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Saturday, October 1, 2016

Did Bill Clinton And Barack Obama Release Military Aircraft Technology To The Russians In 2001 and 2009


The U.S. F-22 Raptor The Russian Military Is Copying From Bill Clinton's Treason

Video Above Showing Russian Development Of U.S. Aircraft And Battlefield Radar

The video above is a long one with many commercials and stoppages so bear with it

Must View Look At Advancing Russian Military Technology Given Away By The U.S. Democrats

Written By James Allan | 10-1-2016
Hopefully Democrats Will Come Back To The Reality That This Isn't Good For Anyone

Anyone into military air power should look at this video. The video is about the developing russian air power secretly given to them by the Clinton admin. in 2001 and Barack Obama in 2009. I say given to them secretly because the russians just do not have the capacity to develop high tech electronics and weapons system unless they steal or purchase it. Sure, the russians have the capability to design the airframes and build them but the electronic weapons systems and delicate electronics they have to get from somebody else.

The two main high tech military aircraft in the U.S. arsenal are being copied by the russians. The U.S. F-22 Raptor was started by the russians in 2001 right after Bill Clinton left office and the airborne battlefield radar platform technology is in the russians hands now started in 2009 after Barack Obama took office. It's well documented that Bill Clinton gave away aircraft technology to the chinese in the 1990's and most likely was paid off under the table as it's being found out he and Billary were paid off for the U.S. uranium. Bill Clinton's excuse for giving the chinese aircraft technology was, "It's Old Technology". I'd expect Barack Obama in 2009 gave the russians our old battlefield airborne technology for the same reason, "It's Old Technology".

Must Read Article Link That Explains Why The Bushes And Establishment Republicans Are Supporting Billary Clinton And Not Trump. George HW Bush Was Going Around Ronald Reagan Doing Deals With China Illegally Then Bill Clinton Was Paid By China To Do The Same: Bill Clinton Transfers Ballistic Missile Technology To China 

The russians have been developing its version of the F-22 Raptor since 2001. They have enough of their version built for testing purposes now. Weapons systems are almost identical if not the same to our F-22 Raptor. The airframe may have some alterations but it's basically a copy. The chinese copied the airframe of our F-22 Raptor but it's only the airframe and the chinese version is garbage. Bill Clinton and the democrats are all about globalization and giving U.S. technology away as Bill Clinton did give U.S. old aircraft technology away to the chinese so I'd speculate that Bill Clinton gave F-22 Raptor technology to the russians since the russian version of our F-22 Raptor is identical in function. While Billary Clinton was running the "State Department" the russian were sold 20% of the United States uranium production. 

The U.S. was in the process of building a battlefield radar platform on a Boeing 707 but scraped the plans due to problem of it would take 2 aircraft to hold all the equipment and the cost would be tremendous. The U.S. opted to go with the smaller Lockheed Martin "U-2 Lady Dragon" with interchangeable radar arrays. Right now the russians are building a large Boeing 707 type aircraft and installing battlefield targeting radar in it just like the planned battlefield aircraft that were scraped by the U.S.. Was this old U.S. battlefield radar technology given to the russians by Barack Obama? The russians are now developing one level down old U.S. battlefield technology and yes, "Missles" as the U.S. upgrades our technology.   

The russians after WWII purchased a British jet engine and duplicated it then used the technology stolen from the British against the U.S. in the Korean War when the first jet combat confrontations first happened. The British stated this sale to the russians of advanced jet engine technology was a huge mistake. 

The democrats are traitors putting the U.S. on the path to communism. "Really". Russian jet technology is mimicking what the U.S has already built or has scraped in favor of newer technology. This is an outrage that the democrat U.S. government while in power are selling our outdated technology to foreign governments in their effort to globalize the world under a "Communist Type Government". At the end of WWII the russians somehow got a hold of a B-29 Superfortess mysteriously and copied it, Harry Truman the democrat gave away "Nuclear Technology" and now the world is faced nuclear destruction. Jimmy Carter the democrat gave away the Panama Canal in the first effort to show globalization. Bill Clinton the democrat gave the chinese aircraft technology and U.S. businesses. Barack Obama it is looking like he gave russia advanced military aircraft technology and refuses to fight foreign intrusions into any and all U.S. interests inside U.S. borders. Billary Clinton has already announced there will be no pushback against any foreign entity that wants to enter the United States. 

In a little over 1 month U.S. citizens have a chance to stop this give away of the U.S. to foreigners by not electing Billary Clinton into the presidency. If Billary Clinton gets elected the U.S. is gone! There will still be enough of us to keep the fight up but the United States will be flooded with so many immigrants and foreign intrusions total poverty and communism to support the widespread poverty will be in its beginning stages and unstoppable without dragging supreme court justices physically off their perches.

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