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Sunday, February 28, 2016

The Health Care Mess In The U.S. Related To My Own Medical Mess


Creating A Heath Care System That Serves All According To A Persons Income Without Government Involvement From Someone With Medical Issues

Tea Party Main Street | 2-28-2016

There's certainly a problem with health care costs in the United States and those who can afford the insurance payments monthly are not so worried about their care. Hey, I'm right in the middle of it and one of the biggest anti government run health care people in the U.S.. Poor people can be anti government run health care too! I could use some help with my health care especially my teeth but government run and Obama care are not the answer and never will be with me.  

Donald Trump understands this and wants to address the issue of getting good health care to people with very little income without creating government run health care. Donald Trump hasn't endorsed a clinic system but I'm endorsing a privately run clinic system not controlled by the government federal or state but is supported through some already existing government funds like Medicaid and low monthly payments from low income workers.

As an aging person myself with some real health care conditions and very little income right now due to the election of Barack Obama and a democratic congress full of communist I can accurately write about what a lot of people are going through trying to keep up their health and not collapsing under a mountain full of debt.

Now, the whole point of me outlining my medical mess is to inform people who are concerned about their medical well being that "I Burnt Tons Of Money On Doctors Trying To Find Out About My Medical Mess And In The End Solved My Own Medical Conditions". Most conditions people endure are caused by some kind of "Vagus Nerve" problem that rack up medical bills big time and the doctors can only treat symptoms. The doctors will burn a lot of your money because they cannot diagnose but only "Rule Out" and "Ruling Out" requires lots of tests and hoards of doctors. If your condition isn't apparent like a broken bone, cut, cancer, diabetes which are getting expensive to treat you're looking at medical bills that will break your bank account. Not all cash consuming conditions are caused by the "Vagus Nerve" but far to many are so my "Vagus Nerve" problem only goes to show.

 My personal health issues are with the "Vagus Nerve" which cannot be cured or repaired but only controlled and if I had to be under constant doctors care I'd be in some serious financial trouble even though I have very little money now due to the communist democrats and barack obama. Several years ago I posted an article Hiatal Hernia And Vagus Nerve Conditions on what kinds of conditions developed from an out of control "Vagus Nerve" and it attracted thousands upon thousands upon thousands of information seekers and readers so I know for a fact I'm not alone. The "Hiatal Hernia And Vagus Nerve Conditions" link posted above is the article. I couldn't find squat on what was happening to me and when I went to doctors it was like they were dumbfounded when asked. I finally had to do some intensive research myself. If you don't get the correct doctor and believe you me in my area there are no doctors that specialize in the "Vagus Nerve" condition you're screwed.

A "Hiatal Hernia" can be diagnosed because it's a pinched "Vagus Nerve" that can be seen when they run a camera up your behind. I was reading an article where a women was having some serious problems and a doctor took a look in her vagina and found an exposed branch of the "Vagus Nerve" but it cost her boat loads of cash in doctor bills before a doctor finally found out the exact problem with her. I've read a large amount of posts and articles about this kind of medical dilemma people have and they can't find out what the problem is. I read one article where a man was on the toilet and when he wiped his ass he got dizzy, fainted and fell off the toilet onto the floor. His wife heard him hit the floor and came running into the bathroom and found him passed out. This is an "Out Of Control Vagus Nerve" problem. Bundles of the Vagus Nerve are in the crotch area.

I will give readers a little history on my medical conditions just to show I'm not blowing hot air about what needs to be done to improve health care for lower income persons. I myself support a "Clinic System" and it's gotten me in trouble because most people that have insurance through their employers or who are wealthy enough to buy their own insurance think a clinic system is "Socialized" communist healthcare. Well, if the federal and state governments run it is but if the government just finances a private organization to run it under the private organizations own rules without government interference, it's not. It's already being done through the counties. The medical infrastructure for a clinic system is already built. All that has to be done is to the way the clinics are financed and business is conducted.

