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Saturday, July 11, 2015

When Mexicans Protest Deportation, "Crime Drops 60% To 80%"

Quote From Hat In RingI was looking up information on mexican shoplifting in the U.S. because I always knew that the Mexicans were coming over the border and going into businesses and stealing everything they could get their hands on. They usually go into businesses in small teams of 3 or 4 and while 1 or 2 in the team keep the clerks busy the other 2 start stealing as much merchandise as they can get concealed on their bodies and walk out.

While our renowned screw up government is ignoring rape, murder and

other violent crimes by illegal alien criminals they are also calling the illegal aliens that are doing massive shop lifting in all businesses "Good People" that obey the law which is just more B.S. tossed onto the indoctrination of U.S. citizens that most illegal aliens are law abiding which is a complete and total lie. Shop lifting by illegal aliens is a huge issue that's being covered up and under reported because shoplifting is not a violent crime.

The crime and rape of women in mexico is 67% the same as the crime drop will be in the U.S. if all the Mexican illegal aliens were removed.

The article below is from a 2006 unamed report (Updated In 2009) when Hispanics illegal in the U.S. started protesting their removal from the U.S.. The article shows whopping drops in criminal activity in the areas of the protests on the days or days when the protests were ongoing. Even violent crimes saw dramatic drops on the protest days.

I just could not believe what I was reading! These facts just prove beyond any doubt that the communist democrats, rino establishment republicans, libertarians are disregarding jobs, income and safety of U.S. citizens for their own personal profits and ideologies.

We can without a doubt say that, "
60% Of Crimes In The United States Are Preventable" just by getting rid of the illegal aliens and visa overstays.

Here's somemore very interesting articles to read that back up what the leaked emails below are stating about the crime rate drops when illegal Mexicans protest.
The Truth Article Tucson News Now

Below are the leaked statistical facts from the unnamed article that happened during the mexican deportation protests in 2006. These stats were not released but were "leaked" and quickly denounced as false. The reason they were deemed false is because they didn't come from "Official" data. They came from people working at police depts. that see the "Daily Reports". The stats were also deemed false because stores had not done inventories but I can tell you now that experienced store clerks and managers can tell when merchandise goes missing and theft reports to police officers were down during the protests and logged onto the daily reports that were leaked to the public though private emails. 

These stats are viable during mexican protests after 2006 also. It's well known today in 2015 and beyond political coverups of information exists by the communist democrats and establishment republicans to keep the flow of immigrants legal and illegal going for profit and ideology. Known information now makes these leaked emails from law enforcement true and circumstantial evidence of a corrupt government using the threat of cutting off federal funding to cities and states that release this information as a weapon against U.S. citizens.

Maria Bartiroma reported on CNBC: "On May 1st, 2006 as a result of the Mexican boycott, national retailers reported 4.2% lower sales for the day, with a 67.8% reduction in shoplifting."

This message was sent to me from my brother. He is a retired California Highway Patrol officer. I thought you'd be interested in what he has to say.

I just got these stats from CHP and LAPD. They are statistics from the day of the great Illegal immigrant protest. They were taken from SWITRS which is a police reporting data base for gathering stats. I listed some of the highlights.

CHP... record low accident reduction -73%
record low auto theft reduction -82%
record low citations issued -69%

LAPD... violent crime reduction (murders, assaults, robbery) -48%
malicious mischief (tagging, theft, vandalism) -88%
domestic violence -77%

They should protest every day!!!!!!!!!


 Immigration March Was A Success!

I thought you'd be interested in some facts I received. It appears that the Immigration March last Monday in Los Angeles was a success! According to data from the Los Angeles County Sheriff, Los Angeles had a reduction in the following:

82% reduction - auto theft
28% "reduction" - murders/ violent crimes/ rapes
73% "reduction" - vandalism / tagging
54% "reduction" - drug related offenses (not including the area surrounding the march)
31% "reduction" - domestic violence cases
64% "reduction" - misdemeanor cases (shop lifting, etc.)

The California Highway Patrol reported that last Mon day was a record low in the least amount of traffic accidents on South CA freeways.

Looks like the immigration rally was well worth it. Maybe we can do this one again sometime.
Sure saves the State of California a chunk of money!


In May 2008, an e-mail expounding on the same theme and placing the tale in Victoria, Texas appeared in our inbox:
Victoria, Texas is a town about 80 miles west of Houston.

Local Hispanic leaders there, in opposition to pending Immigration Legislation, boycotted all Caucasian owned businesses in the Victoria area this weekend as a demonstration of their economic impact on the community.

The boycott was declared a success by the Hispanic community, noting that revenue in Caucasian owned businesses was down by 19%.

Business owners declared the boycott a success as well, pointing out that shoplifting was reduced by 77%.

And shoppers reported they could actually hear English being spoken throughout the stores for the first time in recent memory and customers paid with real money, not government cards.


In November 2009, an Australian version based on the Victoria, Texas, version but placing the action in Australia, appeared:
An Interesting Event in Bankstown and Auburn

Local Lebanese and Asian leaders there are upset at the Liberal Party for threatening to send back the illegal boat people and to Restrict Immigration. So this weekend they boycotted all Australian owned businesses in the Sydney area as a demonstration of their economic impact on the community. The boycott was declared a success by the Lebs and Nips communities, noting that revenue in Aussie owned businesses was down by 19%.

However Aussie business owners also declared the boycott a success, pointing out that shoplifting was reduced by 77%, money orders sent out of the country were down by 97%, the cost of daily clean-up and trash collection was down by 84%. Shoppers reported that they could actually hear English being spoken throughout the community for the first time in recent memory, and customers actually paid for purchases with real money, not government debit cards or fake credit cards.

Read more at "Center For Immigration Studies"

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