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Tuesday, December 22, 2015

The True Polling Numbers Of The Top Rated Presidential Candidates Revealed

The True Presidential Poll Numbers Above Is A "Donald Trump Rally" In A Sports Stadium With People Standing Outside Just To Be At The Stadium He Is Speaking In

The True Presidential Polling Numbers For Ted Cruz Are Sitting In This High School Auditorium With All Ted Cruz Supporters Being Able To Get Seated Inside

If you ever wondered about the truest of true polling numbers for each presidential candidate you just have to look at their "Rally Turnout" numbers and if they all can be seated inside the size of the room the rally is being held in.

The media always uses polling that poll by phone or the internet and the numbers given by these polling means don't always match up and articulate with each candidates turnout at individual rallies. The swings in the polls are so wide at times you only can come to the conclusion of foul play by the self proclaimed anti U.S. citizen higher ups with their control agendas. For the real polling numbers you just have to look at the candidates rally attendance to find the truth. These polling numbers by Fox News, CNN, Wall Street Journal/NBC and Real Clear Politics and others are bunk until they get called out on them. These polling numbers given by the media are more accurate in a one on one matchup but the accuracy margin can be 7 to 10 points off at any given time. "True".

A Jeb Bush rally is just 10 of his paid staffers sitting in a circle of chairs with Jeb in the middle of them. Then another staffer takes a picture that doesn't pan out over the whole room. The Ted Cruz presidential announcement rally at a Texas College was in a stadium where "All" the students at the college were forced into a mandatory attendance by the college administrators. Marco Rubio is always show in pictures of scheduled libertarian party rallies where the attendance is much greater than if he was holding a rally for just himself. ETC........... for the other candidates.

Hillary Clinton rallies? She does rallies! I guess she gets enough donations to pay the bused in union protestors the $15.00 dollars an hour they demand. Bernie sanders just does rallies in heavy communist ridden cities. Want to know where the communist are? Just follow Bernie Sanders around to his rallies.

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