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Thursday, March 24, 2016

The Establishment Republican, Who They Are And What They Are All About


Business Funds The Establishment Republican Whom Makes Profit Laws For Payola

Tea Party Main Street | 3-24-2016

Lots of news pundits telling everyone that there are no establishment republicans and there's no meaning to the words, "Establishment Republican". More thought control to keep the ways that go against U.S. citizens gaining wealth and a voice that would mean the end of the "Establishment Republican Monopoly" of a government that lets business control the U.S. as long as the fleet of establishment republicans gain re-election funds and are part of the insider trading network that lets elected congressional representatives use the insider trading network to gain monsterous wealth while they are not in congress serving the people they were elected to serve.

Whenever you come across a well known media person supporting a known establishment republican like Mark Levin supports Ted Cruz there is some kind of money making scheme developing like Ted Cruz's "Fair Tax" plan that will dump billions of dollars into the pockets of the wealthy each year and produce wealth for Ted Cruz beyond belief while Ted Cruz is in the White House serving his libertarian business communist cohorts. Ted Cruz is a "Ringer" for the establishment republicans and you can see this by the fact that Ted Cruz isn't getting attacked by the establishment republicans and never was attacked. The only one saying the Senate hates Ted Cruz is Ted Cruz.  Jeb Bush along with other establishment republicans endorsing Ted Cruz means Ted Cruz isn't what he makes himself out to be.

Who are the establishment republican you ask? Ok, I'll tell you gladly so all that don't know and are in a habit of believing the yocums giving you the news who are far from savvy newscasters or in the bucket with the establishment republicans will become the bearers of accurate information on this subject.

Establishment Republicans In A Nutshell Are Real

* The establishment republicans always replenish themselves which means when one retires or gets voted out they have another one ready to be elected and fill the vacated congressional seat or take another non establishment republicans seat. Any establishment republicans whom have persons employed for them or are in charge of appointing personal to high level positions will always find and chose other establishment republicans. Establishment republicans always keep it very expensive to run for congressional office or the presidency and who supplies the cash to establishment republicans so they can get elected? "BUSINESSES" who make the establishment republicans wealthy after the establishment republicans get elected with the cash business supplies.

* The establishment republicans always say that "Business Created Jobs" to fool U.S. citizen voters into supporting the establishment republican business agenda that keeps the congressional insider trading network intact so the establishment republican congressional representatives can always gain massive wealth by getting elected to congress and the presidency. The fact of the matter is "U.S. Citizens" create jobs by starting businesses through jobs they do for other U.S. citizens that have created businesses for themselves and not by Business or Government. U.S. citizens create the businesses that supply the jobs that employ other U.S. citizens. The falsehood that business creates jobs is just to keep the wealth going into the pockets of elected representatives not for U.S. citizens who get their wealth through creating profit laws for businesses.

* You can tell you have an establishment republican when you want laws that are in favor of yourself and other U.S. citizens and the establishment republicans create laws that favor business instead. An example of this is "You Want The Illegal Aliens Removed To Create Higher Wages And More Job Opportunities" and the "establishment republican creates laws to retain the illegal aliens and bring in more". The establishment republican creating more "Legal" immigration also no matter how bad your financial situation is getting. The more immigrants legal or illegal that are let into the U.S. the more profits the businesses that supply the establishment republicans with insider information and cash can make. The establishment republican puts little effort into bringing jobs back to the U.S. because the congressional insider trading they have access to in congress lets them make plenty of money even if all the products are made in china and mexico. Doesn't matter where on the planet products are made the establishment republican gets their wealth. Trickle Down economics makes U.S. citizens believe they will make higher wages but the fact of the matter is nothing trickles down and it all goes into the pockets of businesses and the elected establishment republicans.

* The election rules that were built into the system when the republican party first came to be is just another prime example of how the establishment republicans keep power in the U.S. by circumventing the will of the peoples vote. An example of one of the systems that always go in favor of the establishment republican to replenish themselves is the "Contested And Brokered Convention". The brokered or contested convention at the end of the republican primary gives the election of the republican presidential nominee to the republican party bosses. As is happening in the 2016 primary election the mountains of cash that's being supplied by businesses created a lineup of 17 republican presidential candidates to take away nominating delegates from any candidate that's on the side of U.S. citizens so the final presidential choice will go to a brokered or contested republican convention where the republican party bosses can pick the republican presidential candidate over the will of the people candidate whom is Donald Trump. Also the voting system has "Never" been updated to get more U.S. citizens to vote. This is "Not" done intentionally. The state caucus system is a stink'in joke that needs to be gotten rid of but the caucus voting system helps take delegates away from candidates that are in favor of the people by creating an overwhelming congestion of people that nobody wants to deal with and is more favorable to the republican party bosses.  

This republican party bosses for centuries has been picking the candidates they want in public office and nobody has ever been able to break it. I've talked to many people who have stated "Why Should They Vote When Their Vote Never Counts" and they are completely correct. Everybody knows the game is rigged and wants the election process changed to reflect the will of the people over the political party bosses wants. The democratic party is far worse. The democratic party is full communist now with no end in sight of the corruption going on to keep the communist in control.

The time is now to bust up the republican party and the first target is ending the "Brokered and Contested" republican party convention for good. The next step is bust up the funding from businesses and make all candidates go to public election funding. Congress will never make a law to stop the business funding of candidates but "We The People" of the republican party can rip some arses until all candidates go to public funding and business funding is outlawed. Also laws making PAC's stop taking business funding needs to be created. PAC's have to use the candidates name and if the candidate doesn't give permission for the PAC to use their name the PAC cannot run ads or anything else with the candidates name. Since the candidates have to use public funding if they give the PAC permission to use their name and the PAC is funded through businesses they lose the public funding and the PAC gets dumped on for taking business funding in the first place. Lobbying has to end and all connections to businesses funding candidates has to end. If the way I stated isn't workable then other ways have to be found. Constantly dumping on congress is the best way and getting rid of elected congressional representatives every two years in masses is most likely is the way to get permanent laws enacted to stop businesses from funding candidates.

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