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Monday, December 28, 2015

Hillary Clinton, "She And Bill Both Desire Relations With Women". A Politically Correct Unspoken Truth

Former mistress and current sex advice columnist Gennifer Flowers explained that Bill Clinton offered a characteristically unrefined critique of his wife’s extramarital exploits. “He said Hillary had eaten more pussy than he had,” Gennifer Flowers recalled.

The things that make us wonder what's going on in the house we cherish filled with family values. Well, what is suppose to be well hidden is slowly being shown in the limelight being cast upon it by reality. Is the clean and tidy way of the money above us being infiltrated by the wild urges that are not suppose to be in the house that we cherish to guide us to "Family Values" of cleanliness?

Gay men get married to hide their urges for the same dong nature gave them. Does anybody not believe women do not do the same to hide their urge to exercise their muscular tongues? Gay men and gay women do get married to the opposite sex to hide the birth defect of same sex activities that are opposite of what nature intended.

I myself have always been under the impression the Clinton's were a swing couple and as the years move from one to the next no sway in my thought of this has come to be. The justification of my thoughts about the swinger couple the Clintons are just becomes more and more stapled into reality especially when Huma Aberdin's husband Anthony Weiner swings his dong all over the internet like it's everybody's desire. My guess would be when the White House desires a man's muscle he has to show it off to the world as a valuable piece of government used equipment.

With all the electronic means of communication why is it necessary for Hillary Clinton to drag around her aid Huma Aberdin in the Scooby Doo van, on all vacations and government missions? Where ever Hillary goes Huma is there. Does Huma carry Hillary's luggage? Does Huma drive the Scooby Van? Does Huma apply Hillary's Betty Crocker Frosting makeup everyday? I bet Huma does answer phone calls for Hillary but still who the hell drags around their human answering machine with them. A personal secretary at the Clinton Foundation could take phone calls and relay them. Hillary Clinton dragging around Huma the Hillary aid just seems a bit more than the appearance.

With all the sexual escapades that have happened with the husbands of Hillary and Huma it just makes me wonder what Hillary and Huma are up too especially when I read articles and public speculation that Hillary does like the ladies as much as her husband Bill. Bill is always putting his muscle to any women that wants to feel the power of the democratic party and, "Hillary Isn't Humiliated About It?". If the marriage is on the rocks then it's just power and money that keep the two lumps looking at each other.

Gennifer Flowers did admit that Bill Clinton told her Hillary eats lots of pussy. At the time Gennifer Flowers said this the backlash against Bill Clinton in the late 1990's was going on for his womanizing. Gennifer Flowers was Bill Clintons hussy and got PO'd that Bill Clinton was going out with other hussy's at the same time he was making hey with her. Some men get a different women every night but ol Bill Clinton was walking out the door of doing one hussy and going into another door to do another hussy several times each day. Hillary didn't know about this? I think she did and all was fine because they both are a "Swinger Couple" where Hillary prefers to be the power with another women.

 I personally don't care what people do in their bedrooms but when a person reaches a position that they are making decisions that affect the lives of many normal law abiding good people be it in government or business that bedroom door is gong to get kicked "Wide Open". Our leaders that get kinky sexually always show their abnormal behavior in their decisions when it comes down to the reasons they hire and fire people that are truthful and hard working. Some employees and staff are off base and need to get fired but a lot of people are dismissed especially in government for being "Transparent" as the government should be.

I myself do expect and demand that the persons elected to make decisions for U.S. Citizens be upstanding and normal in the eye of the public.

Globe tabloid | 5-3-04 | Rafe Klinger
Posted on ‎4‎/‎22‎/‎2004‎ ‎7‎:‎43‎:‎58‎ ‎PM by doug from upland  The Free Republic

May 3, 2004

HILLARY CLINTON had a lesbian roommate in college—a girl from a politically powerful family—who opened the future first lady’s eyes to the ways of the world, reveal sources.

That woman is Eleanor “Eldie” Acheson, a lawyer and admitted lesbian who now is a liaison to the gay community for presidential candidate John Kerry and is still one of Hillary’s closest friends, say sources.

“Many of the girls discovered gay sex, booze and pot at Wellesley,” says a former college classmate of Hillary. “Eldie was one of the people that turned Hillary around completely. She opened her eyes to possibilities she had no idea existed.

”For years, Hillary has been dogged by gay rumors and allegations that her marriage to Bill is a sham. Sources even say she drove Bill into affairs with other women—which triggered scandals that nearly toppled his presidency.

Amazingly Hillary was a straight arrow and totally naïve about sex—gay or straight—when she arrived at super-preppie Wellesley College, a top school attended by girls from wealthy and powerful families. There, she met Eldie, a fiery rebel from a politically connected family.

