"Tea Party", A Spinoff Political Entity In The Republican Party Of Ross Perot's 1990's Reform Party

Thursday, September 3, 2015

The True Tea Party History And Growth From Protests To A Republican Party Political Wing

We Are Not Ideology Libertarian You! We Are Realistic Tea Party Us

Written By James Allan (AKA Hat In Ring) | 9-3-2015

Ross Perots Reform party people of the mide 1990's are now the now "Tea Party". TheTea Party never had libertarian roots as has been pushed or stance on libertarian issues. Ross Perot's old Reform Party still exists but most reform party members are under the Tea Party banner now because the Reform Party runs third party candidates and the Tea Party doesn't want to split votes because of major losses incurred. 

Even though Ross Perot was the sole original founder of the Reform Party that is the now Tea Party Donald Trump was a Reform Party presidential candidate in the last years before the Reform Party died out. Donald Trump can now be deemed as one of the secondary founders of the defunct Reform Party and maybe even a seen founder of the now Tea Party.

During the 1990's the reform party was losing to many elections to the democrats when they were running third party candidates splitting the vote so republican conservatives went back to the republican party until Sean Hannity and Lou Dobbs got the conservative republican based fired up over Obama's socialism. The "Reform Party" addicts got out and started protesting and the now "Tea Party" was born. The libertarians had nothing to do with creating the Tea Party and as stated the Tea Party has absolutely "No" roots within or from the libertarian party.

The Reform Party has always been against open borders and amnesty for illegal aliens along with all the other issues the Tea Party supports now. The now Tea Party just wants common sense, logical and realistic laws enacted under the United States Constitution that benefits all U.S. Citizen wealth not associated with corporations and government.

The universal meaning of the Tea Party is "Taxed Enough Already". The reason why the word "Tea" stuck is it's an acronym for being over taxed which communism/socialism is always all about.  

The first protests were just small protests on street corners, parks and overpasses in response to Fox News's Sean Hannity and CNN's Lou Dobbs framing Barack Obama in July 2007 as a "Socialist" and this was because of his well known affiliation with communist minded personalities including Barack Obama's own family. Barack Obama's mother and father were both communists and followed the muslim religious faith. All of Ross Perot's political sec knew higher taxes were on their way and played out as true during both terms of Barack Obama's presidency. 

It was mentioned by Lou Dobbs and Sean Hannity much of the time in their broadcasts that Barack Obama had every intention of raising taxes and creating a huge socialist government that would reign over free U.S. citizens with mountains of regulations and out of control government spending that sparked little anti socialist protests across the U.S.. 

When these small protests first began there was no so called, "Tea Party Group". These protests did not have a name put to them and were just considered little bands of outraged U.S. citizens upset at what they saw coming politically. At this time Obamacare (AKA The Affordable Care Act) was not heard of and didn't come into play until after Barack Obama had taken office in 2009. 

Shortly after the unorganized spontaneous reaction protests against Barack Obama began sparked by Lou Dobbs and Sean Hannity, Ron Paul and his band of libertarians unjustly started claiming these protests were their long time dreamed "Tea Party" protests come to life. 

Back in the 1980's Ron Paul tried to get protests going and called his organized dream protests "Tea Party". Ron Paul's dream protests "Failed" big time. When the unorganized spontaneous reaction protests started that were sparked by Sean Hannity and Lou Dobbs's commentary reports, Ron Paul jumped in to the mix on CNN and started broadcasting over the media that these protests were his so called dream "Tea Party" protests that had failed in the 1980's come to life, but in reality they were not Ron Pauls Tea Party protests because Ron Paul and his band of libertarians had absolutely nothing to do with organizing and planning any of the protests that were sparked by Sean Hannity and Lou Dobb's reports on Barack Obama and his ties to know communists. 

The name "Tea Party" did stick though because CNN was broadcasting Ron Pauls rants and backed a libertarian organization built for the Ron Paul libertarians, "A Year Or So After The Protests Had Begun" and called it, "The Tea Party Express". The Tea Party Express was founded by a couple of libertarians that had infiltrated the republican party and along with Ron Paul and CNN decided they were going to get into the mix of protests and claim these protests as Ron Pauls dreamed of "Tea Party" protests which is nothing but phonyism and fraud.

It is well known now that the libertarians infiltrated the republican party in high numbers to gain political prominence over the decades due to the fact that most people reject the libertarian party and the libertarian stance on issues. The libertarians just like the now known communist democrats use infiltration tactics and lie openly whenever they can to overtake and destroy opposition political party's. What also is a fact about the libertarians is they are also trying to infiltrate the democratic party and take control over both political party's. The problem with the libertarian infiltration of the democratic party is the communist democrats are kicking out all the so called, "Blue Dog Democrats" and other democrats that don't adhere to the communist way. The libertarians are having a tough go getting entrenched in the democratic party and carry out their takeover plans of the U.S political system. 

