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Tuesday, September 13, 2016

The Galoof's We Elect And Their Ugly Thoughts Against Deplorables Who Know Galoof's Lie


The Ugly Thoughts Of The Galoofs Hillary Clinton And Barack Obama

Written By The "Deplorable" James Allan | 9-14-2016

The galoof walked among us and nobody knew. A galoof is known for being clumsy and awkward in physical output and thoughts but this galoof was not seen as a physical mess but instead as a well mannered person with good speech. Who could have or would have known the visions of this person with his spoken words of wisdom would be a galoof? His visions though his speech were not his true visions that are really visions of ugliness and were only known to himself and his circle of galoofs he always seeks out. He didn't go outside the places where people gathered who were of common thoughts with him. He was well graced for public life but had to keep his ugly thoughts hidden from those who accepted his public appearance at face value.

As the galoof started his journey outside his circle of ugly thought he claimed his spot of lawmaking in the halls of the few that create laws inside an area of the confined space of many smaller areas. 

After some time had passed the galoofs journey was to continue to the great halls that create the laws of the areas that contained all the smaller areas within the confined borders of everyone. 

The galoof was so successful at hiding his ugly thoughts before his term was completed in the great halls of lawmaking he put himself up to be the sitting single leader in power of the greater good over everyone, "that wanted a leader that wasn't a galoof with ugly thoughts".

So as it was to be the galoof became the single sitting leader in power of all subjects in the confined area of many smaller areas. The population was warned that they were going to elect a galoof with ugly thoughts before the galoof was elected but they would not all believe this well mannered smooth talker was a galoof. Not enough of the population listened to the warnings and the galoof was successful twice in his bid to be the single sitting leader in power over all subjects in the confined area of all smaller areas.

Now after 8 years of the galoof the population that elected the galoof is becoming aware that he is indeed the galoof they did not bargain for nor want. The way that would lead the population to the means they were looking to have never was realized. The population was so in wanting of someone to do for them they overlooked and never saw that they were under the influence of swarms of galoofs that speak the words wanted to be heard by the population but only make delight for themselves through the ugly thoughts that are unwanted by the population.

As the population starts to listen and learn they find themselves under the partial rule of many galoofs that are pushing another popular galoof with ugly thoughts that is disguised by flowing words of promises that they long to hear. Will the new galoof that wants to replace the old galoof shower down on the population the way to the means that are of want by the population under the new galoofs rule?

The new galoof instead, before the election announced that all who oppose her, will be positioned as, "Deplorable" and put under the foot of her after she reigns. The voters of her political party who decide she doesn't reflect them and support the opposite political party will be positioned as, "Deplorable" also and cast under her foot as unworthy to serve her as a subject. All persons deemed and positioned to be "Deplorable" will be replaced by the incoming being brought in from outside of the confined borders of everyone that is under her reign.

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