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Saturday, March 11, 2017

The "American Healthcare Act" Basics Explained To Be Understood. Republicancare Is Good So Far


The "American Healthcare Act" Is A Winner And Should Be Supported To Show, "U.S. Citizens First"

Written By James Allan | 3-11-2017

If you look at the Trumpcare legislation this way we all will win! What people don't understand is, "There Are Poor Uninsured Republicans Too". No one wants the government control of healthcare because it will just lead to outright communism and communism will lead to poverty and being under the thumb of government. You can't get a good outcome on issues if the many factions of congress are under the impression that their congressional cliques viewpoint is better and all fight over the correct direction when in fact none of their viewpoints are correct as they never are.

The healthcare plan (The American Healthcare Act) being pushed right now includes "Poor People" and if you don't address the healthcare needs of poor people, "YOU LOSE". What got obamacare passed in the first place is the libertarian republicans are doing what Rand Paul, Mike Lee and this Jim Jordan fellow are encouraging, "Tossing Poor People Out Of Healthcare" and favoring illegal alien healthcare. 99% of Medicaid goes to illegal aliens and the libertarian republicans that are rebelling against the Donald Trump healthcare plan do in fact support legalization for illegal aliens. "True".

I was watching Tucker Carlson's interview with Paul Ryan and they came across the subject of "Medicaid". Tucker mentioned that illegal aliens were the beneficiaries of get this, "99% OF MEDICAID BENEFITS". He also stated that a large portion of the 99% of Medicaid benefits were paid out for, "ILLEGAL ALIENS TO HAVE BABIES IN THE UNITED STATES". Tucker asked Ryan what's happening with this and Ryan replied in a stumble that they are working on it? Medicaid is for U.S. Citizens OnLY!

This story has been in the news since 2007 but I myself never read it. The story didn't hit main stream media at all or was mentioned in a 10 second bit. Then the hospitals overcharge the insurance companies for illegal aliens that do not have medicaid. Ever wonder why healthcare costs are so high? "ILLEGAL ALIENS" so now you don't have to wonder.

Here's an article link from the Kaiser Health News website that verifies what Tucker Carlson and Paul Ryan were discussing briefly:
Medicaid Helps Hospitals Pay For Illegal Immigrants Care

Yes, it was the libertarian republicans in congress not listening to reality that brought about obamacare that we now have to get rid of. These libertarian republicans in the so called, "Liberty Caucus" want to push poor people to the side of the road again with no say or standing in any issue concerning what's going to be passed into law. Poor women, blacks and whites moved over to defend the democrats because the republicans refused to recognize their financial dilemma time and time again over the years. All these illegal aliens are in the U.S. getting free healthcare because the republican party refuses to address the healthcare costs of the U.S. poor. 

The new "American Healthcare Act" being talked about at this point in time not to many people understand especially in the media with ideologists running their mouths about how bad it is when the fact of the matter is the "American Healthcare Act" is a slow but permanent fix to get all the poor and working poor the healthcare they need and bring down insurance costs to people that can pay their own way and businesses. 

First of all, the Republican Party is going to "Kick Its Own Ass" if they kick off all those now insured obamacare people and leave them with nothing. All those obamacare people have to be transferred over to an element of the American Healthcare Act plan without question! The American Healthcare Act is being built to do this so you will see some elements of the failed obamcare in it. Hey, it's the people that supported the libertarian republicans whom were responsible for the democrats installing obamacare fault so now we will all have healthcare built under government law.

One of the main grips of the libertarian republicans is the expansion of "Medicaid" to all the U.S. Citizens enrolled in obamacare. Medicaid has to be expanded to make room for U.S. Citizens! As I stated in above paragraphs "99% Of Medicaid Benefits Go To Illegal Aliens". So if you take a close look at this situation of Medicaid being expanded you will see, "There's No Money For Any U.S. Citizens To Be Put On Medicaid Program Because All The Money Is Being Given To Illegal Aliens". Medicaid has to be expanded until the illegal aliens can be removed and banned from getting U.S. Citizens entitlements. Rand Paul and his gang of libertarian "Liberty Caucus" minions like their illegal aliens and open borders and them rejecting the new American Healthcare Act proves it.

Another beef of the libertarians is they are saying there's a mandate for people to pay the insurance companies. The American Healthcare Act has just been introduced so right now I haven't looked into that yet to see if it's real or just another misconception by the libertarian republicans announced to the public to gin up a revolt against the American Healthcare Act. 

I listened to Paul Ryan explain the American Healthcare Act and Fox News did air the complete explanation. I understood the explanation well and didn't see any faults in it except the explanation didn't give the "Whys" as I have written about concerning illegal aliens and Medicaid above.

Below Are The 4 Basic Functions Of The American Healthcare Act:

1. As for people that can afford their own healthcare insurance or get healthcare insurance through work allowing insurance companies to sell insurance across state lines should take care of that pretty much. Another aspect of the American Healthcare Act encourages groups of  people to pool their money into individual savings accounts or group savings accounts and these accounts personal and group will have the authority to move around from insurance company to insurance company depending upon which insurance company offers each individual or group better rates and healthcare plan products. These features combined together will drive down insurance rates as insurance companies cannot profit if people move their accounts to another insurance company.

2. Tom Price is Donald Trumps new HHS (Health And Human Services) secretary and he will be removing an extremely large stack of government regulations put on the U.S. medical profession by the democrats that are intended to drive healthcare to the government. The removal of these regulations will lower costs to hospitals, clinics and doctors in the way of the excess paperwork labor needed to keep up with the government regulations.

3. Medicaid Money will be "Block Granted" to each individual state instead of the states signing up people and sending the medical bills to the federal government for payment. The states will only get a certain amount of cash to manage and that's, "All They Get". The states will have to stop signing up illegal aliens or they will be responsible for the cash medical expenditures from illegal aliens. I was watching the Fox News Leland Vitter interview with the Colorado governor. The governor stated he was only going to get $750 million a year from the federal government as a block grant but the state expenditures were well over $1 Billion dollars. Colorado is a sanctuary state for illegal aliens on medicaid so Colorado will either have to get rid of the illegal aliens or pay the extra $250 million a year themselves in medical expenses for the illegal aliens. I guess Colorado could always, "Bill The Illegal Aliens For The Cost Of Their Medical Care".

4. Another driver of lowering healthcare costs and will be the biggest driver is dealing with the hospitals that have floods of illegal aliens not on Medicaid using the emergency rooms. Hospitals end up overcharging the insurance companies in the thousands of dollars to cover the expenses of illegal aliens using the emergency rooms. The hospitals will charge $80,000 for a simple $3000 kidney stone removal to cover the costs of illegal aliens not on medicaid. Either which way the taxpayer pays or the insurance companies pay. 

This article is just an outline of the basic functions of the proposed "American Healthcare Act". I've heard is called the Ryancare act because he's the one that's pushing it. Tom Price and some other congressmen drew up the American Healthcare Act so it's not really "Trumpcare". Donald Trump did have his input into it though. I'm still learning about what little extras are in the American Healthcare Act also but I do have an good understanding of the basics and so far I'm OK with it. It will work as illegal aliens are removed from Medicaid eventually and made to pay for their own health care.

U.S Citizens First And Only With Taxpayer Entitlements! 

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