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Saturday, February 27, 2016

Donald Trump Speech In Bentonville Arkansas 2-27-2016 Very Captivating And Crystal Clear


Tea Party Main Street | 2-27-2016

The speech Donald Trump gave today at the Bentonville airport was the best I've heard yet. Donald Trump can go off subject to no end through several other subjects then return to the original subject as if he never left that original subject, "Amazing". If I went off subject like he did and he did it several times I would get lost and never go back on the subject I left.

The content of his speech today was so crystal clear and understandable no matter how much he went off subject. Donald Trump is just an amazing speaker once he gets his game on. Took Donald awhile to get his game on with the speeches but now that he has he's absolutely amazing in his speech.

I'm not a great conversationalist at all let alone even speaking publically so when I see a politician that's a realist as Donald Trump is get his game on I really look up to that. I'm a better writer than conversationalist and only wish I could speak as well as Donald Trump did in the speech he gave today.


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