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The word "Tea Party" that the protesters were being called after Ron Paul's libertarian phonyism tried to lay claim to that he and his cronies had nothing to do with starting comes from the historically known "Boston Tea Party" of 1776. The word "TEA" was made into an acronym to mean "Taxed Enough Already". High taxes that were coming with socialism fit the word "TEA" so it was to be a new acronym was born. 

The use of the words, "Tea Party" have been used in reenactment ceremonies throughout U.S. history by all kinds of people to state their dissatisfaction with the U.S. government. Ron Paul and the libertarians laying claim to an uprising protest sparked by two T.V. political commentators just because Ron Paul tried to engineer some protests decades ago and named his engineered protests, "Tea Party" is nothing but a warped joke being played on U.S. citizens.

"Taxed Enough Already" was excepted by the Tea Party protesters and became the motto and battle cry in the first year of the Tea Party in late October 2008 long after the original protests took place over a year earlier in mid 2007. The Tea Party protests started to become larger and louder as the democratic controlled main stream media started to bad mouth the protests and whenever Obama would open his mouth. The Tea Party protests after they got large enough were refereed to as a "movement" by either the media or government and that stuck. The then "Tea Party Movement" was born at the end of 2008.

Evolving Into What U.S. Citizens Want And Not Into A Mindset Of Delusion 

The problem with the Tea Party at this time are a large chunk of the Tea Party followers still are under the impression the Tea Party is still a movement that is only taking up the issue of Barack Obama's "Raising taxes", "Fiscal Responsibility", "Small Government" and "The U.S. Constitution". They will not advance into other issues and want to hold the Tea Party to a "Movement" status because a few democrats and followers of other political parties showed up at the protests and rallies.  

The 4 core principles the non Tea Party libertarians want the Tea Party to unite all the other political party's under in the Tea Party is a complete "BUST". These 4 principles are, "Raising taxes", "Fiscal Responsibility", "Small Government" and "The U.S. Constitution". The libertarians are solely united to end all political parties except for their's and create a "One Party System". If you ever heard the word, "Duopoly" it means two parties and comes from the libertarians who want to do away with the duopoly.

The old Ross Perot conservative base of the Republican Party absolutely refuse to accept that these 4 principles are going to be the only guiding light for them and reject the ideology of the other political party's being crammed down their throats. The old Ross Perot protesters have moved on to oppose all the ideologies these few rogue libertarians and false leaders think that they are going to unite all the political parties under. 

The Tea Party Core Principles of "Low Taxes", "Small Government", Fiscal Responsibility" and "The U.S. Constitution" still apply and are used by the true Ross Perot Tea Party body to guide the main body of the Tea Party but bringing in other political party ideology and sticking to just these 4 main core principles alone without getting into the muck and mud of all the issues just to satisfy other political party ideology that is imported into the Tea Party is flat out, "REJECTED"

These few libertarian false Tea Party group leaders and cheerleaders that think the Tea Party is just about and going to stick with these 4 core principles need a kick in the ass. The non libertarian Ross Perot Tea Party needs to advance so we can be fully engaged in creating some future glory days engaging in all political issues.

It's the Libertarians And Democrats Turn To Be In The Box

The fact of the matter is the Tea Party protesters in the beginning were 100% the ultra conservative Ross Perot republican base.

The large false libertarian groups like the Fake "Tea Party Patriots" absolutely did not endorse any candidates or get involved with any of the issues that go beyond the 4 core principles they think they set for "All Of Us" Tea Partiers until the 2016 presidential election where they supported their libertarian candidate Ted Cruz. 

Freedom Works (Freedom Connector) and Tea Party Community web sites and groups are not "Tea Party" and >>> are "FaKE Tea Party Groups Run By Libertarians" just to collect donations and claim ownership of the Tea Party through phonyism. 

All the wins the now Tea Party have acquired are not due to these false Tea Party groups or libertarians that refuse to grow away from just supporting the first 4 core principles that were taken up by the libertarian to unite all political parties. They will not support and promote any candidates or push to get capitalism updated even though they now appear to be supporting candidates now that are libertarian.

It is of my understanding the "Libertarians" have set the core principles for all of the Tea Party to abide by and do their best to keep the Tea Party trained into not speaking outside of these core principles they have set just for the main purpose of keeping non libertarian republicans from going against the libertarian stance on all of the issues. Also in the libertarian game plan is to do as much infiltration into the republican party as they can possibly do to alter opinion and get their candidates elected by underhanded means. 

