"Tea Party", A Spinoff Political Entity In The Republican Party Of Ross Perot's 1990's Reform Party

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Wednesday, April 6, 2016

If They Cheat Donald Trump Out Of The Nomination And Trash The Popular Vote, "Third Party Will Be Reality"


Ross Perot's Reform Party U.S.A.
The Reform Party Has A Problem With Donald Trump But Holds Our "Tea Party" Values
I'm Sure They Will Change Their Minds If We Get Persuasive. It's a lot easier to go with an entity that already exists over starting one from scratch. They are pushing their own candidates so I will take that to be the reason for their resistance against Donald Trump who holds the same exact values and political view points as the "Tea Party" and "Reform Party"

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It's where the non libertarian "Tea Party" grew out of and where our issue stances are.
A Third Party is bad but if it's the only path to destroy our leadership that's out to destroy us then so be it. We change the name and enhance the leadership to a fighting stance.

The question is, "If You Were To Bet On General Election Voter Turnout For A Candidate Who Would You Bet On To Turn Out The Largest Amount Of Voters To Make Up For The Loss Of Voters To Be Incurred From The Amount Of GOP Voters That State They Won't Turn Out For Each Candidate?". Would you bet on Ted Cruz who won't turn out independents and democratic voters or Donald Trump who will turn out democratic and independent voters to make up for the loss of GOP voters who hate one or the other?

The libertarian Ted Cruz supporters state that 30% won't turn out if Donald Trump is the nominee but in reality the libertarian party is under 10% of the republican party that "Never" and only vote for a libertarian and didn't vote for George W. Bush, John McCain and Mitt Romney. Donald Trump supporters make up a solid 40% of the republican party with another 30% that lean Donald Trump if you look at the fact the Border Wall has a 70% republican voter support with illegal alien removal. The Remaining 20% are establishment farmers, ranchers and business owners that use illegal alien labor that will support Ted Cruz but can be swayed to the "Tea Party" if they are supplied with adequate legal immigrant labor and have no fear of labor problems with their businesses.  

Tea Party Main Street | 4-6-2016

The facts are that the libertarians in the republican party "NEVER" and I mean "NEVER" vote for a republican unless the said republican is a "libertarian" infiltrator in the republican party as Rand Paul and over 100 congressional representatives are. The fact is Ron Paul endorsed Ted Cruz over his own son Rand Paul because as Ron Paul stated, "Ted Cruz Is More Libertarian Than My Son Rand Paul". "TRUE".

The libertarian republicans state they will "Never" vote for Donald Trump but they never voted for George W. Bush, John McCain and Mitt Romney. The libertarians state they will go third party if Donald Trump is the nominee which is a joke because they are already third party that has infiltrated the republican party because they don't have the votes to win on their own. They never vote for a republican and there numbers are just big enough to create a lot of useless noise and B.S. farmers and ranchers. I tell them to go start a third party to get them the hell out of the republican party. Fine with me. Maybe Glen Beck can be their "Candidate". Dana Loesch  can be V.P. and Ted Cruz can be in charge of importing more illegal aliens as he and his wife Heidi Cruz did when they worked for the Bush administration.

It's really nerve racking knowing Hillary Clinton or Bernie Sanders will become president of the United States but the facts are that we cannot effectively win the battle with the communist democrats when our own leadership in the republican party are protecting the communist democrats and prefer to fight us, "There Own Voting Base". Yes, the republican party leaders will "Never" fight the democratic party but will dig in and fight there own republican party voting base. If the republican party bosses do in fact go through with the "Contested" or "Brokered" convention and ignore the popular vote of U.S. citizens then our only choice is to "Take Them Out" any way possible or we are going to face another 8 to 16 years of massive immigration for "PROFIT" to their pockets and U.S. citizen financial disintegration. Ted Cruz, John Kasich or any other installed candidate must me taken out if Donald Trump is cheated out of his win as the republican party nominee by the popular vote of republican U.S. Citizens. The election of Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders will hurt us non libertarian "Tea Partiers" bad but it will crush the GOP leadership completely especially if "Tea Partiers" organize under their own political entity and apply pressure against them as Hillary and Bernie start crapping on the GOP leadership.

Yes, there is a question of the "Supreme Court" justices being replaced under another democrat presidency and for sure the now republican libertarian rino leadership is going to try to exploit this to jump over Donald Trump at the convention and get Ted Cruz or John Kasich installed but the reality of this is if they don't give into us and let Donald Trump pass into the republican party nominee for president they themselves will be committing suicide if Hillary or Sanders gets into the presidency because we stayed home. Can you just imagine president Hillary or Bernie sending hard core communist supreme court justice nominee's to the senate for confirmation under a republican congress? They think they have trouble now they just have to wait until they have to clean the stench out of the halls of congress from all their "Crapping In There Pants" they are going to be doing when they have to confirm communist justices that will without a doubt, "DESTROY THE REPUBLICAN REPRESENTITIVES THAT WERE FORCED TO CONFIRM THEM" and take all the money away that they earned from their "Illegal Aliens".

The "non libertarian" "Tea Party" has already agreed to supply all the farms and ranches with the needed "Legal" immigrant labor they need in exchange for the removal of "All" illegal aliens but because the Ted Cruz libertarians have an ideology of "No Borders" and "Globalization" the republican leadership has taken a stance to destroy the wing of the republican party that doesn't want to see the United States destroyed by the libertarian globalization effort. The democrats are after global communism that control business but the libertarians are after globalization under business communism.

If the "Tea Party" lets Ted Cruz become president there won't be any border wall or illegal alien removal because the libertarian republican leadership will pick out the number of congressional representatives to vote with the democrats to kill the border wall and the removal of illegal aliens. If Hillary Clinton, Bernie Sanders or Ted Cruz becomes president of the United States U.S. citizens screw themselves big time. The only coarse the "Tea Party" can take if the establishment libertarian republicans screw Donald Trump over at the republican convention with this "Contested Convention" is to keep Ted Cruz from becoming president and just let Hillary Clinton or Bernie Sanders destroy the GOP leadership. Yes, there's lots of negatives in doing this but those farmers, ranchers and independent voters will be forced to wake up out of their stink'in delusional state of minds when throngs of Mexicans show up and start pushing them out of their incomes and lifestyles. I hate this course of action also but if the libertarian establishment republicans get away with screwing Donald Trump over at the convention and overturning the vote of the people we may as well make them suffer right along with us.

The old "Reform Party" was created to include democrats and libertarians. This of coarse has to be ended. We have to make the "New" "Tea Party Reform Party" a political entity that serves the non libertarian "Tea Party" only. If democrats and libertarians want to be apart of our movement they will have to submit to the "Removal Of All Illegal Aliens" and our core values completely before they will be welcomed.

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The Reform Party Has A Problem With Donald Trump But Holds Our "Tea Party" Values
I'm Sure They Will Change Their Minds If We Get Persuasive. It's a lot easier to go with an entity that already exists over starting one from scratch. They are pushing their own candidates so I will take that to be the reason for their resistance against Donald Trump who holds the same exact values and political view points as the "Tea Party" and "Reform Party"

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