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Monday, October 3, 2016

Is Hillary Clinton The Daughter Of Her Father Adolf Hitler Or A Man That Just Hated Jews


The Above Pic Shows Adolf Hitler At 17 And Hillary Clinton About 10 Years Older Than Her Father Adolf. Adolf's Face Hasn't Fully Filled Out To Where Hillary's Face Is At. Although Hillary Has Some Facial Features Of Her Unknown German Mother She Posseses Some Of Her Father Adolf's Features Especially In The Eyes And Overall Look. Both Looks Of Hidden Evil Pierce

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Written By Snicker Attruth | 10-3-2016

Sure, nowadays who's the real person that is our president with the democrat and libertarian republican open borders policies. You never know what you are getting at face value since the democrats preach everything U.S. citizens want to hear and when they get elected the push goes a completely opposite direction. The libertarians in the republican party are democrats that have a different ideology than their communist counterparts in the democratic party. The libertarian republicans like a small government opposed to the communist democrat liking a huge government. You ask why are their democrats in the republican party? Because they run as republican and when they get elected they govern opposite of the republican party platform. That was an easy thought, "or was it?".

I heard Hillary is not a U.S. citizen! They say she was born in Illinois in 1947 to U.S. born parents but the scuttlebutt is she's actually 73 and was brought over to the U.S. by nazi's fleeing to other countries under the fake identity's of heroic fallen U.S soldiers and given to other nazi's posing as English heritage U.S. citizens who had infiltrated the U.S. before WWII started. The story being floated around is saying Hillary Clinton was born in the late part of 1943 and moved to the United States in the early part of 1945 after the U.S. invaded Europe at Normandy and the russian army turned the tide and was marching across Poland.

People are gossiping that she's one of the many "Love Child's" of Adolf Hitler. This is why she was hustled out of Germany before the Russians got ahold of her. Hillary Clinton if you look close does have a few of Hilter's facial features and hair before Hillary started to use dye. Most media you will read states Adolf Hitler had no children or none that they can find but some stories coming out of Germany are saying Adolf Hitler had several lovers beyond Eva Braun he did father children with.

Article: 3 Of Adolf Hitlers Relatives Found In America

The children of Adolf Hitler were kept secret so not to scar Adolf Hitlers public image as to being a one woman man with Eva Braun even thought Hitler didn't marry Eva until the end. Even Adolf Hitler had to keep up his public image with his family oriented supporters. Every politician in the U.S. today does the exact same thing promoting their images as being family oriented. No different from past politician from all civilized countries.

Hillary Clinton does have the strong mannerisms personally and professionally that Adolf Hitler had. She speaks in public like she owns and controls how the people on planet earth are going to act and what they are going to believe in. In her private life she rants and gets furious at people that do not comply to her wants and opinions. Hillary Clinton just like her father Adolf Hitler has the distinct drive to take over the earth and control absolutely everything under authoritarian rule. It's plain to see that Hillary Clinton favors everyone else over the Jews. Hillary Clinton under Barack Obama sure did everything she could in favor of muslims killing Jews. I'm sure Hillary Clinton has some of her unknown mothers attributes but her father Adolf shines brighter within Hillary's sole.

The rumors persist and the timeline is close enough for the thought to emerge. An authoritarian personality like Adolf Hitler not reproducing himself for future use? Him not creating himself to carry on doesn't seem likely with his enormous ego. 3 of his bloodline relatives have already been found in the U.S. so why shouldn't it be said that secret reproductions of himself made it to the U.S. mainland for future growth?

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