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Monday, September 26, 2016

The First 2016 Donald Trump Vs Billary Clinton Presidential Debate | Personal Opinion


Written By James Allan | 9-26-2016
Article Not In Accordance With Democrat Politically Correct Writing Laws

Donald Trump did good and of course I support Donald Trump. Donald Trump had to rebut some of the Billary Clinton lies and misrepresentations by pushing for more time to do that but he got his message sent. The democrats will say Donald Trump was irritated at some points but the fact is he wasn't irritated but just trying to register a correction against the sly Billary Clinton lies by pushing the clock for more time aggressively.

Billary Clinton's debate plan was just to stand there and smile. At one point in the debate I laughed really hard because Billary did the, "Girly Shake" as young women do in response to, "You Don't Scare Me". After Donald Trumps response calling her a liar. Billary said, "Oooh" meaning "you don't scare me" during her girly shake. You know, like a 70 year old woman doing the "Girly Shake"?. I can't believe she did that! A 70 year old woman doing the girly shake like she was a twenty year old just shows a tub of self absorbed vanity and Billary Clinton reverting back to her youth. Does she really think the girly shake will work? I guess most people didn't notice this and felt a good thought towards her after Donald Trump corrected her lie and she did the girly shake like she was still reliving her youth. Come on! When your face starts falling and you have to constantly inject your face with botox it's time to start acting your age.

Billary Clinton wasn't practicing what she was going to say on stage with Donald Trump because throughout the months she's been practicing the same lines over and over again. Instead her only practice was on her pose, smile's and sad face to manipulate thought of belief in her words. Sure, that's the only thing she has to sway young voters with and the politically uneducated. Most likely it works. I see these reporters on T.V. asking young people political questions and it's just like questioning a "Blank Spot". They don't know and a wink and smile on stage from Billary most likely draws some votes for her from youth voters.

Billary Clinton's only strategy was to stand on stage and smile while she reiterated her lines she's been feeding the U.S. public for months. She didn't have any smile while Donald Trump was speaking. She just stood their like she might cry looking at Donald Trump's lips move and then when it was her turn to respond the smile came back as she stood there straight up and erect. I guess she had her posture memorized also because all I saw was a stiff straight erect totem poll.

Sure, Donald Trump is a businessman but he hasn't done anything that the Billary Clinton supporter Mark Cuban hasn't done. Mark Cuban is an idiot that got lucky with a business he started that got popular and took off. Mark Cuban sold the business then took his profits and purchased a sports team that was a safe bet. Just because you get lucky doesn't mean you have a brain so you get rich and go stand with the brainless rich. Anybody in business will do whatever the law allows to achieve a profit. Donald Trump stiffing people? I worked in construction and if you don't do a good job you don't get paid. I've had friends and neighbors who have kicked contractors down the road without paying them for doing a lousy job. I've been hired under the table to correct the bad work of contractors who were kicked down the road without pay.

Most of the Donald Trump's questions concerning terrorism in the United States and black poverty goes under the heading of "Law Enforcement". There's a lot of good people in the black ghettos that are indoctrinated into the communist democrat ideology of white racism as the cause of their problems. The fact of the matter is poverty in black areas of congregation is the fault of the black people and black racism against white people. There's racism on both sides. When you let crime run rampant and only listen to the criminal element you put yourself into poverty as you melt into the control of criminals feeding you falsehoods. Businesses won't locate in black areas because of the crime and if an area has no businesses the area becomes impoverished. The only cure is regaining control of the area through law enforcement so businesses can feel safe establishing in the area, people can earn incomes so cash starts to flow and the impoverished area can heal. 

As for terrorism, law enforcement is the only cure. When the terrorists establish muslim, "No Go Zones" like in Europe there's no getting rid of the terrorism. The time to stop the growth of terrorism is now through law enforcement and rejection of the muslim ideology. "Not Muslim As A Religion", just the ideology of Islam that is a law of sharia. Islam is not a religion. Islam is a law of sharia.

As for police shooting black people. Blacks should be happy they are not white people if all they are worried about is getting shot by cops. The Police shoot white people 3 to 1 over black people and black people create more crime. No cop should shoot an unarmed anybody but just as civilians do stupid things like shooting people and creating victims once in awhile a bad or nervous police officer will kill an unarmed civilian. Bad and nervous police officers should be weeded out better. Bad police officers usually do get weeded out regularly for hostility but sometimes one slips though. Hey, society tries to remove bad black and white civilians that have a habit of shooting people but the cry of racism to the democrats by the blacks always gets the bad black victim creators back on the streets to create somemore victims by shooting them.

All in all Donald Trump was just pushing for more time to disspell all the lies Billary Clinton is producing targeting Donald Trump. Billary Clinton is following the ideology of communism and thinks she can make communism better than Russia and China. "True".

 Billary Clinton and the democrats are pushing all wealth towards corporations by killing small business then she will create an outrageous tax rate that targets the wealth of the corporations so the government can collect. The democrats are already steering everyone to a government run health care society. Billary will attempt in her presidency to steer everyone legal, illegal and U.S. citizen towards union employment then create laws that control all employment, wages, who works where, who works when and the wealth of the unions. Everything Billary Clinton and the communist democrats are doing is steering society into large groups for better control by the communist government they are creating.  

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