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Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Donald Trump And The Miss Piggy Latino Housekeeper Comment He Is Innocent Of Making | Personal Opinion


Most Likely Billary Clinton Started To Build Her Attack On Donald Trump When He Hinted At The Idea Of Running In 2015 Or Even As Early As Late 2014 Lying About Donalds Past History With Women

Written By James Allan | 9-28-2016

Donald Trump and women? I've been following this for months as everyone else has and have come to the following conclusions after this Alicia Machado ordeal. My conclusion is Donald Trump is strong with women but he's also equally strong with men.Women are just more sensitive and have a tendency to blow issues up out of proportion. Sorry ladies, but it's true.

I'm speculating that Donald Trump only told Rosie O'Donnell she was a fat pig in a mu mu just to spite her mentally. I've never been one to attack people on their personal appearance because my family has the fat cells that blow up when nourished with those tasty delights. I'm not unknown for calling my brother a porker but it's only in retaliation and a shot at his mental stability. I've known large people criticizing people on their appearance just to equalize the shots taken at their appearance. It just goes round and round and always geared at a strike against another in anger.

I was going to write an article on fat but never got around to it because the basic knowledge is just a few sentences. Your heart burns fat for energy and this is the reason your body stores fat. When your really young your heart burns lots of fat and as you get older into your teens if your not exercising fat storage cells hold the fat until your heart is ready to use it. The fat storage cells never go away and some people have more fat storage cells than most that keep filling up to no end, "Of Course Until Your Heart Is Ready To Use It" and in most cases nowadays with machinery and illegal aliens taking up the work load you go to a gym or carry the lard around. Some people no matter how much they exercise carry the weight because they have fat storage cells beyond belief. Some people are fat free because they just don't have an abundance of fat storage cells. The body was made to walk to work, then work and walk back. The body wasn't made to hop in a car, work at a desk and then drink lots of beer that produces lots of fat for your fat cells to store after you go home and wash down the fat cell yummies you ate before you sit down on your fat ass that has to carry your belly that touches your knees.

Rosie O'Donnell is a lefty communist democrat that took shots at Donald Trump in public in a vicious way not only about Donald's status but also his hair and orange skin appearance. Every communist democrat took shots at Donald Trump that were not related to politics but Rosie O'Donnell was the worst so I can't fault Donald Trump for calling Rosie O'Donnell a fat porker that can produce cooking lard for years. Most of the fat jokes about Rosie are coming from chubby people like myself online anyway.

As for this Alicia Machado event who works for Billary Clinton. Well, she did munch out to no end after she won the Miss Universe contest as seen in the picture posted with this article. She did get really fat with 70 pounds of blubber in the pic I found is really bad. There's not many pics on the internet showing how big she got after winning and this picture I posted of her in the white dress shows she piled it on. I have a pic of her where she is pregnant with a mexican cartel drug lords child. Donald Trump calling her, "Miss Piggy The Latino Housekeeper" is false. Howard Stearn mentioned the piggy line in his interview with Donald Trump and Billary Clinton's staff surely found the soundbite and noted it for the up and coming attack against Donald Trump. I will get to this later in the article.

Alicia Machado pregnant with a mexican cartel drug lord's child.  

What made me weary of this whole issue is Alicia Machado was a Venezuela citizen in Venezuela 20 years ago when this incident with her weight happened so what purpose would it serve for Donald Trump to call her a latino housekeeper in a latino country? The latino housekeeper line would only have a mental affect in the U.S. with illegal aliens. This housekeeper line along with all the other information coming out about this Alicia Machado incident with Donald Trump is appearing to be engineered by Billary Clinton when Donald Trump was hinting about running for the presidency. Billary Clinton is the one that added the "Miss Piggy" line with the latino housekeeper in her output to the news media then hired Alicia Machado to back up the false output.  

As for Megyn Kelly's comment about Donald Trump bad mouthing women at the debates? Me thinks ol Megyn Kelly got, "Chumped By Billary Clinton" big time. Megyn Kelly handed Billary Clinton a present when she did that to Donald Trump. Billary Clinton most likely had the biggest victory celebration of her campaign when Megyn Kelly did that. Billary Clinton celebrated her first term as president of the United States after that since she was already anointed by the democrat party.

