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Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Ted Cruz Wins The 2016 Republican Nomination For President Of The United States Without Winning

The numbers used in the poster are just a representation of the way the nomination numbers are going at this time. Actual numbers won't be known until the nomination process is completed.

Ted Cruz at this time has absolutely "NO" chance of winning the 2016 nomination for president of the United States through "Voter" choice. I myself would vote for Ted Cruz in the general election against the democrats if he had won the most states and most votes but he has no chance of that happening and if Donald Trump has his win stolen from him by the GOP then Ted Cruz will lose in the general election. If we cannot fight the democrats through the peoples choice for president of the United States then we will fight the GOP establishment libertarian republicans.

If the Republican Party bosses get away with tossing out the voter choice for the nomination in 2016 the stomping out of U.S. citizens choice will never end. This atrocity of "Brokered" and "Contested" conventions has to end now or we the people will "Never" be a society where we are free and gain financial wealth without kissing the butts of our controlling masters.

The United States as we now stand "IS NOT A REPUBLIC" as our founders meant the United States to be and the United States has never be a Republic since one of the early elections. Between the democrats and republican parties the United States has always been in some form of "Communism". Hell, the United States isn't even a democracy. The democrats stand on "Socialism" which is a stepping stone to the true communism they desire. The republicans are full in controlling through "Business Communism" which is business controlling what laws are enacted.

Some persons will say that "Communism" is where the government owns the land, businesses and financial institutions but in reality communism is, "A Group Of Dictators Banded Together" whom control the citizens and all public entities over the will of the people. The United States has been under the control of some form of communism for decades upon decades. It's time for us to smell out all the controls the republican business communists use to keep us in our slavery to them and kill it. Then we can go after the democrats unless they do that themselves.

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