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Tuesday, March 14, 2017

The "American Healthcare Act" And An Expanded Medicaid Program Would Be Best


No low wage worker will be forced to apply for Medicaid or any insurance but will be eligible if they get hurt or sick

Written By James Allan | 3-14-2017

The "American Healthcare Act" would work for the poor and low wage workers if Medicaid were to be expanded into a program only for the U.S. Citizen poor and low wage workers. "99% Of Medicaid Benefits Go To Illegal Aliens". Medicaid should be expanded and improved for poor and low wage U.S. Citizens only. Immigrants have to get insurance through their employers or bring their own. If illegal aliens have a phony right to free healthcare at the taxpayers expense why can't poor and low wage U.S. Citizens get a low cost healthcare plan?

I had a reply to this from a libertarian republican rino and she asked, "Why Should Government Pay For Healthcare?" I replied back to her and stated it's because taxpayers would have to pay even more to pick up and dispose of all the dead bodies laying around. It's very true that before government assisted healthcare doctors and hospitals would kick anyone to the road if they couldn't pay. Nowadays living expenses and healthcare costs are so high even if your working a low wage job you cannot afford the healthcare insurance at $50.00 a month for the lowest cost plans.

No matter how much you reject government assisted healthcare it's coming and the trick will be to make it a non socialist/communist program that is the real rejection. The democrat party wants it and so do many in the republican party and this is a "LOT" of people. The Republicans that want a program like this want it as a safety net that they can fall into to save their lives and lifestyles when hard times hit. 

The Tax Credits in the "American Healthcare Act" that push people to insurance companies can be removed. It most likely would be more effective to let low income people get medicaid instead of pushing people to insurance companies. A wage cap will be put on Medicaid. As peoples wages rise to a certain level they can be required to purchase their own insurance. 
No low wage worker will be forced to apply for Medicaid or any insurance but they will be taxed 2% of their wages so when they have to go see a doctor or have to do some time in a hospital they will be eligible for Medicaid when the hospital office staff comes to their bedsides and ask the question, "How Do You Want To Pay?".  
Since states will be getting block grants they will individually be running Medicaid for low wage workers and the poor as they are now so there's no complete government run healthcare for all U.S. Citizens. The states cannot install an additional tax to pay for illegal aliens because that's double taxation since the federal government collects the tax. Low wage workers could only have a 2% tax on their wages to help supplement Medicaid as Medicare charges 2.9% to everyone. 

People that are not working which I've been from time to time can have the option to make small contributions. I would gladly pay $3.00 a month when I'm not working to Medicaid if I could scrape up a few extra bucks. Anyone rich or poor could make voluntary tax deductible donation to Medicaid to help pay for poor U.S. Citizen only healthcare.  

Everyone wants to be fixed when they get sick and hospitals kicking people that cannot pay to the streets is not an option. The hospitals need to get some kind of compensation so a small tax on low wage workers only who use Medicaid insurance would be acceptable.

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