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Friday, November 15, 2013

Medical System Plan For The United States Involving County Clinics

"PLEASE READ" I don't want anybody to think this plan is on the communist side "Because It's Not". This plan just changes the present government controlled system for the poor and working poor to another well balanced healthcare system that will in actuality drive down healthcare costs in the private sector. You can pick between three evils. The federal and state government running healthcare for the poor, the medical corporations running healthcare out of the private sector and
bleeding you dry or kicking healthcare for the poor down to the county governments which would split control up between thousands of individual counties. This plan is tier to move people off of it as their incomes increase so don't worry about socialism. If you read it every county in the U.S. would be one of the governing bodies for the health care in each individual county and there are thousands upon thousands of counties in the U.S.. The voters would be in control of who runs the health care in each county. This plan would put healthcare in the complete rule of voters who could vote out boneheads on a county basis.

This is not a forced pay plan or plan that involves a government cash grab. It takes all the cash that's already being collected for health care in taxes and diverts it to a mass clinic system every county in the U.S. already has up and operating. "No New Taxes". The tax money already being collected goes to health care workers at a fixed salary price and they, "Treat Everyone That Walks Through There Doors No Matter What". Payments from patients are based on income and "Not" money the patient has saved. Of coarse people with no income most likely will get free medical care. Payments from people with incomes can be as low as $5.00 a month interest free. The payment system would be "Easy" going. Your looking at 50 million uninsured people paying $5.00 or more a month that puts back a minimum of $250 million a month back into the system. Of coarse many poor people can pay more witch will put over a billion dollars a month back into the clinic system. No, it's not forced pay so don't worry. People with middle class incomes will be forced into paying for their own insurance or health care. Insurance premiums will go down as soon as the cause of the high insurance premiums is taken care of which of coarse is "Illegal Aliens" using U.S. emergency rooms so they don't have to buy health insurance and can save the money.

I have a national health care system plan written up but have to add a few more things and do some other stuff to it before I post it. An overview of this health care system is posted below after my other rants.
The republicans in the meantime can take advantage of this Obamacare mess and force the democrats to allow people to buy insurance across state lines. The democrats may be pushing for the single payer system when Obamacare fails and Obamacare failing may be the democrats plan to get the U.S. to a single payer system.

The republicans can take advantage of this democratic deception and force the democrats to allow U.S. citizens that lost their insurance coverage due to the Obamacare mess to purchase some insurance in states where insurance companies are still selling reasonable rate plans or install a law dropping Obamacare requirements for a year or two then let people that lost their insurance buy new plans new in other states. I really don't know anything about this or if it can be done but if insurance companies are still pushing plans at reasonable rates in other states then pushing the democrats to allow people to purchase low cost plans across state lines would be the way to go
:) . Really, I haven't researched this yet and I don't know if it can be done.

A health care plan for all U.S. citizens is on the horizon and is in great demand especially by those U.S. citizens who don't have great incomes and medical corporations demanding high profits in return for care. There are government programs in place to address the need of low income U.S. citizens but so much taxpayer money is wasted through fraud and medical corporation profit taking the programs are on the verge of collapsing without higher taxes being imposed. Another reason for excessive waste in these government programs is government allows unchecked legal and illegal immigration that drains these government care programs without anything being put back by legal and immigrants. Immigration is so massive both legal and illegal that it creates a shortage of doctors and nurses and the government answers this problem with more immigrant doctors and nurses that were trained outside the U.S. just to walk around hospitals as MD's for non paying emergency room immigrant patients. Most people that can afford their own insurance never see these immigrant Chinese doctors and immigrant nurses.

This health care plan I concocted merges the government with the private sector in hopes of creating a health care system for the poor and disadvantaged that cuts out all the waste and forces the federal government to pay for illegal immigrants outside the funds set aside for U.S. citizens that don't pay. This plan is to make it easier for all U.S. citizens to get health care no matter what condition they suffer from and can't be turned away. People having difficulty getting treated is the main reason why people support Obamacare. The private sector medical corporation profit taking is really bad but government run health care is absolutely "Rotten" and is not a place where the U.S. should be going.