I myself am a physical mess! I'm not an uninjured so called college educated person who did years of research and came to conclusions. I'm a person that got hit by a car when I was younger, had cancer and had a developing vagus nerve issue all of my life that finally went to a maximum out of control condition. Doctors didn't tell me crap about it! I had to do my own research to find the truth which lead me to this article: 
Hiatal Hernia And Vagus Nerve Conditions

Another problem caused by an out of control "Vagus Nerve" condition is your teeth become a mess. What happens is the "Vagus Nerve" controls the saliva in your mouth and when you saliva glands stop producing your teeth get fragile and start to crack and crumble. A lifetime of dentists drilling your teeth makes your teeth crumble even faster since the drilling creates micro cracks. You put caps on your teeth to help but once the "Vagus Nerve" goes sour your teeth will still crumble under the caps. You can tell when your about to have problems with the "Vagus Nerve" when you start waking up with gummy mouth and/or start having serious bouts with dry mouth. Bad for your teeth especially if you are eating a high acid diet. Saliva neutralizes the acid on your teeth and when your saliva glands stop producing the alkaline to neutralize the acid your teeth are screwed. Here's an article you can read to help keep your mouth alkalized when you get gummy mouth:
Alkalizing Your Blood To Stop Acid Damage Of Your Teeth

To late for me. My mouth started going dry a few years before my "Vagus Nerve" totally went out of control when I started waking up with gummy mouth. My mouth went extremely dry due to my "Vagus Nerve" and because I was concentrating on medical issues created by out of control "Vagus Nerve" problems with everything in my chest and torso I didn't take note that the minor tooth problems I was having was major damage happening. I started freaking out when the teeth underneath my caps started collapsing. Bad News! 

So many conditions can develop and when they do the first place you go is to a gastroenterologist and check for a "Hiatal Hernia". If you have problems with your heart beating you can go straight to a cardiologist but he will only tell you you have a block. Most people just have minor problems with their Vagus Nerve but I had major problems with it until I got it under control myself without a doctor.

In Closing, I'm one person that could benefit by government run health care but I'm so damn against the communist democrats and rino republicans I'll take my chances going to the emergency room and get some of what all the illegal aliens are getting. Actually, I did use the emergency room and they did surgery to me for one of my many out of control "Vagus Nerve" problems and when I walked out under my own power I got hit with $125,000 in medical bills for treatments that should have only been under $3000. Hell, when I got hit by that car in my teens the bill was only $7000 and believe you me I was a stink'in mess after tangling with that car. The $122,000 overcharge was to pay for illegal aliens and I'm still under that rock for another 4 years. I'm not paying for illegal aliens! The problem I was treated for through the emergency room wasn't the cause of my problem so if they come after me to pay for illegal aliens I will put them under a rock. I found out what my problem is and how to control it myself. I like a clinic system where you pay not by the amount of money you have but by your present income, "Tiered" with ultra low monthly payments for low wage workers that don't have insurance or just don't want insurance.

Depending on where the problem is in the Vagus Nerve any combination of these following symptoms can exist.

Some of the symptoms of Vagus Nerve Imbalance/Hiatal Hernia Syndrome include the following (mostly from Baroody with numerous additions from this researcher):
Reflux (GERD)    Happening to me (Diminished Now)
Dental enamel erosion    Happening to me
Regurgitation including dry heaves
Nausea     Happening to me (Real Lite Occasional Bouts Now)
Diminished, or excessive, appetite    Happening to me
Colic in children
Diarrhea or Constipation    Happening to me (Better Controlled)
Fatigue    Happening to me
Pain in throat, chest, shoulders, spine, extremities, back    Happening to me
No deep breathing, can’t breathe, hyperventilation  Happened to me - Fixed (Left Lung Only)
Diaphragm or lung pain
Swallowing air
Nervousness, insecurity feelings
Facial Flushing, blushing
Depression    Temporarily happened to me (2000 mg Fish Oil Fixed This)
Panic Attacks

Heart Arrhythmia   Happened to me - Fixed (Includes Blackouts and Fainting)
Faulty blood pressure (either high or low)    Happening to me  (Blood Pressure Drops)
Orthostatic hypotension
Food, Chemical, Electromagnetic Allergies
TMJ   Happened to me - Under Control (Suicide Pain In Jaw)
Dizziness, poor balance    Happening to me (No Problem As Long As I Don't Over Exer)
Numbness, paralysis
Mental confusion
Poor stress tolerance
Vision weakness
Learning/behavioral Problems (ADD, ADHD, etc.)
Prostate problems
Bladder weakness    Happening to me (Improved And Under Control)
Intestinal Disease
Gall Bladder Disease
Adrenal Fatigue
Kidney Disease
Many pregnancy complaints

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