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Wednesday, April 26, 2017

3 Muslim ISIS Fighers Killed By Pigs. Pigs Win Major Battle In War On Terror

Image: Report: Wild Boars Kill 3 ISIS Militants in Iraq

Brave Pigs Take Out 3 Muslims And Seriously Wound Many Others In Epic Battle

Written By James Allan | 4-26-2017

The Battle Of Kirkuk Boars 
The True Story Of Bacon Attacking As Stated By Witnesses Of The Battle As Reported By Fox News

In our moments of fighting muslim terrorism brave pigs (wild boars) hear Donald Trumps message of hope to free their homeland of the ISIS menace and join the fight. A heard of wild boars put on their battle faces and converge on an ISIS battle position set up to ambush their allies whom respect their pig race. Just goes to show racism against pigs is live and well.

The pigs charged on the muslim position with vigor in strategic moves that caught the ISIS fighters by surprise. The overwhelmed muslims were taken down just like a "Trump Bomb" screaming from the sky and destroying all in its blast range. The pigs showed no fear as the fear was flowing from the muslims crying eyes and pounding hearts. 

The pig losses were none as the victorious winners of the battle that ended with a vast ISIS battle group running away from the fight like little sobbing girls in pink tutus. The pigs munched out on the remains of the 3 dead and filled their bellies with fresh bloody muslim meat. The wounded muslims found their way off the battle field knowing that if they stayed they were next on the pigs menu.   

Report: Wild Boars Kill 3 ISIS Militants in Iraq

Newsmax ArticleTuesday, 25 Apr 2017 06:14 PM

Three Islamic State (ISIS) militants reportedly have died as a result of an attack by wild boars in Iraq, according to an English-language website that reports news from the country.

According to the report by Alsumaria News, a group of wild boars went on a rampage near farmland in the al-Rashad area, about 30 miles south of Kirkuk.
"Daesh [Islamic State] militants took revenge at the pigs that attacked the farmland," a source told Alsumaria News, though the method of revenge was not given.
ISIS has held control of the area since it proclaimed a caliphate in areas of Iraq and Syria in 2014. It has regularly executed civilians it accuses of collaborating with Iraqi security forces or with trying to flee to sanctuary sites.

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