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Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Donald Trump Will Temporarily Stop The Bad To Keep U.S. Citizens Safe From Elitist Gain

Donald Trump Will Temporarily Ban The Bad That Keeps The Bad Politicians In Business

Muslims are muslims first over being patriot U.S. citizens. Muslims are patriots to the muslim faith and "Sharia Law" over being patriots to the foreign countries they are living in. The muslims enter the U.S., have children then teach them to be sharia patriots that are anti country they are born in. This is true in the case of hispanics also and has been proven time and time again.

The good will that has grown and has been installed since the beginning of the U.S. by the founding fathers is being abused by the "Rino" establishment republicans and communist democrats to change the U.S. constitution away from the protection of U.S. citizens to meet their ideology of changing the U.S. from a nation of citizens to a nation of their control of U.S. citizens and advancing their warped group ideology over the warped group ideology of their competitors ideology. U.S. citizen advancement and well being doesn't even factor in to their plans of making their history changing move geared towards "Self And Group Self".

The passage written on the Statue of Liberty that reads, "Bring Us Your Tired, Poor And Hungry Masses" is being used as a deception to flood the U.S. with the worlds tired, poor and hungry masses in an attempt to take the rights of U.S. citizens away and make government by the communist democrats and/or business communism pushed by the libertarian establishment republicans the dominate governing entities over U.S. citizens. Our value outlook towards immigrants and human life is being used against U.S. citizens for the personal and political gains of everything that keeps U.S. citizens under the "Control" of the elected communist democrats or libertarian communist business republicans who fight a battle against each other for control over U.S. citizens? Or will U.S. citizens rise up and install Donald Trump as president of the United States who will fight the battle to enrich U.S. citizens over the anti U.S. citizen libertarian GOP communist business power and democratic communist government entities?

Donald Trump just stated we need to use a lawful tool that the bad politicians refuse to use. Donald Trump just stated that we need to ban travel into the United States from the middle east until bad politicians are ousted and laws are changed to keep U.S. citizens "Safe". Nobody from a foreign country has a right either god given, natural or lawfully to enter the United States. Bad politicians refuse to use the tools they can use to stop the immigration of people that want to do harm to the United States and its citizens or they would have already done so. These bad politicians both establishment republican and democrats absolutely refuse to protect U.S. citizens and the United States as a nation so they are pouncing on Donald Trump who is standing up for the protection of U.S. citizens and the United States as a nation of, "U.S. Citizens" and "NOT"  a nation of immigrants that only come to the U.S. either to escape what they themselves created in their home country and are cowards to change or to do harm to the United States in many different ways as their anti U.S. racist groups grow larger through the non action of the bad politicians in the U.S. for personal, business or ideology gain.

If Donald Trump or someone like Donald Trump does not get elected in 2016 all will be lost and Barack Obama's change to a communist democratic society will stick with very little to no reversal by establishment republicans. Islam is "NOT" a religion, "Islam Is a Law Of Sharia". The banning of migration temporarily from the middle east is a "Reasonable" and just tool that needs to be used for the protection of United States citizens. The overhaul of "ALL" the immigration laws needs to be done and the immigration laws on the books need to be enforced. The visa entry system needs to be upgraded and a tracking system of all non U.S. Citizen human beings needs to be installed. Migrant traffic in the U.S. including "ALL" men, women and children need to be tracked on a daily basis. All illegal aliens and visa overstays must be removed. All women need to be checked for pregnancy and removed from the U.S. along with the men that made them pregnant.

It's just "To Bad" for the bad politicians and businesses that use immigrants for profit, personal and political gain. The losses of these politicians and business persons using immigrants will be the "Gain For U.S. Citizens". The war is not on "Legal" immigration but in reality the war is against all the politicians and businesses that are using immigrants to intentionally abuse U.S. citizens for their own self or ideology group self's for profit, personal or political gain.

U.S. citizens must fight under the leadership of Donald Trump to rid the United States of what we ourselves as United States citizens created and let happen by being lazy, not vetting our candidates enough, conservatives not voting and listening to voices that were to be trusted but in reality can't be trusted. All the immigrants need to return to their home countries and "Do The Same!". United States citizens let bad politicians get out ahead of them and now they/we have to do whatever it takes to clean the mess we ourselves let grow "UP!"

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