“Hillary was from a very sheltered background,” says a Clinton insider. “When she first arrived at Wellesley she was a virgin and hadn’t a clue about sex. Hillary was so uptight, she wore her shirts buttoned to the neck and called adults ma’am and sir.

”Adds another insider, “She laughs about how totally naïve she was until she met Elde and the other girls.”

Hillary, who would rom with Eldie for four years, was very ambitious and dreamed of a political future, says sources. She was super-impressed with Eldie, who, as the granddaughter of President Harry Truman’s secretary of state Dean Acheson, was Washington royalty.

“As soon as Hillary met Eldie she was starry-eyed and smitten,” says another Clinton insider. “Eldie held the key to power and power was what Hillary craved more than life itself.”

“Eldie had grown up spending holidays at her grandfather’s estate on the Caribbean island of Antigua and at the Kennedy’s compound in Hyannis Port, Mass.“

Eldie was exactly the kind of person Hillary had come to prestigious Wellesley to meet. She had been bounced on the knees of presidents. For Hillary that access was a powerful aphrodisiac.

”She was also impressed by Eldie’s fearlessness and sophistication.

"And Eldie’s utterly carefree attitude blew Hillary away,” says the second insider. “Eldie was far more sophisticated than Hillary about the ways of the world, sex and just about everything else.”

Eldie became notorious at Wellesley for making an oral-sex joke about their graduation year, 1969, and for taking part in a shocking nude prank, according to the book Rebels in White Gloves by Miriam Horn about Hillary’s class at the school.

“A picture meant for the yearbook frontispiece was pulled at the last moment by the college administration,” says the book.“It featured the bare-bottomed figures of Eldie and (three) other girls standing atop their dorm room roof surveying the lush landscape.” The book also says oral-sex jokes were popular at the school and even part of their class cheers. But Eldie and the other girls had to explain them to the naïve Hillary, say sources.

Eldie also pressured the president of Wellesley, Ruth Adams, to let Hillary be the first student in the history of the school to deliver a speech at graduation. Hillary wound up in Life Magazine as a result and her career was launched.

Hillary returned the favor when Bill won the presidency and he appointed Eldie as assistant attorney general, say sources.

Since College, Hillary has become a champion of gay and lesbian rights, appearing at a gay Democrats rally in New York in 2000, where she gave lengthy speech.

According to the rumors, Hillary’s alleged lovers included a younger woman who often traveled with her, a popular TV and movie star, the daughter of a top government official and a stunning model who got a career boost after sleeping with Hillary.

A Washington insider says there were stories that Hillary used the presidential retreat at Camp David for romps with her gay friends during the Clinton White House years.

“A witness claimed he was making a night security round when he heard laughter and went to investigate,” says the insider. “He was shocked when he say Hillary and a brunette woman frolicking in the pool and quickly walked away.”It’s (the file) political dynamite,” says a sources. “Its very, very powerful stuff.”

Despite the rumors, Eldie has been Hillary’s most trusted friend since both women were teenagers and Hillary was a clueless virgin, say the sources.“Eldie is the person Hillary most trusts in the world,” says a source. “She taught Hillary about life when they were roommates.”

“They have as close a relationship as it’s possible to have. They finish each other’s sentences.”

Now Eldie has come out as a member of the GLBT party, which stands for Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual and Transgenders. She was recently elected as an openly gay member of the Democratic National Committee’s Platform Committee and will help draft gay-friendly policies to be presented at the party’s national nominating convention in Boston this July.

Hillary’s pal has signed on with the John Kerry campaign as a liaison to the gay community. “Hillary is very proud of Eldie,” said the insider. “They were activists and rebels back in college and Eldie is still proudly standing up for what she thinks is right 35 years later.”

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From "Western Journalism"

Former mistress and current sex advice columnist Gennifer Flowers recently sat down for an interview during which she revealed many insights into the Clinton clan. In addition to recounting her affair with a pre-presidential Bill Clinton, she candidly offered knowledge of Hillary’s sexuality.
Though rumors have long swirled regarding the 2016 presidential hopeful’s homosexuality, Flowers said her former lover confirmed those suspicions.

Saying she “never considered theirs a traditional marriage,” Flowers explained that Bill Clinton offered a characteristically unrefined critique of his wife’s extramarital exploits.
“He said Hillary had eaten more p***y than he had,” she recalled.

According to Flowers, rumors of a romantic relationship between Hillary and Huma Abedin was not surprising. Married to disgraced politician Anthony Weiner, Abedin also stood by her husband throughout a prolonged sex scandal.

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