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Friday, February 26, 2016

Super Tuesday Republican Bloomberg Poll. Donald Trumps Wins Overall


Tea Party Main Street | 2-26-2016

This poll doesn't reflect any individual state and only shows a reflection of 1264 likely republican voters which is in the area of the average number most polling places do. Donald Trump wins overall even though Donald may lose Texas to Ted Cruz who is riding on Texas Pride. Ted Cruz wasn't even born in Texas but is endorsed by some politicians that were.

There's no doubt Donald Trump does intensive research because he's always correct so I'd assume the Bloomberg poll is mostly accurate to have Donald Trumps trust. I like the numbers on the Bloomberg poll and hope they hold up when compared to the actual vote. Well, of coarse I would hope the Ted Cruz and Marco Rubio numbers were a lot lower which would show people are wising up and not voting for likeability and moving to voting responsibly.

Poll Source: Bloomberg

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