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Thursday, March 31, 2016

Libertarian Establishment Republicans Will Create a "Third Party" If They Go To A Contested Convention


Tea Party Main Street | 3-31-2016

The establishment republicans without a doubt need the libertarians to keep the pet collars around the necks of the non libertarian "Ultra Conservative Republican Party Wing" base voters. But there's a choice the in power establishment republicans need to make and that is "Hard Core Business Communism" Ted Cruz will bring which means business controls congress or to try and do libertarian light which means congress controls business.

Ted Cruz is just Ron Paul and represents Ron Paul's open borders advocates. Ron Paul and the libertarians are all about "Business Communism" and to spell out what business communism is: "Business Controls Congress, Laws And The United States As A Whole".

Ted Cruz does not have any "Black U.S. Citizen Vote And Very Little Women's Vote.

Guess what? The news cycle states 73% of the women's vote rejects Donald Trump. OK, Donald Trump has 23% of the women's vote. Ted Cruz has very little women. Carly Fiorina? She isn't bringing Ted Cruz any women. The women Ted Cruz has are single libertarian women that use low cost illegal alien labor for home repairs so they won't have to use high priced contractors especially in farm and ranch states. I've met these types of women. In fact Carly Fiorina repels women! Yes, the Ted Cruz Ron Paul libertarians do have some women but they are all on Fox News and CNN bad mouthing Donald Trump. The Women Ted Cruz has are very few and far between and they may register under 1% of the population. Ted Cruz can only fill a high school gym with supporters that's why Ted Cruz only holds town halls and not outside stadium rallies. If you see a Ted Cruz rally with more people it was put together by another organization and not his campaign. Ted Cruz does have the Hispanic women's vote and only wins in states that use immigrant labor for profit.

I in all my wild speculations wouldn't believe that the establishment republicans would back Ted Cruz as president knowing that Ted Cruz represents the Ron Paul libertarian party and will work towards business controlling the establishment republicans in congress and all of congress. Business is already controlling congress through political donations but the congressional representatives that take the business donations are not "Fully" under the control of business as of yet. With Ted Cruz in the presidency business would fully control congress and the presidency or the "Money Will Stop Flowing". I guess the establishment republicans would rather take a chance with Ted Cruz's "Libertarian Heavy" over Donald Trump tearing down the monetary structure that keeps the establishment republicans making themselves rich beyond anyone's wildest dreams by getting elected to congress.

The third political party you say? It's simple, "If the establishment republicans go around the U.S. citizen popular vote and the number of state wins a candidate has in the republican primary people will get a first hand view of republican party corruption". The republican party bosses and/or chosen delegates "DO NOT GET TO CHOSE" over the will of the people through a brokered or contested republican convention. No matter how you bake the republican convention if small groups of people that were hand picked by state party leaders are the only votes to pick who's going to be "President Of The United States" the vote of U.S. citizens is trashed.

The only way the republican party bosses can keep the republican party convention clean of corruption is to have some kind of nationwide vote of republican party U.S. citizens between the remainder of the candidates that didn't make it to the 1237 delegate count but did get at least half of the 1237 delegates which is 618 delegates. Under 1237 but above 618 would trigger some kind of national convention vote that would be open to "ALL"  republican U.S. Citizens. To bad if they have to spend more money for a second national vote.

The second national vote could be done electronically now at little expense and mail in cards sent out to people that actually voted republican in each state primary. Easy as that!

What people don't understand about the "General Election" is millions of republican voters will "NOT" vote for a foreign born for president of the U.S.. The general election will be another "Mitt Romney" experience where millions of republican voters stay home and let Hillary Clinton or Bernie sanders win as punishment to the establishment GOP. Hey, the problem is "Illegal Aliens" and if you are going to vote in the libertarian foreign born Ted Cruz who won't remove "ALL" the illegal aliens then there's no difference if Hillary Clinton or Bernie sanders becomes president.

The general election will come down basically to how "Many Democrats Stay Home".