National Health Care System Overview
Hopefully the plan I've written up below can be developed into something that addresses all concerns by all people.

* A national health care system would
not be centralized under "One" government body. If government has to be involved with health care breaking the government authority up into thousands of individual counties where U.S. citizens can take part in the system at a local level would be the way to go. The national health care system would also be made up of several private medical entities to oversee and plan the county medical clinics and make sure U.S. citizens are getting quality medical treatment. These county medical clinics would be low cost, non union taxpayer funded care facilities that turned, "Nobody Away". People that worked or have low incomes could set up low monthly no interest payments for their treatment and be given as many years as it takes to pay off the charges based on, "Something Is Better Than Nothing". Even though a national system like this would be extremely expensive to operate it's cheaper than what we have now and 25 million people paying $5.00 a month gets $125 million dollars a month put back into the national system coupled with whatever the state and federal governments rake in from medicare and Medicaid.

* The U.S. government and states can collect tax payer money and create accounts for the AMA to distribute the funds. The AMA (American Medical Association) or another chosen medical entity would be in charge of distributing the taxpayer funds to the counties. The counties would administer the funds to the county run clinics. The county residents would attack any misappropriations of the funds, fraud by politicians and medical board members on the national level. This method combines government with private organizations to monitor a national health care plan like this. Other trusted private medical organizations can be tossed into the mix as watchdogs to spearhead any corruption and bad doctors at all levels of the cash and care flow. The AMA would also be pushed to get rid of bad doctors that make their way into the system.
Note 1: The AMA doesn't have to be the governing body. The AMA was just used as an example for the framework of this plan. If the AMA were going to be used the AMA organization would have to be gutted and rebuilt because to many U.S. citizens including doctors and nurses reject the way the  AMA conducts itself.Note 2: No private hospitals would be on the governing board. Private hospitals are "Corporation Money Machines" with stock holders. County owned and run hospitals would be represented because counties are included as one of the governing authorities in this health care system.Note 3: Some people are pushing for state control over this health care system but that centralizes power to much. The whole point of this health care system is to keep it in the private sector as much as possible and use taxpayer funds to sustain the system and provide health care to everybody at a lower cost where the doctors and nurses get paid well. The counties would break up centralized power of government and be non profit giving doctors and nurses good paychecks.Note 4: This health care system is basically for low wage workers, the elderly, poor, persons with pre-existing injuries and catastrophe illinesses. It's not written up to kill off the insurance companies and force everybody into government health care. It's written up to provide for people that can't afford the $75.00 a month for the lowest cost insurance plan and people whos injuries need extensive treatment. As peoples income improves they can graduate up into purchasing their own insurance plans from insurance companies, get into a group plan or start a health care savings account.Note 5: It would be impossible for any democrats in the future to organize a communist single payer health care system ever again once this system was installed. Authority would be in the hands of each individual county and the residents of each county. Every county in the U.S. would have to become democrats and as long as the republicans produced elected officials that promoted localized authority the democrats could never sway voters to accept a state or federal takeover of each county.

* Lots of choices are built into it and more options can be built into it to let people choose.
Note 1: The clinics can assist people in building groups, co-ops with insurance companies and even host groups and co-ops that will be using their own doctors outside the clinic system. The clinics can guide people to the best insurance policies hosted by insurance companies to fit their needs even if the people do not use the clinics and have their own private doctors. It all can be built in as public services, "To Anyone".

* It's already getting to the point if you don't have your own insurance you have to go to specific doctors. HMO's have their own doctors you have to go to. County run health care clinics can have one doctor or many doctors. County run health care clinics depending on the size of the county and amount of towns in the county can provide choice if you want to travel to another clinic. Anybody can make an appointment at any clinic anywhere in the U.S. at any time and get treated.

* Doctors would have a database of other county health care clinic doctors all over the U.S. that they can connect with to get treatment information on any condition or injury that exists.

* If the doctors get paid a salary from taxpayer funds they wouldn't have to create phony patients to defraud the taxpayer. Patient charges would be set by county governments and fixed for each procedure and visit with patient payments going to the county governments then back into the nationwide general fund that pays doctors, nurses and staff.

