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Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Hillary Clinton's Vice President Pick Tim Kaine Is Just As Communist As She Is And Follows Code Pink Global Communism

Written By Jim Allan | 10-5-2016

Doesn't have to rhyme. A Twat is a Twat no matter what name you attach to it. Billary has a Twat that twitches and now her twitchy Twat is on the loose. When Billary's Twat is twitching and on the loose it covers us in gooey slim that attracts others of Billary's type who crave to lick her twitchy twat that's on the loose. :) 

 Of course the "Twat" I'm talking about above is Tim Kaine and not women. I'm just making a statement of how Billary Clinton tossed out a part of her. I have great respect for all women but a communist mobster isn't a women but instead just a beast with a twat (Tim Kaine). 

Billary Clinton picked a running mate for her that was just as communist as she is. Tim Kaine Is part of Billary Clinton's communist women's group, "Code Pink". Yes, Billary Clinton is the founder of the communist women's group "Code Pink".

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