Ted Cruz is a "Libertarian" and libertarian lie constantly. Ted Cruz is preaching the "Wall" but will not dig into the removal of illegal aliens. What will happen if Ted Cruz becomes president is he will get together with republican leaders and they all will pick which libertarians in the republican party will vote against the "Wall" with the democrats. There will be enough libertarians to either give the democrats the option of the filibuster or just to defeat the "Wall" outright. This is basically what's happening now and the reason why there's "No Fight" against the democrats.

If Ted Cruz gets elected because democrats do not turn out the "Third Party" will rise up behind Donald Trump to destroy the establishment libertarian GOP. If Hillary Clinton or Bernie Sanders gets elected because democrats turned out enough to beat Ted Cruz the third party will rise up behind Donald Trump to destroy the establishment GOP.

The only way the libertarian establishment GOP can stop the rise of a "Third Party Under Donald Trump" is to let Donald Trump become president of the United States through a "Fair" election that doesn't shut out the vote of U.S. citizens. If Ted Cruz just happens to get elected through a "Fair" vote of U.S. citizens by popular vote or now called a "Plurality" then so be it. The "Third Party" will not rise. If the establishment libertarian republicans do the "Delegate" vote thing that shuts out the popular or plurality vote of U.S. citizens the third party will rise up against the libertarian establishment GOP until they are "DESTROYED".

The democrats, libertarians or constitutional conservative party will never be able to grow big enough to create a "Third Party". In fact if they leave the republican party because of Donald Trump's election it wouldn't hurt the outcome of the general election for Donald Trump at all because the Donald Trump democrats and independents would be 100 times greater than the libertarians that won't turn out. The libertarians that are threatening to stay home if Donald Trump gets the nomination won't vote for non libertarian republicans in the first place even though they are part of the republican party. The libertarians in the republican party have "NEVER" voted a republican. They did not vote for John McCain or Mitt Romney so why the hell would anybody think they would vote for Donald Trump. Ted Cruz is Ron Paul and Glen Beck Libertarian so they will turn out and vote for Ted Cruz. There vote is so little it's never noticed anyway. It's the constitutional independents that didn't turn out for Mitt Romney because Romney supported gay marraige that are the major factor that "Will" turn out for Donald Trump along with 20% and even more of the "Blue Dog Democrats


The non libertarian "Tea Party" can create the "Third Party" once leadership is established and can cause more trouble than the establishment republicans want to deal with or spend their millions on defending against us. A "Third Party" means Hillary or Sanders will be president but a vote for Ted Cruz means "Were Not Going To Get Rid Of The Illegal Alien In The United States and More Are Going To Keep Coming" under a Ted Cruz presidency because Ted Cruz is "OWNED BY THE OPEN BORDER LIBERTARIANS".  

"GOOOOOOOOOOOOOO DONALD TRUMP". Win or Lose Donald Trump will always have political strength behind him so why not work with Donald Trump and not have to face what's coming down the road if you cheat Donald Trump out of the popular or plurality vote gave him which will be "US". You may get away with cheating someone else into the White House now but we're coming for you "GOP Pecker Heads" even if we lose.

In ending this long article, you bonehead democrats and libertarian republicans have to look at this situation this way, "Another 8 to 16 years of NO immigrant removal means another 8 to 16 years of hard times and struggling for U.S. citizens" so why should we not create a third party and just "Tear The Holy Hell Out Of The Political Establishment" so all the "PECKER HEAD" politicians suffer right along with us. 

Non Donald Trump supporters upset with their votes being tossed in the garbage at a contested republican convention, Blacks, Donald Trump supporters and the democrats Donald Trump attracted will never turn out for Ted Cruz in the general election which means Hillary or Bernie will win anyway so why not get the "Third Party" going so we can at least attack the GOP and democrats as illegal aliens are "Legalized" and/or get their citizenship. "We have to end the GOP leadership and if they get away with electing Ted Cruz or John Kasich in a contested convention we will be screwed so bad".

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