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Wednesday, January 13, 2016

The Spoken LIes By Obama Written By Highly Skilled Manipulators Of Wording

The U.S. is now a nation of, "U.S. Citizens And NOT Immigrants". U.S. citizens must create an environment of "Less Access To Endless Labor" or U.S. Citizens will never prosper as they never have been able to due to engineered wages through immigration.

Obama is to much. Not even the libertarian republicans go this far in telling outright lies to twist thought although they come really close to being as bad as the communist democrats in creating thoughts of goodness that always end up in despair. The 2016 State Of The Union Address Obama gave was the best of lying to the public with a rosie outlook as can be done. Obama's "State Of The Union Address" in 2916 was nothing but well crafted lies mixed in with the best of his best campaign lines of the past spoken to get him elected in 2008.

The problem is Obama gave the exact same speeches when he was running for his first presidential term then painted the same picture of glory in his run for his second term. The only line Obama redacted was his glory line about "JOBS". The jobs line is all used up because the only jobs being produced are low paying jobs for, "ILLEGAL ALIENS".  When it came down to producing great paying jobs and results for U.S. citizens no glorious results were to be found. All that came to be from Obama is millions more illegal aliens, higher consumer prices, a larger federal taxpayer debt and less income for U.S. citizens. Obama is using "Nice" to install communism and indoctrinate a free nation into the communist way of government. Everyone is poor and earns less no matter if that person has skills or no skills. That's why Russia and china depend on stealing technology from the U.S.. Russia and China don't have the skilled talent developed to create their own advanced technology because of communist suppression of its people and the government pick and chose way of who gets what and when.

The fact of the matter is Obama and his communist democrats are trying to create part time jobs so people can keep up on their bills with no expendable income left. All the expendable income people used to have hasn't all faded away yet but in the advancing years the expendable incomes once enjoyed by most that got off their asses and worked then managed their money well will evaporate away as the middle class are forced into economic slavery. Slavery through reduced incomes for all that exist and are not chosen by the chosen ones to rise above into the few that are away from the many. Slavery isn't always a physical body in chains forced to labor but can be and now is the pay for work that just gets you enough cash to pay your bills with nothing left for enjoyment. Obama mentioned his so called "New Economy" in his "State Of The Union Speech" and this "New Economy" is exactly what I am writing about here, "ECONOMIC SLAVERY" and a communist government that picks and choses instead of the citizens the government no longer serves.

If your looking for a pay raise to keep up with the ever growing costs being created by the bosses that won't give you a pay raise then look to the streets and see the ever growing number of illegal aliens in the U.S. that are ready to fill your job and take whatever pay your boss decides they need when you get upset and quit.

The communist democrats always play up line about getting rid of the illegal aliens is heartless but this is just a ploy to keep wages suppressed and move people into a box of economic slavery aided by the greed of our elitist libertarian rino republicans who create "Free Trade Deals" only to sell corn so their illegal alien work force can be maintained. The communist democrats are not the completed picture but when you add in the libertarian business communists in the republican party the picture does complete itself and the battle scene between the communist democrats and libertarian business communists reveals itself. The "HUGE" fight that's going on for control of the United States to be "Business Communists" by the libertarians or "Government Communist" by the democrats has been going on for decades and us U.S. citizens always lose. Libertarian business communists and democrat government communists both want open borders and massive immigration with the only difference being a small government or large government to control us "Dumbfcks" that have no idea.  

Obama and his communist crew pulled out all the stops in the 2016 "State Of The Union Address". The persons chosen to write his speech really put his words together in lie's that will move mountains with the tears of emotions towards the true cause that's not spoken of outside closed doors and the most toughest of heart strings will be pulled to feel the pain of not having another democrat in the White House in 2017.

The U.S. is now a nation of, "U.S. Citizens And NOT Immigrants". U.S. citizens must create an environment of "Less Access To Endless Labor" or U.S. Citizens will never prosper. Business will be forced to pay higher wages to retain the labor needed to produce profits for the business owners. Never let business or government convince you there's a "Labor Shortage" because that's just code for increasing profits through lower wages which makes business owners richer and U.S. citizens poorer. U.S. citizens are better controlled when wages are lower by an labor rich environment wanted by both the battling "libertarian business communists" and the "democrat government communists".

In closing the two most biggest blows us U.S. citizens can produce to destroy the war between the "libertarian business communists" and the "democrat government communists" is to vote out all of them and get rid of the illegal aliens. Any politician that has ever spoken words of letting illegal aliens stay in the U.S. must be removed from government. Their replacements must be vetted so we do not get more of the same.

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