* County governments running health care in their own counties would bring the government financed healthcare program closer to the voters where fraud and mismanagement can be detected more easily.

* Most counties already have county taxpayer funded hospitals so systems are already in place to provide a well constructed national healthcare program. The only things that would have to change are more clinics, changing the way county care systems operate.
Note 1: I've had input that non profit hospitals are a goal. County run hospitals as far as I know right now are running at a big losses. With the proper construction of this plan and a monthly low no interest payment program for patients, fraud prevention plus state and federal taxpayer cash their situation should improve. Also a restructuring of their overhead would be a plus. As for private corporate run hospitals, can't really do anything about them except, "Fire The Execs" and "Get Rid Of Stock Holders" in private hospitals.Note 2: I had a discussion about private hospitals farming out all the lab, radiology, nursing and a lot of other vital hospital functions to outside companies. Even doctors work for their own corporations and are contractors in a lot of cases leaving the only real function that the hospitals do is collecting the profit after paying all the farmed out contractors their profits. A lot of private hospitals are just several layers of profit on profit creating huge medical bills for the patients that the insurance companies are refusing to pay because the insurance companies have to charge their policy holders more due to the multi layers of hospital profits on profits. With illegal aliens using emergency rooms 1000 time more that non paying U.S. citizens this profit taking is getting extremely excessive having to cover illegal alien medical care and get the pockets of the execs stuffed.
* There would be no more going to the welfare office to apply for taxpayer funded health care. People would make an appointment at taxpayer funded health care clinics and fill out their paper work, opt for welfare or one of several payment plans, if no option is checked by the patient the county would automatically choose the payment option, all people would be treated regardless of their ability to pay and care payments would be handled afterword by the county, "Nobody Will Be Turned Away".

* Option plans provided by the clinics would be based on income alone and not cash on hand. Payment plans would be a tier structure that moved people up and down based on income alone. People that could afford an insurance plan from a private insurance company would not be eligible for any payment options if they used a county clinic and would be required to pay with their insurance. Health care savings accounts and group insurance plans could be created at county health care clinics.

* SSI numbers and state ID's would be run on "Everybody" so legal and illegal immigrant health care accounts could be sent to the federal government for payment separate from taxpayer funds used for the health care of "U.S. Citizens". The federal and state governments could no longer co-mingle legal and illegal immigrants with U.S. Citizens. Information sent to the federal government on illegal aliens would not be used for deportation even though, "I the author of this am for self deportation of all illegal immigrants".

* Patients opting for welfare or who are automatically placed on welfare after treatment is given would have a copy of their patient account sent to the state for further review.

* All patients will be handled by appointment only. Walk in clinics get piles of people coming in all at the same time which creates excessive wait times of 4 hours or more causing the doctors to rush through your visit. Nobody likes sitting forever and a day in the waiting room unless they have paperwork to fill out.

* County health care clinics would be scattered all over towns and cities as needed to provide accessible low cost health care to everyone that do not have private insurance or insurance through an employer. Easy access to low cost health care for all walks of life, rich or poor would be the goal. The rich can pay for their own healthcare but often have family members living with them or in the area that are just as poor as we are and the rich are not obligated to pay for their extended family members health care.

Creating A Taxpayer Funded Healthcare Plan As A Safety Net

Anything in this base plan can be changed to fit the conservative approach to dealing with health care that benefits all U.S. Citizens.

No hassle "Make An Appointment" taxpayer and donation funded healthcare clinics that pay the doctors, nurses and medical staff only administered by the county hospital systems already in existence and a private sector entity with no government or political ties. Walk in, fill out paper work, get treated then get put on welfare or a low monthly payment plan according to income. Set up a healthcare savings account also. Make appointments to get any medical condition treated without any hassles or grinding medical bills if the medical bills would put you in poverty. No government interference with the way you chose to live your life. No government making you do anything! Your only responsibility is to, "Pay What You Can According To Your Income" until you reach an income level where you can afford your own insurance or get a job that you're going to stay at and get on the group insurance plan offered by your employer. Your choice, Your decision. A national health care system that services people without dominating people.

