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Friday, June 22, 2018

The Deep State Is Found On Fox News Promoting Their Open Borders And Amnesty Ideology Through Immigrant Children

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You have to watch us on T.V. because you let us make us the only ones on T.V. To Watch

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As for the present situation the U.S. is in with these immigrant families and their children, past and present fingerprints and ID's should have been taken on people applying for refugee status so anyone that doesn't show up for their court date should have nationwide detainers put out for their arrest and automatic deportation if President Donald Trump cannot find a way to hold them.

Written By James Allan | 6-20-2018

First of all, "Fox News Was Created By A "Libertarian Immigrant" for "Libertarian Republican Rinos" and this is as truthful as any truth can get. But as with all libertarians they are only concerned with profits so the dip shits they injected like "Bill O'Reilly" and "Megyn Kelly" just to name two for example out of many had to fool the Republican Party base whom reject libertarian ideology. "It Worked", Republicans were fooled and some still are. Now the "True Republican Base" has virtually "No Media" to speak of. We the "Tea Party" have Fox News to watch so Fox News needs to shape to us or face the fact that Fox News isn't shaped to our likes.

Over the past few years there's been a jostling of personalities around into time slots that the anchors at Fox News can have the greatest impact on ratings. At Fox News it's all about ratings and everything news worthy along with personality is fair game to gain maximum ratings. In media it's OK to be fired for "Who You Are" because who a person is attracts or deflects viewers and readers. Now that the Republican Party base is getting "Wise" to these "Libertarian Republican Rinos" so Fox News has put more "Tea Party Leaning" Anchors into prime spots to keep their ratings up. Ratings are cash and cash is king at Fox News. After the bashing Fox News took over Bill O'Reilly and Megyn Kelly I guess they feel they have had enough for now so they have some "Non Libertarian Delights (Political Outlook)" in prime time slots.

I just recently talked to a person who said their retired father sits around all day with CNN on then bitches all day about how much B.S. comes out of their anchors mouths. All I could say and my first thought is he must be one of those cranky persons whom need to grumble at something constantly to fulfill himself. My second thought is "All" the people that support the democrat party are people that need to listen to the lies CNN produces so they can go out in the world just to purposely be the "Monsters" in society they themselves want to be to fulfill themselves also for some reason.

All my life I was under the fact that people tuned into the news to see, "Fact And Truth" but now my lifelong self reality is shattered by the fact that a huge amount of people tune into their favorite news program to hear their ideology transmitted so they can go out into society to spew the "Monster Fantasies" that inhabit their feeble brain matter. A communist democrat psychologist would explain this behavior off as "Politically Correct". 

Actually what I just stated about people wanting to be Monsters in society describes the personalities that fully control the democrat political party at this time. "MONSTERS WITH MONEY". Sure, anyone in the U.S. has a chance at wealth or this used to be the case until the Monsters gained wealth and are now attempting to install communism so no others can gain any of the wealth and rob the communist democrats of all the power and wealth they have convinced each other is rightfully theirs. It appears the elected officials of the communist democrat party all are comprised of personalities that have some deep seeded desire just to be the "Monsters" of society.

Fox News has some anchor and contributor "Monsters" also that have outright claimed to be "Libertarian Republican Rinos" whom are of a righteous class above us little deplorable's whom are wrong for not accepting immigrants pouring across the open border they fight so hard to keep open with the communist democrats. These libertarian rinos helped wreck media in the U.S. by supporting "communist democrat issues" over the years and using the falsehood that they are conservative which brought the Republican Party to the eve of its destruction. Takes me back to Trey Gowdy and Sean Hannity, "They Talk Like Tea Party Republicans But Support Libertarian Rino Ideology That Is Destructive To U.S. Citizens By Promoting "Libertarian Republican Rinos In Their Media Apperances?". It's hard to understand how these two ran afoul.

Now these libertarian republican rinos are trying to protect illegal aliens and their children right along with the communist democrats. "NO", I don't want anything to happen to any of the immigrant children that are lead into the United States by their parents but I have to show rejection of their presence because the libertarian republican rinos are focusing in on keeping these children for "Future Cheap Labor" and the communist democrats want them for "Future Votes and To Keep Chain Migration Viable".

Both political entities are using these children as their last stand to keep the immigration flood gates open and a strong message has to be sent that "Unchecked Immigration Stops Here And Now". These immigrant children cannot in any way grow up thinking that what their parents did to them and put them through was and is, "Alright". Us "Tea Party Republicans" lead by Donald Trump only want immigration as a whole to be, "Solved In The Favor Of U.S. Citizens" and all these immigrant children returned along with their parents to their home countries safely. No way and no how can we let these children of immigrants legal and illegal be trained to think it was and is "Alright" to cross any U.S. border and say, "WE'RE HERE", now legalize us and give us jobs with benefits or we will have a tantrum with the U.S. communist democrats and libertarian republican rinos.

These libertarian republican rinos and communist democrats only see these immigrant children as the future gateway to "Open Borders And Amnesty" since many voters are catching on that all these immigrants were let into the U.S. for personal, business and political gain and "NOT" for the well being of U.S. Citizens, U.S. Citizens are waking up to the fact that immigrants are being used as the anchors chained to the legs of U.S. Citizens that keep U.S. Citizens down instead of what they are being told about immigrants raising U.S. Citizens up.

These libertarian republican rinos on Fox News are always trying to slip in some pitty lines for immigrants here and there thinking that they can make the predominately "Anti Immigrant Audience" of Fox News feel guilty about "Deporting" all the immigrants that are being used by U.S. politicians, business persons and ideologists for their own personal, political and business gains.

