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Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Greta Van Susteren Leaves Fox News, She Wanted To Leave, I'll Miss Her Broadcasts


We'll Miss Your Broadcasts Greta Van Susteren

No matter what Greta's own personal politics were she always did stay in a realistic place with her questioning and sometimes little slips of opinion. Usually I am in place to watch her broadcasts at west coast time as my daily affairs outside the house are not always done but done enough to put the chair on my arse. I enjoyed viewing her show as it was very informative information over the next Fox News show of babble that followed her hour. After Greta's show I have my dinner which takes priority over the show that follows Greta's show. 

All I'm getting right now as this is the first day we've heard about her departure is she just walked in and said, "That's It, I'm Done". Brit Hume stated she said Fox News just didn't feel like family anymore. I know how that goes. Greta did appear to be cranky at times in her broadcasts in the weeks since the end of the presidential conventions. "If You Happen Upon This Post Greta, Yes I Noticed". I had no idea she would leave since she was liked by a majority of her viewers and I would guess most of the Fox News staff. Could be she left because Roger Ailes was given the boot and the new management made her uncomfortable. 

Have a good life Greta! You've been to the top and I can't see you on CNN or any of the other news stations. Maybe you can top off your accomplishments working for Donald Trump or typing articles? See yah around Greta and enjoy your time off.

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