider and no way no how is Marco Rubio any kind of conservative.

The website below keeps track of all Marco Rubio corruption. It takes awhile to go through and fully understand everything written but after you do you will understand Marco Rubio is "Purchased" by the establishment republican rinos and will engage in as much corruption as it takes to fill his pockets. 

Candidate Rubio knew he would have a tough uphill fight if he was going to defeat Governor Charlie Crist. He also understood that the overwhelming majority of Floridians wanted something done to stop illegal immigration. Rubio’s own track record on enforcement was going to be an impediment to winning the election. After all, citizens across Florida were dogging him at campaign events about blocking six illegal immigration enforcement bills as Speaker. These six enforcement bills included denying public benefits to illegal aliens, denying public jobs to illegal aliens, and a memorandum of understanding between local law enforcement and federal law enforcement to remove criminal aliens. It should be noted, as a Junior State Representative, Rubio co-sponsored Representative Juan Zapata’s Dream Act bill. At that time, Representative Rubio joined the Hispanic Caucus, which would later describe these six enforcement bills as “Draconian Measures”.

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