"Tea Party", A Spinoff Political Entity In The Republican Party Of Ross Perot's 1990's Reform Party

List Of Presently Known U.S. Citizens Killed By Illegal Aliens

Could I Have Solved This All Time Mystery Though Questions I Had?
I'm Sure You Will Be Taken In And Surprised While Your Not Surprised At Who I Personally Feel Killed "Elizabeth Short"

About "Hat In Ring"

Opinion Related To Realism & Plans That Favor U.S. Citizens Over The Government, Business Entities & Immigrants. Improving Infrastructure while protecting animals and the environment

Hat In Ring is 100% Tea Party and joins in with other non libertarian Tea Party members and groups to expose bad elected representatives and other political parties that try to steer the U.S. away from what's real and what works to provide U.S. citizens with the ways and means to live their lives in a way that's enjoyable to them without causing harm to themselves or others.

Capitalism isn't perfect but no other political system is better. Because of misinformation about politicians being spread around to politically uneducated U.S. citizens by idiology minded media the U.S. Capitalistic system hasn't ever been improved with realistic plans. The politicians in elected office at this time are incapable of developing realistic economic plans for the U.S. along with half of congress occupied by idiologists that are communist minded consumed with government over the prosperity of U.S. citizens and promising a better way they can never deliver to get to their communist government.

Hat In Ring will help expose these bad elected government representatives and political parties and Hat In Ring will help create base economic plans that keep the Capitalistic economic system intact and are improvements. "Government cannot create jobs but government is the vehicle to create an economic enviroment that lets U.S. citizens prosper and create their own jobs and jobs for others".

Government and business "Do Not Create Jobs". U.S. citizens create jobs by creating businesses when government and business does not cut off and gouge U.S. citizen wealth with high taxes, fees and consumer costs.

HAT IN RING: This is an idiom that comes from the 1800s, from the sport of boxing. In the old days, you announced you wanted to challenge somebody to a fight by throwing your hat into the boxing ring. Later, the expression got taken up by politicians (wearing hats was very common for men in politics in those days), to signify that you were ready to run for office.

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