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Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Fox News Rating Decline Of Two Thirds Shows Tea Party Voting Power


Fox News Rating Decline Of Two Thirds Shows Tea Party Voting Power

A Tea Partier on Facebook posted the new ratings for Fox News after they ambushed the Tea Party supported candidate "Donald Trump" at the August presidential debate. Fox News ratings have dropped a whopping 2/3rds and
now they are in a neck to neck fight with CNN and CNN in most cases is winning the viewership battles.

This whopping decline in Fox News viewership goes to show the strength of the Tea Party vote in the 2016 elections that the rinos are so afraid of. The rinos have all the cash through deceptive practices on voters over the decades and are doing their best not to let true "Tea Partiers" know how big their numbers have gotten so they can keep us under their control and in a box. I myself have always believed that the "Tea Party" voting numbers were in the area of 70% and this drop of 2/3rds in Fox News viewership only goes to back my thoughts up.

What this next election in 2016 comes down to is the "Tea Party" vs "Rino Cash". The rinos don't even come close to having enough votes to put up a fight on this front so they have to use disinformation and deception to sway voters into accepting the lunk heads "Marco Rubio" and "Jeb Bush". Fox News is doing their best to alter poll results and inject unwanted amnesty supporters into the heads of unsuspecting voters but their efforts so far are failing as the "Tea Party" becomes aware of their tactics and counters them.

As long as the "Tea Party" voters can stay on the same page and develop an information team or leadership that can provide us with accurate information our voting numbers can be brought together on real candidates that will do for us and not for their secret society's and themselves. Since the Tea Party first grew out of Ross Perot's old Reform Party of the 1990's in 2008 the Tea Party vote has been fractured and spread out. Now that all Tea Partiers are better informed through accurate information and a better spread of the accurate information over social media the "Tea Party" vote is becoming a power house and all that stand before the "Tea Party" vote in opposition are becoming a bad thought in history as they enter into history.

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