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Sunday, February 28, 2016

Ted Cruz Called For "Libertarian" Legalization Of Illegal Immigrants In 2013


Ted Cruz is an open borders libertarian that supports the so called "Rino Legalization Of Illegal Aliens" without a doubt. Ted Cruz is already a proven liar and is only preaching hardcore anti illegal alien applause lines now to get elected. Once Ted Cruz is elected he will push his "Immigrant Legalization" plan to what he and his libertarian buddies think will be a congress with the same political makeup.

Actually, every time Ted Cruz has to speak anti amnesty talk to get elected he only backs up Donald Trump's stance on immigration. Ted Cruz lying about him being for illegal aliens is just going in Donald Trumps favor because Donald Trump came out swinging against illegal immigration and Ted Cruz didn't start preaching anti immigration until Donald Trump won 3 states.

* There's two voting parts before a "Law" passes the senate. The first vote is to send the "Bill" to the senate floor for the second vote. The second vote passes it into law or kills it. Ted Cruz voted "Yes" to send the "Gang Of 8 Amnesty Bill" to the senate floor to be voted on knowing that the "Gang Of 8 Amnesty Bill" would be voted into law by a majority in the senate. (The second vote in this case sent the bill to the house of representatives because the senate was the first chamber of congress to vote on it) Even I knew along with most U.S. citizens that follow government actions that the "Gang Of 8 Amnesty Bill" was going to pass into law by the senate. If Ted Cruz was against amnesty as he claims he is but really isn't he would have voted "NO" on sending the "Gang Of 8 Amnesty Bill" to the senate floor to be voted into law by the senate.  

* Senator Cruz has taken no action to reduce the rewarding of illegal immigration by giving citizenship to anchor babies.

* Ted Cruz Voted in committee against amendment to S. 744 requiring completion of 700 miles of double layer border fencing in 2013

* Ted Cruz Voted in favor of granting President authority to expand immigration levels without Congress' consent via Trade Promotion Authority in 2015

Tea Party Main Street | 2-28-2016

Below is an article on the "American Thinker" web site that I read on from time to time. This article is on point. 

America Thinker Article

A rather astonishing video has surfaced courtesy of the Rick Santorum campaign showing Ted Cruz, apparently during a debate over Marco Rubio's Gang of 8 "Amnesty Bill," calling for a provision that would legalize all 11-plus million illegal aliens.  He even used the liberal code phrase "out of the shadows."  I encourage you to watch the video and see for yourself.

Ted Cruz has stood for securing the border along with Donald Trump and Ben Carson, but he has been conspicuously silent on the issue of deporting illegals.  I think the reason why is now clear.  He doesn't want to deport them; he wants to legalize them.  Now, Ted Cruz would be the first to say he doesn't want to give them a path to citizenship, but, realistically, once they are legalized, the left won't long tolerate a class of people here who don't have citizenship, and the left will act, through the judiciary or the executive, to legalize them.  So Ted Cruz saying he opposes a path to citizenship but supports legalizing is not a tremendous difference.

Ted Cruz speaks frequently about the rule of law and constitutionalism; how can he say he supports the rule of law when he supports rewarding millions of lawbreakers with legalization?  It's worth noting that Cruz has also called for expanding H1-B visas, but in that process we can at least screen for people who are educated and have marketable skills.  It's not just a random set of people who decide they want to come to America.  But that unvetted group, too, is what Cruz wants to legalize.

It's disappointing that there is not a single candidate out there who will talk about deporting illegal aliens and keeping them deported.  The best we have thus far is Donald Trump, who promises to deport them all...but then permit an unspecified number to return.

Cruz has been in the news for criticizing Marco Rubio's efforts to push amnesty for illegal aliens.  But with his own efforts to legalize these same aliens, how much daylight is there between the two of them?

Article Copy/Pasted From: American Thinker


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