Hey Megyn, if you read this, I do watch your show and I see you rehash this controversy so if you're going to keep on and make yourself a part of the story I'm going to mention you in my story. Of course I laid off of hammering you because I know it wasn't a good fight for Donald Trump. Not a good fight for Donald Trump at all to engage in but if you keep pushing it you leave me to write about you. Yes, I was swayed by a message from your friend to back off also and your friend's message is pretty overwhelming to me. I've always enjoyed your broadcasts up until you saddled up with the libertarian democrats. If you'd just stop and give Donald Trump the benefit of the doubt beyond his lack of sentence construction that relay's his message in the wrong form I'm sure you two would be great buddies. Maybe Donald Trump should have me as his writer and get rid of all those writers that don't put his truth in the proper context that he relays. Hey, thoughts of grandure :) 

Billary Clinton's biggest fear was Donald Trump running for president of the United States. Other republican libertarian democrats may have stated they were the ones feared but the fear was always about Donald Trump. Billary Clinton started setting up her attack against Donald Trump back in 2015 most likely when he first hinted at making the run. She may have even started moving against Donald Trump back in 2014. Billary Clinton has files built for the purpose of attacks on "Everyone" in government and business that can oppose her.

As for the blood coming out of certain areas of women. There's documented cases of women bleeding out of their eyes and noses when they get pissed off. "True". Donald Trump was referring to people exploding and blowing a gasket then leaking out blood.  The "Women Bleeding Out Of Their Vagina" thing was completely produced by the republican libertarian democrat group, "Red State". Yea, these libertarian democrats rally as the heart of the republican party but the fact of the matter is they are democrat infiltrators in the republican party and are the problem with government and not the cure. "Red State" and its founder started pushing the anti Donald Trump movement side by side with the democrats.

As for Carly Fiorina and Donald Trump? Everyone keeps talking about Donald Trump's temperament but Carly Fiorina looked mean as a junk yard dog in the republican debates with her stern face and nobody said a word about her temperament. They started talking about Donald Trumps temperament and he had the same stern face Carly Fiorina did. Carly Fiorina just wasn't on the menu. Donald Trump just said, "Look At That Face" targeting Carly Fiorina because Carly Fiorina "Was Really Good" and Donald Trump took Carly as his possible major competition. I even was looking at Carly until Carly went libertarian democrat and started talking "Legalization Of Illegal Aliens" then I dumped her. I'm sure if I saw how damn great Carly Fiorina sounded in the debates then Donald Trump saw that also and since everyone was building Donald Trump up as to being dangerous as president Donald Trump decided to take a shot a Carly Fiorina by directing some attention to her being dangerous also with her stern looking face. Carly Fiorina lost because she was part of the corporate establishment and fired 30,000 people while she was a corporate CEO. She also supports "Legalization Of Illegal Aliens" and if it were not for these 3 past issues she could have made it as the "Republican Nominee". Carly Fiorina produced the best speeches on that primary debate stage I've seen democrat or republican.

Donald Trump doesn't have a history of picking on women. Sure, he's tossed some tough language at women in the past but men have gotten the tough language also. "JUST LOOK AT HOW DONALD TRUMP TREATED MARCO RUBIO, JEB BUSH, TED CRUZ " and some of the other male candidates and then tell me about how bad he treats women. You'll be the fool if you do and don't take into account the men Donald Trump just trashed on stage for trying to trash him. If you women want equality you better quit laughing at fat men that hit on you and calling your women friends to tell them about your all so awkward experience with the skinny little guy with a head shaped like an egg. Sure, I like to treat women gently with respect also but if woman wants to move up into positions of authority they better be ready to take as much mouth crap as the men do. I've worked for women business managers and they are stern as any man. If you haven't ever read the women's restroom wall of a sleazy bar then your missing out on how college women attack each other with words of "Yeast Infections" and "Open For Business". Yes, "COLLEGE WOMEN SAY THESE TYPES OF THINGS" about each other. These women get worse than that and men with their snipes. If you haven't ever seen a monster woman then your missing out on an adventure of a lifetime.

P.S. If Charles Can Solve The Problem Without A Heavy Police Presence That Doesn't Require Dumping Tons Of Cash And Dumb College Educated Social Worker Talk Into Something That Has Never Worked And Will Not Work I'd Like To Hear It. We All Enjoy Nice Neighborhoods Because Of A Strong Police Presence :)    

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