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Friday, April 1, 2016

My Personal Opinion About Donald Trump's True Feelings About Women

Tea Party Main Street | 4-1-2016 (No April Fools Here)

The only reason I'm writing this article is because Donald Trump is being seen unfairly by the so called 73% of women that grew up indoctrinated into the thought that "Home Economics" was there path and place so they never developed into the persons that could go to that higher level to achieve monetary respect. I'm a male that hasn't achieved monetary success and I have no problems with women who have. I don't think that it's someone else's fault. It's my own fault. Males finding a well off women to marry just isn't reality for a male. The social makeup is the women never pays and if she does the male is just a "Boy Toy". NO I don't believe that all males married to well off women are "Boy Toys" if the chemistry is there and a family emerges. The roles are just reversed. The role of the man earning over the women is just the way the social makeup has been until the 1970's and females staying home and taking care of the house and kids have put them at a disadvantage since the dawn of the human race. Now this disadvantage is being blamed on Donald Trump and the republican party by the democrats who are using women to beat up on republican men. The fact of the matter is, "REPUBLICAN WOMEN ARE TREATED AS EQUALS TO REPUBLICAN MEN" and they always have been. The only political party that thinks of women as being secondary is the democratic party whom are pushing the inequality between men and women to attack the republicans whom treat republican women as equals.

I have no problem about diving into this subject about women because I've met all types of men and women's personality's and even though women are generally physically weaker than men in most cases their brains are in fact on the same level as a man's brain when it comes to intelligence. Many physically trained women can whoop the crap out of men. There are men that are physically weaker than women and I'll tell you I've worked with these physically women men. The two main traits physically and mentally that separate men and women beyond the apparent gender makeup is "Muscular Build" and "Emotional Output". The emotional output is mainly based on the fact that men learn how to control their emotions faster than women and women don't always learn how to control their emotions at all. When boys and girls are infants and toddlers they all get emotional. The boys just are not coddled as much as the girls so they learn to control their emotions faster.

The biggest reason why more women navigate to the democratic party is they are women that run off "Emotions" and haven't learned how to solve problems through realistic thought. When you talk to most hardcore democratic women you will get overwhelmed with emotion on social issues. If you say for example, "Donald Trump" they get mean and go into an emotional nightmare. "True". Everything with these types of women are based on emotion without regard to any type of logical thought on how to solve a problem through any type of logic. In fact, they are under their own thoughts that emotional thought is logic? Yes, of coarse there are men like this also that have gotten in touch with the woman they are. Kinda like the homosexuals without the same sex sexual drives.

Donald Trump has always been around and has always surrounded himself with intellectual women even though he has run into these emotional type women like the woman that he ran into that had to breast feed her baby in the middle of a high level business meeting. Then when he stated his dislike for it the women got all emotional on him and went into her emotional nightmare. Again, I've run into men running on high levels of emotions also that get pissy when you say something they don't like or challenge what they are doing. There's just so many more emotional women than men.

Hey, I have emotions also but after you grow up into adulthood I learned that emotions don't solve problems and in most cases make problems a lot worse. Most men learn to stay away from the emotional thing because emotional states don't solve problems or increase betterment unless you cry hard enough to someone that's sick of hearing you like the democrats do to the republicans whom find it easier to give them lots of welfare to shut them up.

An example I'll give about a male I ran into that never learned how to control his emotional state of mind is when I walked into a McDonalds after I had just finished work. I was working graveyards and my cloths were a mess and I was dirty with mussed up hair. I ordered a couple egg mcmuffins and the shift manager served me. This shift manager went "Ballistic" on me and grabbed a large kitchen spoon in front of the cooks and started to brandish it at me like he was going to attack me with it. He was screaming and yelling wildly. I thought he was a "Fricken Joke" and told him to ring up my egg mcmuffins and he came over with the spoon and rung me up. He started to shout at me again with the spoon as the cooks were making my treats so I just stood there and looked at him with amazement as the cooks and the other customers were doing. The cooks finally put my treats up in the warming racks and I told this wacko shift manager to get my egg mcmuffins for me and he finally put the damn spoon down and with outstretched arms put them in a bag and put them on the counter. The next time I came back to that McDonalds the shift manager was gone and I never seen him again. I didn't say anything to get him fired but I'm sure this incident made some headlines with others that witnessed it. This is the way the democrats are and have become as a whole. They are emotional whack jobs and are in control of the United States and all the republicans do is feed them to shut them up. I've had my share of these types in my lifetime and they are mainly women whom have never learned how to control their emotions.

Donald Trump doesn't seem like he's ever been around these types of people much. Yeah, Donald Trump has had media encounters with these types like Rosie O'Donnell and other emotional nightmares of Hollywood that have absolutely no rational thought. When Donald Trump talks off the cuff about women he's treating them the exact same way he would talk about men. With Donald Trump business shaped his life and thoughts and he doesn't look at men and women differently as to gender. Donald Trump looks at "Who Can Get The Job Done To Produce Positive Results" and "Who Can Make Me Money". Doesn't matter if it's a man or women. The only thing that matters is "Positive Results" and who can get them for him. Donald Trump has had women working for him but only because those women could get the positive results he wanted in the business world. Donald Trump deals heavily in construction which is dominated by men and if Donald Trump found women that could deal with the heavy physical work loads he would hire them. Very few women want to do construction because of the heavy physical labor involved. Donald Trump doesn't have any deep seeded hatred for women at all. With Donald Trump it's only "Who Can Produce The Best Results".