First of all, everyone wants a workable, effective low cost healthcare system that services all U.S. citizens. Both Republicans and Democrats want the same thing but just in different ways. The democrats want a health care system in place that they control alone staffed by a controlling majority of democrats. The republicans want a health care system in the private sector but offer up no ideas to bring down costs except for letting insurance companies sell policies over state lines. Selling insurance policies over state lines will create competition and drive down insurance premiums some but it doesn't address the true reason for healthcare costs going through the roof. Nither the democrats or the republicans want to address the fact healthcare costs are soaring due to massive illegal immigration and the medical industry being controlled by huge medical by corporations profiting by overcharging medicare and the insurance companies. It's not the insurance companies gouging its policy holders, it's the large medical corporations charging over and beyond the cost of illegal immigrants.

These huge medical corporations include hospitals that have to treat illegal immigrants in the emergency rooms and then charge others for their care and tack on millions more anyway they can get it which is usually through the insurance companies. Insurance companies in return have to jack up prices to its policy holders to pay the outrageous bills they are getting from the hospitals and medical corporations. Small medical clinics are getting in the game too! They hate cash payers. People who have paid cash have gotten bills with extra charges tacked on even after they have paid up front at time of service. "True".

The democrats are blaming the insurance companies for the larger than life insurance premiums but this is simply "Not True". The fact of the matter is the insurance companies have to pay the health care system whatever the health care system charges. A routine galstone removal used to cost $3000 in the 1990's and now some hospitals in high areas of concentrated illegal aliens are charging $80,000 for that same surgery hoping to get a $30,000 payout from the insurance company.

Financing This Healthcare Plan

Financing this plan would have to be looked at carefully since we all, "Do Not Want More New Taxes or fees" to pay for any new program that takes money from one person and gives it to another person that hasn't had to much luck generating an income. The U.S. Constitution states that any weath a person gains has to be based on "Luck". So what has to happen is the tax money that's already being taken from U.S. citizens that not gotten from "Luck" has to be re-routed into a new medical care program "Everbody" wants including Republicans & Tea Partiers but in a manner that does not incure more new taxes, fees or any other kind of government or corporate money grab.

The new medical care system in the U.S. must be a, "TIERED" system that helps the lower wage and no wage U.S. citizens that would be crushed into massive poverty if burdened with a large medical bill. U.S. citizens don't mind some of their tax money being spent to help people out of a medical crisses but don't want to be controlled by any government or private entity that will strip them of their hard earned wealth to get more by demand or some kind of smart ass manipulation scheme.

The tiered medical care system would be based fully on a persons income and partially on what they have saved. You don't want to wipe a person out of their hard earned savings and put them in poverty or on welfare because someone in the medical community thinks they deserve more money for their services. Illegal aliens create demand and with high demand comes higher prices. Get rid of the illegal aliens and that medical services person will have to fight to get patients and the cost of medical care will come crashing down. The only reason why the U.S. has a shortage of doctors and nurses and has to import more doctors and nurses is to service all the illegal aliens in the U.S. that are driving up the cost of medical care.

This article isn't really about people that can afford their own insurance and how to lower insurance costs but I will put this paragraph in to address that concern. Letting insurance companies sell insurance across state lines would drop insurance rates somewhat and be a big help to those who can afford their own insurance but it's not really the insurance companies that are the problem. The problem with high medical care costs again is "Illegal Immigrants" and "Medical Corporation Greed".

Legal Immigration has to be based on how the economy is doing and not because some dumbass wants cheap ready to use labor or business owners fire people instead of training them properly then claim there is a stink'in labor shortage so they give money to lobby gready politicians to issue more work visas instead of using the money to create a training program within their business to get the employees they need. Most businesses shuffle any training they do off to some bonehead employee that doesn't like the trainee and tells the boss the trainee is crap. Trainees need to be trained by someone that has the aptitude to do the training properly and get the trainee to understand how and why things are done a certain way.

