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Tuesday, September 29, 2015

The United States Military Is Leaving Our Dogs In Muslim Countries That Hate Dogs

The United States Military Is Leaving Our Dogs In Muslim Countries That Hate Dogs

Someone on Facebook circulated a picture of a military dog and it stated, "Would You Leave Him Behind" and it just infuriated me to no end! Well, I should have know that if
our military vets are being abandoned the dogs that served with our vets would be abandoned also.

These dogs are just as much U.S.A. as the soldiers who worked and cared for them. This is unthinkable in any realm of the imagination. Where the hell are all the lefty communist animal rights advocates that claim animals should have rights and ownership of property? I think all these animal rights activists have rotten mushy banana type brains that worship a pope who doesn't care anything at all about anything except promoting sociopath communist ideology.

We "Tea Partiers" are now left with not only making sure our vets get what they were promised and deserve but also adding the dogs they were so blessed to get to work with into the mix of all things veterans that are neglected.

These dogs that served with our military and are left behind for no good reason to muslim nations that hate dogs is unacceptable and needs to be corrected. A movement needs to start to make our military leaders and self proclaimed sociopathy kings in government add somemore cash to the budget that will care for our U.S.A. born and bread dogs that served with our soldiers loyaly until they were to old to serve anymore. Take the cash away from the illegal aliens that never served U.S. Citizens and are getting huge sums of money and move the money into a fund to take care of our military dogs that did serve us beyond expectations. Yes, we want our dogs and animals taken care of instead of illegal aliens that should not be here in the U.S..

Help End This Monsterious Act Of Leaving Our Dogs Behind In Foreign Countries And Lets Bring Them Back Home Where They Belong And Are Very Wanted.

Please Click Here To Read The Full Article Published That Talks About This In Detail:
Life With Dogs, U.S. Abandons Military Dogs Overseas

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