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Thursday, March 23, 2017

The Republican Rino's Are Proven To Be Libertarian Democrats That Infiltrated The GOP

The Republican Rino's Are Proven To Be Libertarian Democrats That Infiltrated The GOP. Read Full Article Here:   http://teapartymainstreet.blogspot.com/2017/03/the-libertarian-party-operates-in-both.html:

Yes, Glen Beck Put Cheetos On His Face To Replicate Donald Trump's Rosacea

The House Of Representatives "Freedom Caucus" are Libertarian Democrats. The Libertarians are operating in both political parties. If you think the they did bad on the new healthcare law wait until immigration comes up and it will. 

The "Freedom Caucus" will hold out for "AMNESTY" if they get away with killing healthcare. All libertarians are for "Open Borders" and "Amnesty" and these rinos in the Republican Party will hold Donald Trump hostage if they don't get "FULL AMNESTY". "True". We must pressure them hard now so these libertarians will vote down amnesty.

20 or so rino democrats in the House of Representatives "Freedom Caucus" are holding over 200 Republican House Representatives hostage? Was Paul Ryan betraying the trust of Donald Trump? If over 200 House Representatives were supporting the Healthcare plan why wasn't there more feedback from the 200? Paul Ryan could have been working against Donald Trump for the "Rino Freedom Caucus"?


Rand Paul And The "Freedom Caucus" Rino Libertarians Operating Separately From Their Libertarian Democrat Counterparts? I Don't Think So! Both Are In Lockstep.

This Is In Fact, "CNN"

Written By James Allan | 3-24-2017

For all those who are not up on politics to well the Libertarian Party is, "Not" part of the democrat "Liberal" movement. The liberals are not a political party but only the "Communist Progressive Wing" of the democrat party that Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton belong to. The Libertarians used to be the "Blue Dog Democrats" in the democrat party but over the decades they were forced out of the democrat party by the Communist Progressive Liberals and now are the so called, "Third Party" that operates in the democrat and Republican Parties. They can't get themselves elected under their own libertarian banner or elected into the democrat party.  The communist progressive liberals have been able destroy the libertarian candidates in the primary elections to keep them out over the past few decades. The libertarian democrats run as Republicans and have been somewhat successful at getting themselves elected as Republicans.

The Libertarians have democrat roots but believe in small government run by business. The communist progressive liberals believe in government controls all. This may seem complicated to those who only fight for what laws will be best for them but for those of us who know what's in the best interest of all U.S. Citizens it's not complicated and a big mess. The conflict between the democrat and Republican parties isn't all reality even though it appears to be. The real conflict is between the libertarian wing of the democrat party that have infiltrated the Republican party and the communist progressive liberal democrat wing that both used to be together in the democrat party. The democrat party now is able to march in "Lock Step" with each other because they rid themselves of all the libertarian wing (Blue Dog Democrats).

Both major political parties fight tooth and nail for votes, OK, that's the way elections are suppose to be. The problem is that nowadays it's war between political ideologies that do not involve the U.S. Constitution. The democrat party is clearly anti constitutional since the progressive liberals are under the impression that they would be better off under a communist government that provides all the progressive liberals basic needs. The libertarians believe in letting business run the United States. The democrat party became so bad with the in fighting between the communist progressive liberals and the libertarian democrats that it came down to one of the democrat wings had to go and the libertarians lost.

As I stated earlier the libertarians have democrat roots. The difference between the progressive liberal democrats and the libertarian democrats is the size of government and who will actually be running the United States. The democrat libertarians think that a small government run by business and everyone shuffles for themselves is the answer while the democrat communist progressive liberals think that government running everything is the answer. I'm "Tea Party Republican" and I know both the democrat communist progressive liberals and the libertarians are screwy with no sense of reality. Both have no sense of reality but lots of direction that has always failed in the past.

Now that the democrat libertarians have established themselves in the Republican Party both the communist progressive liberal democrats and the Republican libertarians are attacking the "Sleeping Republican Base" to keep them on the sidelines while both wings of the old democrat party fight it out. The problem is the democrat libertarians are fighting it out with their old progressive liberal democrat counterparts in the republican party and the sleeping Republican party base isn't dancing to the libertarian tune.

The democrat libertarians are operating in both the democrat and Republican parties and they have concealed it so well the Republican base is just dazed and confused. The Republican base has been asleep so long they can't believe that the reason the U.S. Government is such a mess is because two wings of the democrat party are fighting each other and one of the democrat party wings is fighting out of the Republican Party.

The libertarians are fighting Donald Trump from both the democrat and Republican parties. Time for the Republican base to wake up and get into the brawl.  

Nobody is going to tell me that the libertarians operating in both the democrat and Republican parties are separate entities. That's just like telling me Ebay and Paypal are separated because Ebay said so. "It's Just Not True". Separation of the libertarian party, half in the democrat party and half in the Republican party can't happen in any logical sense! 

Everyone has heard of the term, "RINO" and knows what that means. Well, the rinos in the republican party are the libertarians in both the House and Senate. Right now the so called, "Freedom Caucus" in the House is fighting Donald Trump at every turn and are in fact the gang of "NeverTrump". 

* I've researched the voting records of the House members and many congressional house members vote up to and over 70% of the time with the democrats socialist agenda. 

* The libertarian republicans (RINOS) in the House and Senate are in "Lock Step" with the democrats in giving amnesty to illegal aliens and keeping the borders wide open.

* The almost 10 Trillion dollars in U.S. debt obama and the democrats ran up in the past 8 years couldn't have happened without the Republican party leaderships rubber stamp whom were the Rino libertarian republicans. John Boehner, The House Freedom Caucus, McCain, Graham, etc....... 

The libertarian republican rinos have their own agenda for not supporting the Donald Trump supported "American Healthcare Act" and most likely the reason is big government vs small government which was the real battle when the libertarian democrats held seats in the democrat party before the communist progressive liberals got rid of the small government libertarian democrats out of congress.

The libertarians are playing both sides of the coin so to speak and have been getting away with it for decades ruining the lives of all U.S. Citizens in both political parties. I'm "Tea Party Republican". You know, "One Of The People That Have Been Asleep For Decades". Now I'm waking up as all my other sleeping beauty cohorts are waking up and the libertarian game is, "OVER!" along with the communist progressive liberal Bull Shit.

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