"Tea Party", A Spinoff Political Entity In The Republican Party Of Ross Perot's 1990's Reform Party

Saturday, October 5, 2013

The Clinton Global Initiative Is The Home Of Communist Indoctrination

Since nothing can be proven yet do to the democrats hiding the proof where nobody can find it this statement I am making has to be given as, "Speculation".

This is where most or all of the left wing anti constitutionalist progressive communist go to

get their training. The Bill Clinton school of indoctrination disguised as a global humanitarian organization. :( www.cgiu.org/ :( . This Bill Clinton organization maybe promoting the computer hacking into conservative web sites and steers the troll destruction of Tea Party web sites. Thousands upon thousands of well to do democrat personalities donate and promote this anti constitution Bill Clinton organization that passes itself off as a humanitarian support organization. But the reality of this organization is they promote democratic communism in the U.S.. I do say this organization is anti constitutional because it's been proven beyond a reasonable doubt the democrats practice ideologies that go against the U.S. Constitution. The democratic party is well known for being anti constitutional and Bill Clinton wants to take his far left ideology globally and is leading the way with his "Clinton Global Initiative".

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