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Friday, November 1, 2013

Why Did My Young Dogs Hind Legs Stop Working? A Possible Reason

Here's a problem someone posted about their dogs back legs going out on them. My dog is having the same problem and even though I found the solution with only a diagnosis from a vet about the knee caps I had to come up with the treatment myself and I was lucky enough to find the solution.
Question posted on "Well Sphere:

Q:Why did my dog's hind legs suddenly stop working?

Posted by seemiljr

My lab is 2 years old at 90lbs. I exercise him at least 20 minutes a day, five days a week. He has had no previous injuries or alements. I wake up one morning and he can't use his back legs. He was fine the night before. I don't think it was an injury to his spine because he is back to normal. It has been 2 days since the incident and there is no sign of anything. I also took him to the vet but I think that I lost braincells while I was in there. They told me that they thought it was a knee problem, like he tore his acl or something. Anyway, I am under suspicion that he injested something he wasn't suppossed to. We live next to a farm and the farmer layed down some manure to fertilize his field the day before. We also put down some chicken manure in our garden. Other than that, I can't think of what else he could have gotten into. What other chemicals or causes could produce this kind of effect?

There are at least 50 replies but here was my reply:

A: Most of the problems that are being described I'm having with my two dogs. My little dog had this problem and the vet stated it was definitely the "Knee Caps". My vet examined the knee cap area which isn't the same as a human and said they were out of the socket. A year later my little dog is fine running around with only an occasional problem of his legs rear legs not working.

Now my larger dog is having problems with her hind legs. Same thing as my little dog had. At the time of this post she's having her bad days and good days.

What I eventually did to my little dog and I'm presently doing to my big dog is stretching their legs, "Forward". It took my little dog some time to get used to but when he was sitting down I'd grab him by the back of the neck so he wouldn't bit me if I hurt him then grabbed a back leg and pulled it straight forward for 30 seconds each rear leg. I just started doing this to my big dog. But after doing the leg stretching for a year some times every day some times every other day as he was having problems he, "Has very little problems using his back legs now". He's running all over the place like he was a little puppy. Once in a great great while his hind legs give out then it goes away and I only stretch them once a month or so.

I'm doing this with my big dog now. I noticed the day after I give her rear legs a good stretch she does better. The day after she does better her legs go out again.

It takes a long, long, long, long time of stretching the dogs rear legs before they start to get better. I will stretch my dogs rear legs every day all year every year until she's up and running around again.

Nothing the vets can do! The knee caps not staying in place is a common aliment in dogs. Stretching their rear legs is the best treatment for this problem.

Don't give your dog any pain reliever except buffered aspirin. Do not give your dog regular aspirin or your dogs digestive system may get screwed up. The aspirin, "Has To Be Buffered" and you can give your dog the "Buffered Aspirin" you take. I purchase the dog buffered aspirin at the pet store and it ain't cheap but it seems to work and my dog appears to be comfortable. Only give your dog pain medication prescribed by your vet. Buffered aspirin is the only pain reliever you can give your dog without a vets prescribtion .

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