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Friday, April 29, 2016

Desert Dry Mouth A Condition Hopefully Not Coming Your Way

The Affects Of Desert Dry Mouth

Written By Tea Party Main Street
 | 2-28-2016

Another problem caused by an out of control "Vagus Nerve" condition is your teeth become a mess. What happens is the "Vagus Nerve" controls the saliva in your mouth and when you saliva glands stop producing your teeth get fragile and start to crack and crumble. A lifetime of dentists drilling your teeth makes your teeth crumble even faster since the drilling creates micro cracks. You put caps on your teeth to help but once the "Vagus Nerve" goes sour your teeth will still crumble under the caps. You can tell when your about to have problems with the "Vagus Nerve" when you start waking up with gummy mouth and/or start having serious bouts with dry mouth. Bad for your teeth especially if you are eating a high acid diet. Saliva neutralizes the acid on your teeth and when your saliva glands stop producing the alkaline to neutralize the acid your teeth are screwed.

The damage. Gums recessing, black deposits forming, chipping and large chunks of teeth breaking off.

To late for me. My mouth started going dry a few years before my "Vagus Nerve" totally went out of control when I started waking up with gummy mouth. My mouth went extremely dry due to my "Vagus Nerve" and because I was concentrating on medical issues created by out of control "Vagus Nerve" problems with everything in my chest and torso I didn't take note that the minor tooth problems I was having was major damage happening. I started freaking out when the teeth underneath my caps started collapsing. Bad News!

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