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Sunday, March 31, 2019

Medicaid Expansion, Republicans Need To Own It As Their Healthcare Plan For Low Income U.S. Citizens

Article Coming Soon: Medicaid Expansion, Republicans Need To Own It As Their Healthcare Plan For Low Income U.S. Citizens

Medicaid Expansion Is Already Passed On The Federal Level. Republicans Need To "Kill Obamacare" And Make The Medicaid Expansion Their Own Because They Have Nothing

  Opinion Written In Response To Article Posted On

Governing: The GOP Cycle of Defying Voters on Medicaid Expansion

Written By James Allan | 3-30-2019

First of all, my big concern is with SAVING the Republican Party from its own knife because they think they know when they don't. There's so many "Libertarian Republican Rinos" in the Republican Party wanting a "work requirement" or "cuts" in peoples healthcare and now we are our own worst enemy. Our elected officials just flipping their lips with their index finger is not an answer. Supporting "Medicaid Expansion" isn't showing support for "obamacare" or socialized medicine but instead it shows some heart for those who earn less.

The democrats passed "Medicaid" expansion in 2012 so it's law but it's up to the states individually to enact it. Many of our elected Republican officials in congress reject "Medicaid Expansion" but since the democrats already passed it and the Republicans need a place to put obamacare users they put up with it. The elected state Republicans are holding out on enacting it for some ideology reasons most likely and the "Libertarians" in the Republican Party always do.

"Beto O'Rouke" and "Bernie Sanders" are coming with their army of commies and still our Republican state politicians are dealing with healthcare as a government financial issue that needs to be cut while U.S. Citizens Republican and democrat view healthcare as their need to stay alive no matter what their incomes are. The Republican Party always gets killed on healthcare because some Republicans won't give in some on it. There are times when you give and take and this is a time you "Give".

I wrote during obama's reign in the White House that the Republicans better get off their fat asses and deal with healthcare. The Republicans had better quit listening to the "Republican Party Rinos" who attack any hint of government helping out with healthcare.

Healthcare beyond "Medicare" and "Medicaid For The Disabled And Children" needs to be addressed or us Republicans are going to get our butts handed to us in 2020 and 2024. We may get Donald Trump re-elected in 2020 but if we get our butts handed to us again in congress were done! "Republicans", we need to let "Medicaid" expansion happen "WITHOUT OBAMACARE". Lets make our Republican state politicians do it!

A federal judge just declared obamacare illegal and ruled the new "work requirement" is illegal so the healthcare issue is popping up again and our Republican state politicians have their thumbs up their hiny's as usual. "Medicare" and "Medicaid" are going broke but the Republican Party is going to get KILLED if we don't present the U.S. public with some sort of government healthcare expansion for low wage people since the Republican Party has no plans and NEVER will. Great, "Space Force" is nice and wanted but after healthcare.

Fixing the funding to "Medicare" and "Medicaid" can be dealt with now starting with eliminating fraud and stopping immigrants from using these programs in any way though shady state and federal programs. Why the hell are "Legal" immigrants allowed to use "Medicaid"? Legal immigrants should go home if they have to rely on the U.S. Welfare system. The United States government can offer transportation to a hospital in the immigrants home country if they get sick or hurt in the U.S..

We MUST give in on some government healthcare expansion and "Medicaid" is the place to do it so our Republican state elected officials do NOT kill the Republican Party which will happen time and time again. The Republicans don't want another democrat commie president but they are making another democrat commie president a reality if the Republicans don't do some "Medicaid" expansion.

The federal government did indeed allow "Medicaid" expansion done by the democrats for obamacare during obama's presidency but some Republican states will not do the expansion. Sure, expanding "Medicaid" back during the obama years would be expanding obamacare but that's not the case right now even though the "Libertarian Republican Rino" John McCain destroyed the removal of it. There were many libertarians in the Republican Party that rejected the plan to remove obamacare but all voted for the plan to remove obamacare except John McCain. My thought is "John McCain" was the sacrificial lamb for the whole group of "Libertarian Republican Rinos" wanting to keep obamacare since he knew he was going to die.

The states cannot be forced to do the expansion but the RNC can start to develop some popular alternate candidates to run against the state incumbents. I'm more worried about the Republican Party getting blasted in congressional elections because these RINO republicans keep shooting us in the foot. Our feet have plenty of bullet holes in them from the "Libertarian Republican Rinos" fighting us for their ideology, "IN OUR POLITICAL PARTY".

My first thought about creating a healthcare plan in past writings that would benefit the working poor and poor was just to put County run "Free To The Working Poor" clinics all over hell and back since most County governments already have public County hospitals up and running. The doctors and staffs would be paid DIRECTLY from Medicare and Medicaid through the "Block Grants" Donald Trump was going to do. I used the County clinics and hospitals when I was in my younger years and except for a few flaky nurses the care and healing were good. The doctors who treated me were all private practice physicians.

