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Wednesday, May 9, 2018

Mitch McConnell And Dana (Swamp Rat) Perino Plot On Fox News To Claim Credit For Past Election Wins Over The Republican Party Base

Dana Perino

This plan to claim all the Victories of the "Non Libertarian Republican Tea Party Base" is outrageous and will be met with "Fury"!"

Written By James Allan | 5-9-2018

I was watching (Swamp Rat) Perino's Fox News show today and yes, I was stunned when I heard Mitch McConnell and Dana (Swamp Rat) Perino putting in motion on a Fox News show the historical narrative about how the "Libertarian Rino" Republicans won the 2010 midterm, 2012, 2014 and 2016 congressional elections that made the present Republican congressional majority and are the ones that are turning the Republican Party around. The now, non libertarian Republican "Tea Party" base gets "NO" credit at all. We are completely being shut out in the first salvo by the "libertarian republican rinos". This play by the "libertarian republican rinos" is unacceptable!

They would have a hard time taking credit from Donald Trump and are going to portray themselves as the motor that made Donald Trump successful. These "libertarian republican rinos" are really going to try to save themselves by setting the public image that they opened the door to all the Republican Party successes by planting the notion that they were the ones that picked all the candidates that could win instead of us, "The Non Libertarian Tea Party Base" vetting the candidates before we supported them. Their plan is pushing a needle in really slow so the pain can't be felt by the "Non Libertarian Republican Tea Party Base".

When the "Tea Party" was first holding Rallies and forming these "Libertarian Rinos" tried to claim it as their own and almost succeeded in doing so. This takeover attempt of past "Tea Party" victories isn't the first time they have tried this stunt. I started researching it and writing articles debunking their claim years ago and people are starting to at least listen and take it that this may be true. My research shows the now "Tea Party" was a direct descendant of "Ross Perots" 1995 "Reform Party Movement" and the libertarians have absolutely no claim to being the founders of the "Tea Party".

The True History And Growth Of The Now Tea Party

No matter how bad the West Virginia senate candidate "Blankenship" was, "Blankenship" was correct about Mitch McConnell and was going to fight against the "libertarian republican rino" swamp. Mitch McConnell put this poster below out right after the West Virginia election was over celebrating his glorious win over Don Blankenship but instead just showed how lame he really is. Of course I know what this poster is portraying and if you see it as Mitch McConnell in an explosion of cocaine it's in very bad taste and shows Mitch McConnell endorsing the "Cocaine" that was on his "Ship".

Blankenship was "Not" a desirable candidate for an election against a popular communist democrat candidate but he surely was more "Team Us And Trump" than Morrissy and Jenkins. Morrissy won and may stay with Trump for awhile but eventually as the years go by he will break and go with his "Rino" buddies who will claim it was because of them that he was elected.

I had a hard time putting myself in a place to see this poster as a "United States Senator In A Pile Of Cocaine" so I wondered what the hell Mitch McConnell was thinking when he made this poster? Then the thought hit me, "Mitch McConnell Is A Sperm In The Middle Of A Mans Sexual Ejection". What the hell is anyone suppose to think? It's either "Cocaine" or a "Mans Sexual Ejection"? Either one just shows that Mitch McConnell needs to go the way of John Boehner and "BE GONE!" out of government for good.

 Mitch McConnell the sperm man 
 "Mitch McConnell Is A Sperm In The Middle Of A Mans Sexual Ejection"

This Dana (Swamp Rat) Perino is a piece of work by the Bush administration. Of course we all know now that "None" of the Bush family supported or voted for Donald Trump and now have to hide under a rock. Dana (Swamp Rat) Perino needs to go hide under a rock because she's a "Holier Than Thou Better Than You" "George W. Bush Rino" plotting and scheming with her past congressional relationship rino buddies to put us "Non Libertarian Republican Tea Party Base" back in our box where they think we belong.

Some of these Fox News anchors and so called, "Contributors" are all looking for a plan to plot against us with. "True". Fox calls themselves "Diversified" in opinion and coverage but in reality with all the communist democrats and libertarians they host all they have is "Truth" by "Tea Party" leaning anchors and "LIES" by communist democrat contributors. All the "Libertarian Republican Rino" anchors do is "Recite" the U.S. Constitution they intrepid into their own meaning just like the communist democrats do and "Twist Preach" the things we want to hear so they can get elected and followed by unsuspecting voters. 

I'm always banging away at the "Libertarian Republican Party Rino Swamp Rats" and I would have let this go by with the Don Blankenship thing but Mitch McConnell and Dana Perino revealing their plan to lay claim to all the "VICTORIES" of the "Non Libertarian Republican Tea Party Base" is unacceptable and will not be tolerated. I only have a few things I bang away at in which one is "Open Borders And Amnesty" the "libertarian republican rinos" support that keeps me typing mean thoughts about these "libertarian republican rinos". This plan to claim all the Victories of the "Non Libertarian Republican Tea Party Base" is outrageous and will be met with "Fury"!"  

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