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Saturday, September 10, 2016

Donald Trump And The Russian Controversy Truth


Donald Trump exchanging pleasantries with dictators and communist murderers, "It's Just To Ease Tensions And Say There's Going To Be Conversation And Not War"

Written By James Allan | 9-10-2016

Donald Trump is going to negotiate with the russians and try to get them out of the Crimea. This is exactly what Donald Trump stated about Israel and the Palestinians. This is Donald Trumps style to see if he can persuade his opponents through a negotiated deal that is in the interest of his business or now the U.S..

What exactly is it do you think a new president is going to do? Tell russia they are shit as Bill O'Reilly stated russia was on his show yesterday and then ragging on Donald Trump for not dumping on Putin? NO! A politician calling their opponents punks and shit brained as Bill O'Reilly wants just isn't going to create peace and prosperity. Were just lucky Bill O'Reilly isn't running for public office let alone having him on national television spewing his warped opinion some people listen to because they are under the thought that, "He Teach's". Donald Trump wants to talk to russian leaders on an avenue of "Respect" and not hostility. If russia backs out of the Crimea and starts to work with Europe and the United States many changes in the world to the positive will happen.

If you look at the democrats you will see they are always out to have talks with the russians even though now the russian government is not pleased with the current presidential muslim in the white house. The democrats were working so hard to work with russia to install global communism in the U.S. I thought Barack Obama was going to be sitting on Putin's lap absorbing the immense up and coming victory of communism in the U.S. through the steel Putin penis. 

Hillary Clinton and her "Red Russian Reset Button" was a joke. The first thing given to russia was the nuclear arms deal to sway the russian government into the idea of global communism. 

The comradery between Putin and Obama fell apart during the russian hosted Olympics when Putin said, "NO" to obama's gay agenda. Putin enacted anti gay laws. The democrats U.S. communism relies on the support of gays, criminals, immigrants, fruity liberals, lazy ghetto dwellers and libertarian republican democrats. Putin and the russian communists rejected alot of what Obama and the U.S. democrats global communism is all about.

I'm not saying what happened in the above paragraph is exactly what happened as it is based on educated speculation but the paragraph below will go into what russia's reasons for letting barack obama sit in Putin's lap.

It's well known that Putin and the russian government want to re-establish their satellite nation zone around the russian borders just for the purpose of stopping any potential invasions of russia before the invasion crosses into russia as what happened when Hitler took over Poland then used Poland as a staging ground to invade russia. The mongols in the past invaded russia from time to time and the russians always paid them off in gold bullion and gems to go home.

Putin saw this globalization plan by hillary clinton and barack obama as an opportunity to seize control of countries surrounding russia without having to send in armies. Why not go along with it and see what U.S. democrat global communism will get russia? Hell, the russians already got the nuclear arms deal in their favor so why not let obama sit in putins lap for a while and see what else the russia government can get with the ease of taking a breath. 

After barack obama started shoving gays and other social issues in Putin's face, Putin said, "NO WAY" and the obama Putin alliance if you can call it that was "Nuked" by russia. 

Putin sent a message to obama and before the russian winter olympics were over started stirring up trouble in Ukraine. Soon after the olympics ended on Feb. 24th 2014 russian airborne troops landed at a crimea airport on Feb. 28th 2014. In the days after that journalists started disappearing and all Ukrainian government officials mysteriously in the crimea area voted to join the russian federation. Most likely russia had sent in advance undercover military units to hold Ukrainian government officials in the crimea area at "Gunpoint".

The only intent russia has is to re-establish control of "All" countries surrounding russian borders and Putin saw obama and the U.S. liberals as ways to get this without sending in the military. China is communist and russia established a good working communist relationship with china. 

Donald Trump is not going to bad mouth russia and create hostility when he is going to have to talk to russian leadership no matter how bad Putin gets. Yes, Putin and the russian communist government do bad things and exchanging pleasantries with Putin is only to relieve tension and show each other respectful conversations will be happening. 

The fact of the matter is the russians are a European problem. Europe is ruled by stink'in liberals and it's the liberal control of Europe that has created all the European wars. These liberal European countries do not want to push back against aggression with a strong military and tell aggressors that "if you do your done!" The liberals back away from dictators and always think that giving the dictators starting trouble what they want is the way to keep peace and this kind of appeasement always ends up in horrific bloody wars. This kind of appeasement is exactly what the U.S. democrat party is doing in the U.S. right now and anti U.S. groups such as, "ISIS", "China", "Mexico" see their way into the United States through Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama and the communist democrats plan to allow unrestricted immigration through the chants of "Racism". Another fact is millions of foreign racists against whites and each other are flooding into the U.S.. "True". It's always the fault of the "White Man" that persons with dark skin tones don't get themselves educated and are always stuck in poverty having to preach racism.

Donald Trump has to go into poverty stricken ghettos and stir up non illegal drug related economic opportunities. For example, in black ghettos any black U.S. citizen that becomes financially independent does not start a business in black communities. They move to white affluence areas to start businesses which makes the white areas more wealthy. If black U.S. citizens of wealth would, "Quit Donating Millions Of Dollars To Black Causes" and use the cash to start manufacturing businesses in U.S. citizen black communities that would create permanent jobs in these areas and black U.S. citizen poverty would decrease drastically. Manufactured products can be shipped to affluent areas of wealth to be sold bringing back large cash flows through good pay to black ghetto areas. Protection of manufacturing workers in these areas against crime would have to be factored in but it can be done. United States based corporations shipping jobs overseas that takes away economic opportunities from U.S. citizens is the same as wealthy black U.S. citizens investing their wealth in manufacturing outside black U.S. citizen ghettos. The wealth goes away and doesn't get circulated back to where it was gained.    

Donald Trump has to straighten all this out and "Protect" U.S. citizens from financial and physical harm and projecting hostility to foreign leaders that are out to inflict harm on U.S. citizens for their own countries gain isn't the way to go. 

Donald Trump has to meet with these foreign leaders and politely tell them "It's Over". The United States will help your countries with the absorption of "Your Own Citizens That Are Illegal In The U.S." but they will be leaving the U.S. and going back home. 

Donald Trump has to tell the leaders of foreign governments that are hostile to the U.S. that their military expansion into other countries is not supported and will result in rejection on the world stage with financial restrictions and penalties from industrialized countries deemed to be "Republics".

Donald Trump exchanging pleasantries with dictators and communist murderers, "It's Just To Ease Tensions And Say There's Going To Be Conversation And Not War".       


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