Nobody cared about any form of government run healthcare so the County clinic expansion idea wasn't met well. These County run clinics and hospitals that already exist are never going away. In Las Vegas where I'm at Clark County has many of their "UMC" clinics running. My guess is you still have to be on Medicare or Medicaid. I haven't used the "UMC" clinics.

I have a primary doctor but I mainly use the "Quickie Clinics" that are popping up all over the place. The "Quickie Clinics" all accept "Medicare" and "Medicaid". All over the news you hear about our "Vets" having to wait weeks to get an appointment but I can tell you I have to wait weeks also to get an appointment with my Primary doctor so I just skip the Primary and go to the "Quickie Clinics". Sometimes the wait is a couple of hours but I don't have to wait weeks.

The "Quickie Clinic" I've been using charges the insurance $125 for a visit. There are many "Quickie Clinics" in my area that only charge $60 and why I still go to the $125 clinic, well, I've had good experiences at this "Quickie Clinic". The insurance companies will up the premiums for using higher fee clinics. The doctors are great  at the clinic I use and took care of my problems with the greatest of ease for small problems that are a pain in the ass to take care of at home. My primary charges $127 but I have to wait 2 to 3 weeks to see him.

I was doing some healthcare research for this article and decided to take a better look at "Medicaid" since there was a big deal about expanding it through "Obamacare". I already had realized that obamacare was a government takeover of all healthcare in the United States that was just a stepping stone to "Medicare For All And A Single Payer Plan" government healthcare. I will take a look at "Medicare" later. These are stepping stones to communism.

What I really realized is, "obamacare and all these government run healthcare plans are NOT needed" and are of NO value as effective financial tools for healthcare. Just the point that "Medicaid" can be expanded without any obese plan that surrounds it shows the intent of the "communist democrats" plan to move towards a communist society with the beginning takeover of the medical industry in the private sector.

The eligibility for "Medicaid" was changed back in 1996 to income based eligibility and expanded to cover ALL adults under 65 in 2012 depending on if your state wanted "Medicaid" expanded. The supreme court stated states cannot be forced to expand "Medicaid" and many did not.

"Medicaid Expansion" with "Work Requirements" was introduced in 2018 by Donald Trump but a federal judge struck the requirement down. I do like the "Work Requirement" but if it puts stress on the elections against the Republican Party it needs to be dropped. "Work Requirements" for Food Stamps and some other programs doesn't create stress on the Republican Party but it does on healthcare to cut it loose.

Your eligibility for "Medicaid" is based on your INCOME and NOT your assets. You keep your bank accounts and your property but you cannot "Transfer" any of your assets to someone else at any time. I also found out young adults can get "Medicaid" if the state your in allows it. I checked the income level a person is allowed to make in my state of Nevada and it's a whopping "$1300.00" a month. All this came out of "obamacare". In retrospect, "obamacare was just Medicaid Expansion inside intense obesity".

Nevada is one of those "obamacare" states and "Medicaid" was expanded under the obamacare rules. Many states never adopted obamacare and never expanded "Medicaid". Without the "Medicaid" expansion if your injured and without insurance and have no income you can get on "Medicaid" but if your a healthy adult you cannot.

All in all? The Republican Party needs to get behind the expansion of "Medicaid" or die by their own knife. I will take my chances and beat up on the Republican Party so I can be shunned by my political party in an effort to stop the Republican Party from making another "Obama Presidency A Reality".

It's just plain stupid for the Republican Party not to get behind "Medicaid" expansion without "Obamacare" since the "Medicaid Expansion" is already law. Taking advantage of something the democrats did is a win also. Hell, if the democrats win the presidency they will attempt to give credit for all of Donald Trumps accomplishments to "Obama" so why can't we get a win with the Expansion of Medicaid?

The communist democrats passed "Medicaid Expansion" so why are the Republicans NOT taking advantage of it? Get behind the "Expansion Of Medicaid" without the "work requirement" and worry about the funding later because I can tell all my Republican leadership you sure the hell will NEVER do any cuts to it so pull your heads out of your asses and get behind the "Expansion Of Medicaid".

Again, I'm fighting for the life of the Republican Party over some dumb ass thought of cutting spending in medical programs that NEVER will be cut or adding a work requirement that has been blocked and kicks people out of their healthcare if they don't work. Healthcare could hand us another major loss in congress and I'd rather play this one on the safe side by having the Republican Party as a whole fully support the "Expansion Of Medicaid" without any side rules. The Republican Party can't make improvements and adjustments in law and government functions if they, "Zigged When They Should Have Zagged" and pissed people off to the point communism smells good.

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