If I applied for a job on Donald Trumps staff and couldn't produce the desired results he'd replace me with a women that could if he came in contact her. Simple as that. The problem with Donald Trump is he hasn't made the mental transition over to dealing with the women that "Won't" do hard physical labor like men do.

Another example of why so many women haven't learned how to control their emotions is in their younger years of school they were directed into "Home Economics" and never set foot into shop classes like "Welding", "Auto" and "Wood Shop". They are always pushed by their 1950's and beyond parents to "Home Economics". I took home economics also but I also took "Wood Shop" and "Welding" classes. You'd see a "Whole Different World" if more parents would direct their daughters into "Welding", "Automotive" and "Wood" Shop classes as men are pushed to take "Home Economics". Lots of women are also pushed into "Typing" classes. I took typing also. Still to this day I benefitted from that class even though I still hit a lot of the wrong keys and constantly have to go back and do corrections. Great thing for computers that save me tons of time and  money in purchasing cases of "White Out". Maybe if my fingers could fly better back in those days I would have been pushing these articles coming out of high school.

The point is that the hard knocks in life teach you how to control your emotions and not enough women have learned how to do that let alone learn a skill that will advance them financially. I've worked for women that were just as skilled as men if not better to manage and the women I worked for didn't have the emotional baggage as most other women following social issues. If you want to see prime examples of women without all that emotional baggage you can find them on Fox News. CNN, MSNBC and other CBS, ABC and NBC news anchors employ women news anchors that have tons of emotional baggage and this comes out when they start backing "Social Issues". The Fox News women anchors don't carry that emotional baggage and it shows in their news reports and that's why Fox News is stepping above the field of other news outlets. I'm only using the news outlets as examples because they are easy to access and see as a comparison. Even though Roger Ailes got me going about the treatment of Donald Trump I give him credit for hiring good solid women news personal. Can't say the same thing about some of the men working at Fox News even though most are OK.

If you want to see what I'm talking about just tune into, "The View" and you will see a talk show built around emotional baggage. Except for the one conservative women hired to piss off the other 4 women the show is built around emotional baggage. When the one conservative women tosses in some reasonable thought the other 4 blow up with emotional baggage. If the one conservative women wasn't getting paid great amounts of cash to put up with it she'd toss a bag of potato chips on the table to keep them smacking their lips to shut them up. Fox News does this also but in reverse. On Fox News it's conservatives with a "Male" that has emotional baggage. The 4 conservatives will talk reason and only have to listen to one person on the democratic side spewing emotional baggage. There's a couple of democratic women used on Fox News they use that dump emotional baggage but it isn't as bad as "The View". CNN has loads of male emotional baggage.

Donald Trump isn't used to being around all this emotional baggage. Donald Trump lives in a world of get it done or get yourself gone. When Donald Trump runs into these politicians that got elected with their social baggage he just, "Gives Them Money" to shut up. Whenever Donald Trump makes a comment about a women with emotional social baggage he gets jumped on big time and is called a "Women Hater" which is completely false. Donald Trump can verbally beat up as many men as he pleases and all that's said about it is for him to stop his "Childish Bickering". There's no difference in the way Donald Trump treats men and women. It's all the same. You dump on him and he will shit on you.

The jist is, women that can control their emotions and not bring the social emotional baggage into the work place or in the public eye always do just as well as men of the same education if not better. Sure, back in the 1950's and before women had social pressures keeping them down mostly brought on by the democrats until the communist started taking over the democratic party and were putting the blame for the economic pressures of women and blacks on the republicans whom of coarse tossed them some welfare and other little goodies to shut them up.

As for abortion that Donald Trump is getting in trouble for now. It is a hot button issue because the democrats engage in "Sport Sex" constantly as a way of life then turn women against republicans when the republicans start pushing "Responsibility" concerning sex. Democrats don't like "Responsible Sex" and like their "Free For All Sexual Encounters" that produce unwanted babies they need to get rid of. Democratic women don't want to get penalized for not taking responsibility for the child they create through their "Free For All Sexual Encounters". They just want the penis. "True". Family values are on the republican side only. Open relationships, threesomes, orgies, married swing sex, homosexuality, butt sex and sex parties are all part of the democrat lifestyles where unwanted babies are created and a path has to stay open to get rid of the babies so the fun can go on. Women penalized for abortions? That would end the fun. The only wants of the democrats is an unobstructed road to Planned Parenthood. Democratic women and men have to turn women against the republican party and young struggling impressionable women voters who haven't learned to control their emotions are their targets of indoctrination and have been since the 1960's. The more sex young women have with good penis the happier the democrats are with their "up and coming" (Not A Sexual Pun) voter round up. This has worked for the democrats for years against the republicans who just try to get them contraceptives.

These are my own personal opinions on the issues from my own personal experiences of dealing with people "Rich" and "Poor". I've worked personally for a few rich people and I've been around very poor people and do have some insight concerning a variety of personalities. With women and men it always comes back to what you've learned and what you've done and how well you can control your emotions. The only difference between women and men is the physical strength and gender. As for brains and emotions no difference except men learn how to control their emotions more than women whereas more women learn how to be more practical than men. If you combine the men's learned emotional control with the women's learnings as to how to be practical in both political parties the democratic party would be destroyed.

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