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face off against in the 2015, 2016 presidential primary. Let's Get Ready For 2024.

List Of Presently Known U.S. Citizens Killed By Illegal Aliens

This All Time Mystery Is
Looked AT Realistically &
Only One Conclusion Can Be Drawn.

Could I Have Solved This All Time Mystery
Though Questions I Had?
I'm Sure You Will Be Taken In And Surprised.

I Wanted To Do This Article Since The
Communist Democrats Are Plugging Equality.
I Created This Article To Correct A Social Injustice.

Joe Biden is nobody's president. He was elected by government elites in the State
and Federal governments along with big money liberalism. The lame
idealism of the Rino libertarians in the Republcan Party are equally at fault too.

This is a must read article. It appears Joe Biden maybe
going down this path of war that Obama put into play
to get the United States into full communism

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It's well known now that President Donald Trump was robbed of his second term in office by the well-maintained Democrat Party voter fraud machine. The Democrat party hangs on to California, New York, Illnois and several other states through this well oiled voter fraud machine and not by voter turnout for their candidates. This Democrat Party voter fraud machine will be activated again in this years 2022 midterm elections all over the United States and this is why the Democrats show no fear of losing The House and Senate completely. The question is will the Rinos in the Republican Party in states that had massive voter fraud happen against Donald Trump let the Communist Democrats do it again?

Wednesday, March 20, 2019

Paul Ryan Strikes Back At Opinion Anchors On Fox News Who Rightly Criticized Him

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We The "Tea Party" Support Jeanine Pirro Who Is Indeed, "Our Public Voice"

  Opinion Written In Response To Article Posted On

Breitbart: Paul Ryan Joins Fox Corp.’s Board of Directors

Written By James Allan | 3-20-2019

So tell me what can it be when "Paul Ryan" gets hired to serve on the "Board Of Directors" at "Fox News" and political commentators who criticized him in the past while he was supporting illegal immigrants when severing in congress start to get fired for like statements they say all the time? I'm personally SHOCKED that "Jeanine Pirro" was fired especially when she was a TOP star at Fox News.

Paul Ryan isn't a top star anywhere and the "Republican Party Base" was very disappointed that he was chosen to be "Speaker Of The House". Paul Ryan was picked to be on the "Fox News" Board Of Directors for one reason and one reason ONLY!. That reason is to PUSH the political agenda of the "Libertarian Party" onto the Republican Party directly and indirectly. "Rupurt Murdock" whom is the "Stock Market Owner" of "Fox News" is a devoted "Libertarian" whom supports open borders and amnesty along with a viewpoint of merging both the "Democrat and Republican" parties into one mess. Hell, when the United States was first created there was only one party that was divided into two rival caucuses so what's the problem with our two political parties?

"Rupert Murdock" needs the "Tea Party" or "Fox News" is DEAD. When the "Republican Party Base" fully realizes that "Fox News" has always been a political media outlet for the "Libertarian Party" rejection will become apparent. "Fox News" has promoted some hard core "Tea Party" leaning anchors into prime spots but it is now known that they are highly restricted from voicing any information that is TRUE and goes against "Libertarian Party" values and are ONLY being used as objects to fool the "Tea Party" into submission.

Does anyone want to talk about "Being Fooled By The Democrat Party" for decades and finding out they actually were supporting COMMUNISM?. Well, how bout we talk about people whom supported the Republican Party for decades only to find out they were under false pretenses supporting "Libertarians" that want corporations to run the United States and cheap immigrant labor. I'm sure at some time in your life you have felt that in some way or another you supported "SCREWING YOURSELF". Of course you denied "Screwing Yourself" and in private found lines to make people believe you didn't "Screw Yourself".

I expect "Jeanine Pirro" to appear on her show this Saturday evening and "Paul Ryan" to be GONE or "HE DOUBLE TOOTHPICKS" will follow in the following weeks. All the "libertarians" should be restricted from "Fox News" and the democrats be toned down also.

What really pisses me off is "Jeanine Pirro" makes a statement that is true in reality and the democrats come on all the programs and lie to no end with the result being "Jeanine Pirro" getting FIRED and more democrats getting hired. THIS IS JUST FCK'IN WRONG and I will use strong language to make my point. This kind of conduct by management only can mean that "Fox News" is becoming the "Libertarian" mockup of CNN and MSNBC.

The "Tea Party" is the BEAST between the "Communist Democrats" and the "Libertarian Republican Rinos". We the "Tea Party" are out to bust up these phony political parties that pronounce themselves falsy to the people and are only for themselves and their PHONY ideologies that produce poverty. Yes, "Libertarian" ideology produces just as much poverty as the "Communist Democrats".

The "Tea Party" believes that the more U.S. Citizens with expendable income in their pockets will produce all kinds of cash flow that anyone can latch onto to support themselves in some way or another. Paths into a massive cash flow must be built through education and has NEVER failed to produce positive results in the past when implemented. Even people that refuse to get themselves educated will find a path into the massive cash flow as has always been to be true. Nobody likes the "Rich To Get Richer" but as long as the Rich spend lots of cash instead of sitting on it so ALL have a good chance of getting a piece of it, no U.S. Citizen should be left out, well, unless you have a "Bottle Of Booze" in your hands everyday and do drugs smuggled in by "Illegal Aliens" you most likely will struggle to survive.

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