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Monday, September 12, 2016

Is Hillary Clinton Getting Botox Poisoning And Lying About It? Did She Have A Face Lift In Her Home?


It's Not About Her Aging Physical Appearance, It's About Her Lying

Written By James Allan | 9-12-2016

Hillary Clinton gets rushed away from the 9/11 ceremony for "Pneumonia"? I don't think so! I myself am becoming under the impression she is suffering from, "Botox" poisoning to keep her "FACE FROM FALLING". Sure looks to be the case!
A book written by "Edward Klein" claims Hillary Clinton set up a treatment room in her home and hired a plastic surgeon to do the job on her. Of course Hillary Clinton's handlers will always say this is wrong but with the recent medical problems Hillary has been having Edward Klein's claims are becoming more believable. With enough cash you can get anybody to say anything or do anything.

New York Post Article: Hillary Clinton's Secret Face-lift

It's all over the news with a video showing Hillary Clinton being carried away from the 9/11 event on 9-11-2016 that she was attending. Later on her so called doctor claimed Hillary was suffering from pneumonia after her campaign earlier in the week stated her problems were allergies. Guess what? "Botox" poisoning will cause allergies. Some of the side effects of Botox poisoning that Hillary Clinton is displaying are:

* Aspiration Pneumonia
* Muscular Weakness
* Coughing 

There's many many more side effects of using Botox but since you can only see the symptoms Hillary is having in the video I can't grow the list. The fact Hillary's doctor would not get an X-Ray to confirm the pneumonia can be taken as the doctor already knows what's wrong with Hillary and Botox may be in play. There is a drug to counteract the side effects of Botox. Is Hillary Clinton cycling between Botox treatments and then when she gets sick hustling to get a shot of the "Botox Fix Drug" and walking out a few hours later feeling Rosie?

If Hillary Clinton has been getting heavy doses of botox to keep her face from falling all of her health problems are due to this. If you look at her face in the 1990's and compare it to her face now you will see her cheeks getting bigger and starting to hang. Botox stops this.

I posted this speculation and had one women reply, "Vanity Is Always Involved". We all are going to grow old and our bodies will get saggy. Most of us do not have the cash to afford a doctor to stretch and tuck so we can keep our youthful appearance that hides our aging bodies. The problem with Hillary and her increasingly falling face is she is running for the presidency and has a history of chronic lying. Hillary Clinton won't go to a clinic and just get the fat sucked out of her face and her skin stretched so she has to hide it in the back room of her home and get pumped up with Botox that makes her sickly.  

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