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Friday, March 25, 2016

Is The White House A Place Where Women Only Get Hired To Do A Job


Marco Rubio Did This To Ted Cruz Says The Daily Beast

Tea Party Main Street | 3-25-2016

Bill Clinton sure made Monica do a job for him to get her paycheck. Barney Franks hired a young boy to give a job to and there's no doubt that the little boy had to do his job with Barney Franks. JFK had the young ladies that had jobs to do with him but I've never read anything about the jobs being done with JFK in the White House oval office. Now we are going to see this sexual dance again on the desk in the oval office with Ted Cruz pushing his weight onto poor working women or should I say "And Interns".

If Hillary becomes president of the United States and gets into the White House heaven help all the women that will have to exercise their tongues on Hillary and Huma to get their paychecks. It's not only men that create sexual discrimination against women.

I'm sure other presidents and congressional representatives had their jobs done on premier government property without a doubt. Back in the day when the White House was built the construction workers had a brothel for a short time period on White House grounds.

What in spanky words did the taxpayers pay for? A place of lust without love that taxpayers pay elected representatives to go and get spanked and spray their ointment freely onto a target that can see it coming? These joyful events bring a new meaning to the "White" in the name "White House". The act itself isn't shameful but the act with others is shameful when we expect our elected representatives only to be doing their act with the one we know you are suppose to be doing the act with and not other lovely lusters while your wife sadly lusts for you. Since we know now that you won't be doing that act that is respectful with your sweetie go over to the V.P.'s house and make that your house of "Ill Repute" Ted Cruz.

The big issue with women is sexual discrimination and being made to perform for their paychecks but I guess when women enter the halls of government buildings the performances go on above the sexual discrimination laws just as insider trading is against the law for us but not anyone elected to public office. The EPA computers are full of porno and the president says if the EPA gets to spray ointment onto the underside of their desktops watching porno the "President of The United States" and "Congress" should be able to get some real flesh and do the EPA ten times better.

It is of my own knowledge that Ted Cruz is a libertarian and libertarians are "Half Democrat & Half Republican" so it is now of my enhanced knowledge that the democratic side of Ted Cruz takes a superior level in Ted Cruz's personality. Ted Cruz's personality is looking like a personality of conquest since he hasn't done anything to impress anyone voting for him by getting conquests in the voters favor. Ted Cruz putting his "Little Ted" inside many women just shows he can fool women into believing they will get something if they stoke his genie. What did they get? A leading promise that will never come? No, they never got anything except satisfying Ted Cruz's urge to get a conquest. Really now, the words I just wrote sound like Ted Cruz's presidential campaign. Ted Cruz is just after the big conquest without having to do anything for U.S. citizens to be worthy of the conquest. All us U.S. citizens are well aware now that Bill Clinton is all about the conquest.

The pics and names have been gotten by P.I.'s

Hey Ted Cruz, we've had plenty of mess all over the walls and furniture of the White House and I myself am against having your sexual conquests play out in the oval office of the White House with the interns. Cost taxpayers money to have those blue dresses cleaned or replaced when the FBI has to cut chunks of your DNA off of them.

Ted Cruz, you had your anchor babies with Heidi so when you go Cruz'in on Heidi there's no love loss because the love was never present. It just makes me wonder if Heidi Cruz is like Hillary and likes to be funny and eat the other females. Hey, Hillary has Huma! Who does Heidi have? We'll sure be awaiting that news to hit the headlines if it's reality or the news Heidi truly lusts for you and you are just using Heidi for an anchor baby family and she quietly lusts for you as your out doing some conquests with other women.

We also know you will have "Secret Service" Ted Cruz if you become president but what we are just realizing is you will have a second "Secret Service" comprised of lovely young ladies who won't cry out the words, "Sexual Harassment" when they ask for a raise for services and you yell back at them, "You're Suppose To Give Me The Raise". I bet, I mean I really bet ol Ted Cruz that your ultimate sexual fantasy is to "Play President Of The United States" and have your women dress up in "Secret Service" outfits and train them to fire your gun you issue to them.

Hopefully voters will wise up fast and push you Ted Cruz away from the presidency so we can get a respectful president in the White House that keeps it to his sweetie and has experience creating jobs and working the economy to our favor as he worked the economy to his own favor. We don't need a Ted Cruz type who's only accomplishment is making money by flapping his yap and getting people to give him money like Jim Jones did to build his empire of the Jones Town dammed.

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