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Friday, March 29, 2019

MAGA "Make American Great Again" Defined Here For United States Citizens

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Fox News: Top 2020 Democrats under fire for 'collective bashing of America' after Cuomo gaffe

Written By James Allan | 3-29-2019

The communist democrats have been pushing that the "United States" has never been great because of a few past indiscretions. The communist democrats preach that the "United States" is nothing but greedy racist white people that could care less about the people whom will burn down their towns and destroy businesses in their areas due to them refusing to get educated and participate in a capitalistic society.

It's always racist whites that are to blame for picking on blacks and hispanics who deserve the good life because they were born as humans. Guess what? There's millions more whites in poverty than blacks and hispanics. The whites will ride this black and hispanic "for more welfare" movement to no end. The whites outnumber the blacks and hispanics and if you can get all this self produced black, white and hispanic poverty to the voting booths some real communism can occur. Actually it's all this mass immigration that's causing most poverty.

The biggest rant the communist democrats have is saying "The United States Was Never Great" is slavery. What they don't tell anyone is slavery was started by an extremely rich "Black Man" in the "English Colonies" back before the United States was even thought of. A judge allowed ONLY black men to own slaves that were the same race as themselves and all the wealthy black men took on thousands upon thousands of black slaves the kicked off slavery in the United States.

Slavery has always been blamed on the "White Man" but the truth is its the "Black Man" that started slavery in the United States and this has been proven. The democrats keep pushing the white man was responsible for slavery but the reality is the white man only participated in a negative historical event that was started and moved forward by black men that enslaved themselves "LEGALLY".

The United States First Slave Owner Was A Black Man Named Anthony Johnson

I'm not going to list every negative historical event that happened. I will mention that most poverty is created by massive immigration that pushes U.S. Citizens out of good incomes and forcing them to work for immigrant wages. The "Communist Democrats" and "Libertarian Republican Rinos" will say all this immigration is a positive but that's a falsehood produced to keep wages lower. With lower wages these political entities can keep the population of the United Stated under their thumbs while filling their wallets.

Women were not given the right to vote in the United States until 1920. Many countries didn't give women their right to vote until the 1960's. Was this an atrocity? "NO", but it was a suppression. "MAGA" happened when this was corrected.

What "Makes America Great Again", OK, "MAGA" happened when the slaves were freed. "MAGA" happens when immigration is reduced to the point where "Every" U.S. Citizens can find and maintain a pathway to financial well being and do not have to compete with foreigners in the United States for jobs, services and financial mobility. When "Communism" was defeated in the 1950's "MAGA" happened. "MAGA" happened with the rise of the "Tea Party" in 2008. When "Communism" started to be defeated again in 2016 with the election of "Donald Trump", "MAGA" happened. Every time in the past and present when U.S. Citizens stand up for themselves and fight against government,  "over regulation", "higher taxes", "attempts to move towards a political parties unrealistic and unworkable ideology" and "corruption", "MAGA" happens.

"MAGA" will happen after the 4 sorry ass corrupt and B.S. presidency's of "HW Bush", "Bill Clinton", W Bush" and "Barack Obama" are corrected by the honest and intelligent presidency of "Donald Trump".

"MAGA" happens after something financially or socially goes sour in the United States and is finally corrected by the vote of the people. When bad politicians pile up and start working government away from the people to benefit their own political or self interests "MAGA" goes away. "MAGA" comes back after these no good politicians and their corrupt political parties get destroyed by the peoples vote.

What is "MAGA"? "MAGA" was not present when any of the negative historical issues happened. "MAGA" is when these negative historical issues were, "Corrected".

Millions of people do not understand. The United States was brought to the edge of destruction when the "Libertarian Republican Rinos" took control of the Republican party in congress and decided NOT to fight the buildup of "Communist Democrats". The communist democrats are only out to install, of course, "Communism". They almost did it too! If it were not for the rise of the "Tea Party" the communist democrats would have done it. The weak knee "Libertarian Republican Rinos" were giving these communist democrats their blessing and when both the "communist" and "libertarians" are no longer tolerated, "MAGA" will happen.

"MAGA" happened with the election of "Donald Trump". "MAGA" will happen again when the "Libertarian Republican Rinos" are kicked to the side of the road and the "Communist Democrats" are just a "Negative Historical Event" that happened in the past. "MAGA" can happen a little at a time or all at once. "MAGA" can only happen through the vote of the people whom work to make capitalism strong for ALL U.S. Citizens, well, "A Good Tar And Feathering Can Produce MAGA" too.

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