When you have a thought about the "Rino Talk" I'm writing about you must consider the fact that the "Libertarian Republican Rinos" are working with the "Communist Democrats" in certain areas. It's the only political scenario that makes absolute sense. The most apparent clue is many FBI agents calling themselves Republicans were protecting Hillary Clinton and the democrat party. These people protecting the democrat party are in fact the "Deep State" libertarian republican rinos who collude with the communist democrats.

If you don't think these "Deep State" libertarian republican rinos don't have operatives in the media you may want to, "Think Twice".

 On Fox News right now the mouthpieces for the libertarian republican rino movement are,

"Lisa Kennedy Montgomery (Kennedy)" who has a failed show on Fox Business Network but is used a lot as a fill in on the Fox News Network show, "OutNumbered" holds just as much fault as the communist democrats for the downfall of the U.S.. She is shameful spewing political pitty lines in favor of immigrants in a effort to keep a free flow of immigrants and is an embarrassment to the show "OutNumbered". If Fox News puts Kennedy as one of the two lead anchors for that show now that Sandra Smith has 3 of her own time slots to do I will attack that show viciously!

"Judge Andrew Napolitano", you know, the, "Deep State Operative Media Judge" that looks like the adorable "Eddie Munster" whom appears mostly now as a fill in on the Fox News Network show, "OutNumbered". He appears now and again on other shows but not so much now that he has shown he's one of those judges that, "Legislates Deep State Ideology From The Bench". Ol Judge Napolitano, "Openly Supports Immigrants Breaking U.S. Laws Along With Sanctuary Cities". He actually openly defends illegal aliens and he can deny it all he wants on air to save his worthless hide but to many people have heard him do it.


Old age surely makes ones youthful look disappear into a barely recognizable future 

You will see "Eddie Munster" on some Fox Shows as a contributor but mostly on the shows where the anchors are still in disbelief that Judge (Eddie Munster) Napolitano is a "Deep State" operative who are doing their best to steer thought without giving themselves up. A slight scratch between his legs and a verbal twitch of his lip used to show the nervousness he displayed as he mouthed the small verbal short one liner that may alter a viewers thought towards what the "Deep State" wants.

"Greg Gutfeld" This guy is a fuck'in bigger joke on himself than he is to the people that don't watch his show which is most people. Gutfeld had a good show called "Red Eye" in the midnight hour but after people found out Gutfeld was the result of a Butt Fck and not the Butt Fck itself they quit watching him. I guess Fox News was hard up to build a show on Saturday evening in the empty hour after Judge Jeanine so they decided to give Gutfeld that time slot. After Judge Jeanine's popular show there is an empty time slot that nobody watches because the viewers of Judge Jeanine go run off to do their Saturday night partying after Jeanine finishes up.

Greg Gutfeld hides himself in "Self Shame" filled world to protect himself from outside criticism that upsets his being. No matter how many verbal insults you toss at Greg Gutfeld his self shaming shield is always up and he makes your insult a joke about himself that protects his fragile conscious.

There's plenty of fill in's that would be much better than Gutfeld on the Fox Show, "The Five" but I guess the "Swamp Rat Dana Perino" needs some company so she got Gutfeld. Dana Perino is another one of those "Deep State" mongols whom works for immigrants. "The Five" is another Bastion of "Libertarian Republican Rino" swamp rats that needs some, "Adjustments". I'm not talking about Kimberly or Waters. Maybe train Sara Carter into, "The Five" and see how she does. "The Five" is two libertarian republican rinos and a flaming liberal democrat. I haven't heard any libertarian out of Kimberly, but Waters? He says he's not afraid of cuddling up with words of kindness and thoughts about "Helen Degenerate" because he's secure with himself. Makes me think that Kimberly is the only sane personality on "The Five".

Dana Perino

"Chris Wallace" WoW! on Sunday as your getting out of bed from sleeping in late after a busy week working for a boss that overloads you, you turn on Fox News Sunday with Chris Wallace and he has all the big names on. As you watch he quietly slips in "Never Donald Trump Messages" that you ignore because you are under the impression Chris Wallace is just being a tough reporter. "WRONG!". Chris Wallace is actually one of the "Never Trump Libertarian Republican Rinos" that runs along side of the communist democrat ideology. Many times I've heard him protecting the democrats in slimy messages under the guise of being a tough reporter. Chris Wallace is one of those "Deep State Operatives" working at Fox News. "YES", The "Deep State Has Operatives In The Media". 

Sanda Smith has moved on, Harris Faulkner is still a lead anchor on the "Out Numbered" show and hopefully she will stay there unless she gets a chance to dance on a higher rated show. The second lead anchor Harris should have is Melissa Frances. If the Fox News show, "Out Numbered" becomes a bastion of "Libertarian Republican Rinos" it will be put into the frying pan and burned. No Kidding! Harris Faulkner has her own show now so she won't be hurt. Melissa Frances has a show on Fox Business Network so she'll be alright also. Fox may have to replace Out Numbered or at least the bastion of libertarians and will be reminded that us "Tea  Partiers" Out Number Fox News.

There's a lot more Fox News libertarian Republican Rinos I'd like to scalp in this article but this article doesn't need to become a book. Us "Non Libertarian Tea Party Supporters" don't have any television media so we have to watch Fox News. Poor Fox News! having to shape themselves to a bunch of "Donald Trump Deplorables". Time for Fox News to lose somemore "Anti Donald Trump Libertarian Republican Rinos" trying to save "Immigrants" that are a boat anchor around the ankles of U.S. Citizens. 


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