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Friday, April 8, 2016

The "Tea Party" and "Blue Dog Democrats" Team Up For Donald Trump


It's not "Ditch And Switch.com". It's "Ditch And Switch.org"

Here's a good article to read that shows the help of the "Blue Dog Democrats" to get Donald Trump elected and joining forces with the "Tea Party"

Tea Party Main Street | 4-8-2016

I'm happy to have the "Blue Dog Democrats" on board. The theory they hold that massive immigration will create "Jobs And Wealth" is wearing off in failure and the build up of communism. Welcome "Blue Dog Democrats" to the fight that will eventually get you most of what you want.

The "Tea Party" and the "Blue Dog Democrats" want basically the same things but in different ways. The "Blue Dog Democrats" were under the impression that government was the answer to change which is a false hope that can never and will never work. The "Tea Party" without a doubt knows that it's the massive immigration that's lowering wages and killing U.S. citizen opportunities to advance.

Legal immigration in moderate numbers according to the needs of the labor market without killing opportunities for U.S. citizens to move around from job to job as they wish is the way to go. There always has to be a "Demand" in the labor market that forces wages up and "Not" down. As for tourism? Tourism will still be open to anyone that wants to visit the U.S. but restrictions will be put on foreign tourism to the U.S. that forbids them from gaining employment. If foreigners want to be employed in the U.S. they can apply for a work visa and go through the process that won't kill the movement of U.S. citizens to hop from job to job as they please.

As for the distaste the "Blue Dog Democrats" have for "Corporate America Running The U.S.", well, the "Tea Party" is on board with taking down the notion of business running the U.S. that the libertarian republicans are trying to get installed. The "Tea Party" is in the process of stopping the installation of business running the U.S. by the libertarians and we sure do appreciate the help in this effort from the "Blue Dog Democrats". The removal of "All" the illegal aliens in the U.S. comes with this effort.

Help us get Donald Trump elected into the presidency so we can destroy the government both communist democrat and libertarian republican that we both "Have Acquired A Bad Taste For".

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