Ways this healthcare clinics system plan could be financed:

* All monies would go to paying the doctors, nurses and medical staff plus equipment and building maintenance. Getting rid of all other costs listed below would do the program good. This healthcare system is based on people being able to just walk into any healthcare clinic built by this program and get medical care no matter what the injury is weather a person can pay or not. This medical care program would be tiered to a persons income and if the income would allow for some kind of cash payment then the person would have to pay something interest free. As a persons income increases so would the amount they would be required to pay. When a person hits a certain pay level then they would be required to seek out an insurance plan from an insurance company. If a persons job has a group insurance plan the person doesn't have to go onto it and based on the person income would have to pay something to the healthcare clinic in low monthly payments. If a person is on the businesses group healthcare plan then the person would have to use payment from that group insurance plan if the person didn't have their own doctor and came to the healthcare clinic provided by the taxpayer instead.

* A donations system could be set up as a tax write off. Any clinic health care system needs to be attached to an entity that won't die out and since the county hospital systems fit this bill it would be logical to atttach a clinic system to the already existing county hospital systems and break government involvement up into thousands of individual county governments instead of the larger state and federal governments that are so, so screwed up. County governments are screwed up also but can be controlled better by residents of the county especially when their health care comes into play.

* Combine medicaid, medicare and any welfare funds to the clinics program.

* Invest some clinic system funds into the private "Loan Markets" that can have tangible assets attached to the loans to reduce risk. Never invest clinic system cash into the investment markets that carry to much risk and have no way to recover losses. Include a law that states clinic system fund managers are banned from doing a Bill Clinton and giving "Any" kind of loan to legal and illegal immigrants, foreign countries and entities. The 2008 economic crash was caused by Bill Clinton letting HUD back home loans to legal and illegal immigrants. As long as clinic system cash was loaned out to U.S. citizens that were backed up with tangible assets the money should be safe and create a decent return to be used to pay doctors and nurses.

* Do not charge property taxes or any other taxes or fees on the clinic buildings.

* Try to get electric power companies to give the power to these building, "Free". Pro bono.

* No interest paid healthcare savings accounts. All the interest gained on all money in these healthcare savings accounts would go to the fund that pays the doctors and nurses.

* Urge low income people that use this taxpayer funded healthcare plan to donate to it in future years when they finally reach an income level where they can afford their own healthcare insurance.

* Wealthy people can create donation accounts where the weathy person would always own the priciple donation in the account and would be able to withdraw the princible donation any time they choose to do so but all the interest gained on the donation accounts would go to the healthcare clinics across the U.S.. Donation of $5 or more dollars could not be taken back and would be used to build a super fund to produce more interest cash to fund the healthcare clinics.

* People with incomes could get on a low monthy payment plan and only have to pay $5 to $10 a month depending on their income. People with higher incomes would be required to pay more toward their medical bill in the area of $20 to $30 dollars a month interest free. People that had really high incomes and could afford insurance from an insurance company wouldn't be eligible for the payment plan since they can afford their own insurance and medical care. The amount of cash a person had on hand would not be a factor in determining the monthly payment. Only the income could be used along with a persons monthy expenses. "Taking A Persons Savings Isn't The Way To Go Putting Them Into Financial Hardship". Requiring payment through a persons ongoing income, "Is The Way To Go".

* Another way to finance these taxpayer healthcare clinics is to, "Not Let The Unions In". No Doctors, Nurses or any kind of employee unions. All unions of any kind would be, "BANNED" because all they want to do is, "Suck Money Out Of The Systems Pockets" and make union leaders powerful and rich with "Union Dues". The more money the unions get for their employees the more union dues gets paid. Since this taxpayer healthcare system needs huge amounts of cash to be viable and pay the doctors and nurses nice salaries no blood sucking mosquitoes can be allowed to drain cash from the system.

* Funding this clinic system would require the federal government to pay for the health care costs of illegal and legal immigrants from a separate fund away from the general fund of the clinic system. Legal and illegal immigrants can get health care but everyones ID's and SSI numbers would be given including U.S. citizens then the ID's and SSI numbers would be run so illegal aliens and legal immigrants would have their health care charges billed directly to the federal government for payment and "NOT" co-mingled with the general fund that pays for U.S. citizens.