I'm under the realization that the libertarians don't want the democrats to win elections but want to control and steer the republican vote to libertarian candidates infiltrating the republican party as "Rand Paul" has done. The Libertarians also are doing this same exact thing to the democratic party and have had people elected into the democratic party until the communist democrats got rid of them so the whole democrat party can be of one mind. The only problem the libertarians have with the democratic party is the democratic party is now communist and the communists kick out everyone that doesn't have the same mindset.

It's absolutely ludicrous that some of the Tea Party stays away from digging into issues that are not part of the first 4 core Tea Party principles then stay away from developing and supporting good Tea Party candidates because the libertarians claim that the Tea Party is theirs. 

The Tea Party main base doesn't support amnesty and illegal immigrants but the libertarians do support amnesty for illegal aliens and because of this libertarian support for amnesty the higher up or more prominent Tea Party groups and members stay away from any open support for any laws that will get rid of the illegal aliens and close the border

This is totally "INSANE" that the real Ross Perot Tea Party republican base is fighting with all they have to fight with and the fake Tea Party groups and followers set the narrative for the real Ross Perot Tea Party base because the are libertarians. The libertarian party is, "Third Party". The only things the ultra conservative republican Ross Perot Tea Party base and the libertarians agree upon is, "Low Taxes", "Small Government". The libertarians have a different read on the U.S. constitution a lot of the time. On all the other issues that don't have anything to do with low taxes and small government the "LIBERTARIANS SUPPORT DEMOCRATIC SOCIAL ISSUES AND VOTE WITH THE DEMOCRATS" because there are "Libertarian democrats.

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These higher up and more prominent fake Tea Party groups because of some "Warped" ideology about all the political party's uniting under one Tea Party banner to support 4 core principles is just totally "Screwing Over The Ultra Conservative Ross Perot Republican Base" that makes up 95% of the Tea Party. The other 5% of the Tea Party are these more prominent fake Tea Party groups that have tons of cash and can speak louder in the media.

The Tea Party Patriots have thousands of libertarians in their group base that call themselves Tea Partiers but the fact of the matter is these libertarians are just run of the mill infiltrators that attack the ultra conservative Ross Perot/Donald Trump republican Tea Party base whenever the ultra conservative republican Tea Party base say something that the libertarians don't like. 

It's because of poor management that the Tea Party Patriots have slid in popularity and you may hear that the Tea Party Patriots are the biggest Tea Party group but "They Are Not" and most Tea Partiers don't bother with them anymore and go somewhere else. Tea Partiers never cancel their accounts on web sites so most web sites that are presumed to have large Tea Party memberships do not. 

Facebook appears to be "Tea Party Central" right now way over all of the specific Tea Party web sites. Until these larger specific Tea Party groups and web sites start kicking the libertarians to the side of the road, "THEY WILL REMAIN INEFFECTIVE" and will never be Tea Party spearheads in any fights the Tea Party has to wage against anti constitutional forces. 

In fact these Tea Party groups and web sites are nothing but a drag and need to be boycotted by the true ultra conservative Ross Perot Republican Tea Party base. These well known "Fake" Tea Party groups and individuals just collect money to pay for themselves. In fact I just read and article that stated most of the money that was donated to support the Tea Party candidate Bevin in Kentucky to beat Mitch McConnell was spent on "High Salaries" to Bevin's handlers and to some political image business. Very little of this contributed cash went to get Bevin elected.   

The Tea Party is an American political wing/entity of the republican party that supports the United States Constitution, adherence to the original interpretation of the United States Constitution as written, reduced government spending, reducing taxes, and reduction of the national debt and federal budget deficit. The Tea Party is generally considered to be conservative, libertarian but this is a falsehood, "The Tea Party Is The Ross Perot/Donald Trump Ultra Conservative Wing Of The Republican Party" because libertarian ideologies don't mix inside or outside of any political party. 

Libertarians cannot be conservative as they would like people to believe when they support democrat social issues, open borders and amnesty, end of the two party political system and no government assisted means.   

The Ross Perot/Donald Trump Tea Party has been protesting and supported political candidates since 2007 even though the larger more prominent fake Tea Party groups and followers stay away from most issues outside their set boundary's and never support any political candidates especially if the candidates are in fact Ross Perot conservatives like Donald Trump.

The Tea Party can and will win more elections once a change in direction is achieved and the correct people get put into a place of guidance and inform the Tea Party with accurate information. The Tea Party is correct on most of the issues but without the correct people in places of guidance the true positions the Tea Party should be taking stands on get swept under the rug by politicians and Tea Party leaders with alternative motives.

Other Tea Party principles/issues that have been added by the Ross Perot/Donald Trump Tea Party are: Free Markets, Healthcare, Returning authority to the voters, Immigration, Business opportunities, Wages and Employment issues, Environmental Issues, Animals, Military and everything else you can possibly think of.