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Thursday, June 9, 2016

Hillary Clinton Draws Massive Crowds Of Gay U.S. Citizens That Make Up Her Crowds At Rallies

Personal Sexual Preference Will Not Be Allowed To Create Laws In The U.S.

Written By Tea Party Main Street | 6-9-2016 |
For Full Transparency Of Elected Officials

Sure, I've seen gay pride parades on the news and they draw in hundreds of gays out to show their pride in public. Hey, all persons with birth defects have some pride and want to openly show how proud they are to be them in public. Public perception of what's normal is the homosexuals goal to change. The homosexuals own public social thought of them being normal is in their own world only due to they can't feel natures law of the natural heterosexual. Gays want a sense of normalcy and Hillary has stayed in the closet because that's her normalcy to keep her wonderlust of wealth and power she has gained being the wife of Bill Clinton going. It's time for Hillary Clinton to step out of the closet. It's already been proven that many homosexuals marry the opposite sex to cover up their homosexuality for power and grace in what nature made between man and women to be normal. It's time for Hillary Clinton to show some, "Gay Pride".

Bill Clintons lover Paula Jones even mentioned that during the two's sexual talk Bill had a slip of the tongue in joviality that Hillary Clinton has eaten more female bush than he ever had. Hillary Clinton even mentioned in her book that she had experimentations in her college years with another young female homosexual and has kept her first female homosexual encounter in jobs close to her. Other stories I've read from completely independent sources confirm Hillary Clinton has close ties shes kept to the homosexual community and not just because she's out to garner votes from them. Anthony Wieners wife Huma Abedin was always at Hillary's side 24/7 while Anthony Wiener was shaking his penis all over the internet. Donna Shalala was Hillary Clintons suspected hookup in the 1990's.

You know, that ol Bill Clinton has a cigar that smokes beyond what's the normal for males. It ain't touch and go for Bill Clinton, "It's Just Go And Go And Go". If his wife Hillary Clinton isn't taking advantage of Bill Clintons "Go Monster" then Hillary is with the "In Crowd Of Days That Are Always Gay". Rock'in Bill Clintons world with the "Fire Between" doesn't get it for Hillary. Using the "Fire Between" to exercise the tongues of hot cup cakes is more Hillary's go to. Looks like Bill Clinton has the satisfaction Hillary lets other women have.

Homosexuals are looking for their champion and have found their champion in Hillary Clinton which keeps Hillary Clinton rallies and campaign speeches filled with persons that are homosexual in nature filling the bleachers constantly. U.S. homosexual citizens and homosexual immigrants from all over the world attend and cheer on their champion Hillary Clinton. Gay Pride parades don't pack as many homosexuals in as Hillary Clinton rallies. There's no surprise that when you view the audience's at Hillary Clinton gatherings large and small you will see buildings packed wall to wall with homosexuals cheering on their champion. The Gay Pride that Hillary Clinton emits is overwhelming when she's speaking to her crowds of same sex supporters.

Many people tossed some fun at Barack Obama calling him the first black gay president but the fact of the matter is we are looking at a possible first female president who would rather have a first lady rather than Bill Clinton as the first man. Hillary Clinton without a doubt would rather have her husband Bill Clinton as a staffer because she just isn't into staff.

There's blocks of gay republicans but they are only concerned about earning and the financial state of the U.S. so they can live their lives out in comfort as all normal heterosexuals are concerned about. They understand natures law is "Man And Women".

Transparency is the goal of our U.S. government or so they say since they are always talking about being transparent. "We The People" are now going to demand and get some transparency that our elected officials keep promising. You elected officials promised us transparency and us U.S. citizens are going to deliver what you elected officials promised to us. There's not going to be any "Painted Windows" anymore. The persons who get elected into public office is the choice of U.S. citizens based on transparency and not "Painted Windows". If U.S. citizens elect Hillary Clinton as their first homosexual women president the decision U.S. citizens make won't be made through a "Painted Window" that is hiding Hillary Clintons homosexuality which will create laws based on her personal preferences.

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